Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying to "spin it"

 Dawn, Vicki, Me, Terri

I had a fun birthday weekend with my friends.  We left Friday morning heading to Albany, Ga for the marathon.  I had not shared the fact that my birthday was on Friday, but we were about 30 min. into the trip when the secret "code word" was given, and it signaled the girls to put on their birthday hats, blow the birthday hornsand surprise me with carb loading birthday cookies.  Fun way to start the trip to Albany, GA for the Snickers marathon.   (we had some pics but I think someone threatened someone, and it was decided best, not to post the pics)  Thanks Ladies!
I have no reason NOT to be HAPPY and PROUD.    
"The Case"

*I ran a sub 4:00 marathon.
*My 2nd fastest marathon
*A year older and still running well
*5 minutes faster than my recent, Dec. 2010, Huntsville marathon
*I have completed 19 marathons
*It was humid and warmer than I prefer, but I ran a good race.
I am happy, really I am, 
BUT ...
 I ran 3:51:40 and I needed 3:50 to qualify for Boston again. 
My recent goal has been to BQ again on a non downhill course (I BQ'ed at St. George)  The Snickers marathon has been on my list for a while now.  I was excited about the possibilities.  It's a mostly flat course, with minor rolling hills throughout the course.  It's a GREAT course, and GREAT marathon.  I would highly recommend it if you are trying to run a FAST marathon.  In Dec., I looked at the weather the past 5 years in Albany, GA on the Snickers 26.2 race days.  Each year it was in the 40's to start the race.  Woo Hoo...perfect - I signed up!

2011 when we exited the car at 6:30 am, 30 min before the start, it was 58 degrees.  It was mid 60s by 10:00.  The weather was humid.  Not great racing weather for me, but prior to the race, I thought, and hoped I could run well.  Yes, it was humid, but it was not extreme heat.  I thought I could do it.  I wanted to do it.  I fought for it, late in the race, I tried to shift gears, but I was out of gas. 

1. 8:50 - had planned to go out around 9:05 for the first 2 miles, but after speaking with the pacer for the 3:50 pace group, I decided to keep them in my sight.   I didn't want to run in the pace group because it makes it difficult to run the tangents.  That was a good decision because this course has a lot of turns and curves.  
2.  8:51
3.  8:36
4.  8:49
5.  8:47
6.  8:45
7.  8:46
8.   8:27
9.   8:37
10. 8:36
11. 8:39
13. 8:36
14. 8:42
15. 8:52
16. 8:41
17. 8:49
18. 8:48
19. 8:51
20. 8:48
21. 8:47
22. 8:58
23. 9:16
24. 9:17
25. 8:57
26. 9:07
.3 - 2:41

If you picked one of the miles, and I ran slow for that mile, I apologize.   I did turn my thoughts to each of you, and appreciated what you have meant in my life - family, blogger, or local friend.  I thank you!   

So I will look back at this weekend with fond memories, with fun friends.  I appreciate all of the support.   I enjoyed this marathon, and would love to run it again with normal Albany temps.  I hope that our travel group will get together again for future road trips.   We had a FUN filled weekend, each fulfilling our passion to RUN.  Dawntherunner had a SUPER "comeback" race, and finished 1 minute away from her PR, and I believe this is her 11th marathon.   Terri was running her 3rd marathon, and finished 2 seconds away from her PR, and Vicki ran the half, and came in 2nd in her age group.

Stop reading here if you like the happy fairytale ending.  Read on if you want reality.

(Just like I "tried to run 3:50 and didn't succeed, I tried to "spin" the weekend into a total 100% positive - this time,  I can NOT.   If I'm being totally honest and "real" with my readers (whoever you are),  I will also look back at this race with 1 regret.  (I know, I know regrets are a total waste of time)  Normally, I can turn a race into a total positive - not this time.   This race had MANY positives, but this one will haunt me because I didn't BQ again.   I was in shape to do it.   I have the ability to do it, but it did not happen this weekend, or I did not make it happen this weekend.   I REALLY wanted to BQ again before the new times are implemented.   So as happy as I am about the weekend, as FUN as it was, as well as ran,  and as HARD as I try to spin it 100% positive -  this time, I can NOT.  It is what it is, the weekend is done, but this result will likely make me "mad enough" to "really start training")  
:) :)  (joke)    
I will correct the regret at a future date and time.    

2 weeks - no running -  and then time to make some plans.
I take this time to honor my body for doing what it does for me.  I take this time as a mental break.  I take this time as a physical break.  
I will come back healed and refreshed.
I'll be back, and I'll be on a mission to replace the regret with revenge.  :) 
I haven't reached my FULL POTENTIAL YET - I just feel it!

As always - thanks for reading and have a GREAT week.



dawn said...

girl you are my running hero and a great friend! i'm proud of you no matter of a BQ or not. i'm so glad we all went, it was so FUN!!!! i wouldn't have wanted the weekend any other way! i think you ran awesome and i hope in time you will look back and be ok with this race. :) you will train harder and BQ again, i know it.
ps - i ran my 11th this weekend :)

Gracie said...

I m still very impressed by your race. You really did well when you were faced at the outset with a challenge - the higher temps. It's easy to let something like that ruin your whole race, but you didn't. I am going to offer a piece of advice that worked for me: a runner who has done at least 30 marathons counseled me after I ran a slightly slow marathon to GO AHEAD AND SCHEDULE ANOTHER. I was only a minute off my goal time, and I scheduled another race under a month away. It worked perfectly: I was still in shape but my legs had rested: my body "remembered" how to run long and fast, and I cut 5 minutes off my time. I'd head to marathon guide and check out upcoming races!

Running and living said...

I completely get that you are a little upset. Who would non be? You missed the BQ by less than 1 min. This is darn frustrating! You still have time to get a BQ before standards change. Your fitness will only get better!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

thanks Dawn! the marathons are flying by for both of us. I can barely keep up with my number. I edited!

Gracie - eekk! maybe??? but think I'm tired, plus, it will be hard to find a "cold" "fast" one that I can afford to get to now, but I'm will take a look at M.G. what did you do with your mileage/long runs in that month?

When I saw the forecast for Snickers, I looked to see about another option this wknd. Was considering switching to Little Rock because they had a low of 33 before that race, but it was closed already. (I think it's hilly anyway) Thanks! any and all advice or tips are always welcome.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks AM! Will definitely try, I need to look at the dates for the changes, I guess. I thought it was this fall?

Jennifer said...

Ginny! You are such a hard worker and you always keep it interesting and you are creative with trying new things. This will always keep you going and fuel your love of running. You had an excellent race this weekend and it sounds like you have a plan to dig in and get going again. Yay! Be happy you deserve it!

Chris K said...

Look, marathons are HARD. That is why we do them. Obviously, you were close to your goal. Definitely within reach. If it was easy, then it would diminish the awesome feeling of getting the goal.

I say this was a blessing in disguise. It will serve to motivate you more. You won't get complacent about your training. You still ran a very good race!

And, when you do BQ on a flat course, it'll feel great.

BTW, that picture of you 4 girls, could it be any smaller :-)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks Jennifer - Congrats to you for enduring this weekend. Future readers - check out Jennifer's blog about her first NASTY weather ultra trail marathon this weekend.

Chris K - you are 100% correct. This has already added fuel to my fire. Exactly what I need - a goal, and for something to make me MAD. Already had the goal, but now I'm MAD - watch out. Ha! Just like you, I WILL DO IT!

Gracie said...

I did a half marathon race and a twenty miler as my only "long" runs between races; kept the rest to 3 or 5 miles. I ran between 20 and 40 miles a week (I rarely exceed 20). I really felt like the first race was practice. I could recall my mistakes and the smart things I did; the things that slowed me down; what fuel worked. I didn't feel tired for race#2, just ready. Maybe there is one further north? And if not - Snickers was still a really strong race. Congrats again.

Robbie said...

I am so proud of you...ALWAYS am!! You inspire e to push a little harder than I normally would when I run. You ARE my hero! I love reading your blog because you are so honest and you write as it we were sitting across the table from one that...true honesty. But I think you are too hard on yourself. I believe in YOU and believe that you will BQ again. You can do it, I know! I'd kill for the times you listed in a long race. Congratulations on a great race and sub 4:00:00 time!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks Gracie - yes, I looked for one that would be doable, and I thought about it, and I think I'm most likely done until the fall.

Robbie - ha - NOT the first time I've been told that. In some ways, most likely the answer is YES, but in other ways, I'm thankful that I'm hard on myself because "that's my drive to train." Mostly, I am thankful that I set these "goals" for myself and I keep pushing until I reach it. The only problem is, when I reach that one, then I move the bar for the next one, so it CAN be a vicious unending cycle. But I love this problem. Will take being a little "overdriven" rather than no drive at all.

Liz said...

I am in awe of your time. Good luck with the BQ!

Tri-James said...

Those last few lines of the post must be the Tiger's Blood talking.

Jenn said...

I really understand that paragraph after the "WARNING". Regrets a waste of time- maybe but they are also drivers and motivators and competitive people have a hard time NEVER having any regrets....

A fun birthday weekend with your second fastest marathon wearing cute shorts!!!!! Something to definitely be proud of! I'm sorry for the bad luck I gave you at mile 24-kidding!

Really Ginny. You are driven, you are determined, no doubt you won't stop until you get what you want! Congrats on another great marathon!

Jill said...

Hey Ginny...

Not really much I would say that you already don't know, nor that everyone above didn't say. I just know you have the right to your emotions, no matter what those are. You know race day doesn't provide any guarantees - but you fought a good race and I know I am very proud of you!!

Big hugs to you!!!!!

HappyTrails said...

I know that even though we try to "look on the bright side" and put a happy spin on the story - the bottom line is you missed your BQ goal. A fantastic weekend with lots of happy moments and memories but you're bummed. Chin up - like everyone else said previously - you'll get it. You are talented and a hard worker. This one just wasn't the one. You'll get it. You will! :-)

Petraruns said...

I applaud your honesty here on the "spinning" issue and I really appreciate it. I think we can all relate to this - all I can tell you is that it just seems to be the way that we need some races where we miss it to "earn" the race where we don't..

Don't let the new Boston standards drive you nuts by the way. There's a world of great races out there - don't the BQ blind you to what else it out there...

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Everything was going so well for you - sorry about the heat and humidity. I understand really wanting to BQ and you were so close! You deserve to put your feet up and rest - BQ or not, 3:51 is fast! And I think marathon #20 is going to be your BQ!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks everyone...
Jenn - ha - maybe you forgot me Sat. and that's what happened???? kidding!

Tina - Number 20 may be Tupelo, MS on Labor day weekend HOT & HIlly, or it will be Mt. Desert in Bar Harbor - HILLY, so it may be later in the winter before my next attempt.

It's all good! I enjoy a challenge - I DO!

Lindsay said...

Aww the car ride surprise sounds so fun!

Mile 18 looks goodto me :) glad I could help out. I think over time you won't feel the regret anymore. You obviously will BQ again, so this wasn't your only shot or anything. I can certainly understand feeling bummed out now though.

Kiawah - December. Flat. Greenville - October. Rolling hills, free place to stay...

Runwithme said...

I also ran the Snickers Marathon, and since it was my first, I opted to run with the 4:30 pace group. Most of us were not able to keep up, but I ran a good race. One of the ladies I ran with for about ten miles has since told me that her GPS showed the course was 28.3 miles! She said a friend had it at 28.1. I was just wondering if you think this was an issue as well.

Tara said...

Congrats! I love your blog. I am a triathlete but will be running the Marine Corp full this year. Can you share your nutrition tips during a full?

You will BQ again - I can tell by your dedication to it!

Laura said...

Sometimes, no matter how well-trained and prepared you are, it's just not your day. I have always preferred running many marathons because I think it gives you an opportunity to pick a day when everything just "clicks" instead of going for it on a totally arbitrary day, even if things aren't great. I think it's AMAZING that you did a sub-4... try not to worry about the BQ, and just enjoy your accomplishment!

Bamarunner said...

Ginny good report only one thing ... PICTURES .... how dare you tease without posting pictures of the birthday celebration .. hahaha.

Ok, everything was great except for the BQ. Well, you know how to remedy that and that is train harder & smarter if you want it that bad - knowing your competitive nature you do. So, learn from this one and move forward. I know you will and I know you will get the prize you are seeking. As runners, we all have a race or event that doesn't turn out the way we like and that is what drives us to do better or revisit a race .. "a score to settle" if you will.

Wish I could make Tupelo this year but I am on call (unless that changes then I'll be trying to get there). See ya somewhere on the roads and until then - run happy, run hard!