Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Run Scenes

Lamar County, MS  hills     
a run around the lake at LSU - Baton Rouge, LA
part of the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon in Dec. and the LA Marathon in Jan.
these are real - at the Houmas House Plantation, Darrow, LA- we thought they were fake                                                                                             

This wk's training:
Mon. - 10 miles - 2 m. w/u, 5 m tempo @ 8:12 avg, c/d
Tues. - first day of boot camp - test of fitness - eek 
as I always say :
"your only in shape for, what you are in shape for"
warm up, 4 min down and backs, 3 min. sit-ups, 2 min. squats, 1 min push-ups, c/d
I quickly discovered (I was already aware) that I'm WEAK at sit-ups and push-ups.  
My goal in signing up for the boot camp is to add some strength to my weak areas.
6.3 mile run after boot camp - DONE - Chad to the rescue.
Wed. - 10.7 miles easy
Thurs. 7 miles easy around the lake at LSU
Fri. - 5 miles easy at the French Quarter, New Orleans
Sat. - 16 miles - last 6 at 8:45 avg (thankful for clouds and sprinkles for this one in South LA)  holy humidity

Sun - walk for 30 min with Chad.  I had a 5 mile recovery run planned for today, to finish the week with 60 miles.  I decided a rest day was more important than the 60 mile week.  (hard for me to do)

55 miles running
1st day of boot camp
2 miles walking
a quick summer trip to tour some of the LA plantations with Mom, Linde (sister) and Stephanie (my niece) - Baton Rouge to New Orleans


Lisa said...

I hear ya on the humidity! Not really an AC kinda girl, I'm craving it after a weekend filled with soupy, sweaty, drenching running.

Nice job on weighing the importance of that magic # of 60 vs. taking the 55 and doing what's right for you.

Love the pictures :)

Johann said...

That's a great week's training, well done! Boot camp sounds tough. Nice photos! Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! Good job!!

Gracie said...


Gracie said...

Oops sorry about that. That was me trying to type your captcha!
I tagged you :) But you don't have to do it!