Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Peak Week in Pictures and Words

This week may be my highest mileage week.   I decided when getting back into this marathon thing I would ease back into it.  This week I think I have max'ed out at 42 miles.  I'm five weeks out, so I may have another week that is around 35-40 miles, but I will decide that week to week. 

This week I had a 20 miler on the plan for Tuesday.   I decided to run 8 miles on Monday, and double up the 2 distance days,  like I did recently with the 8 miler and the 18 miler (Sat. and Sun).   In the past, I've typically always had the day before my long run either off all together, or sometimes a low mileage day, like 4-5 miles.   I wanted to experiment this time around with doubling up the mileage within roughly a 24-26 hour period. 

Monday I ran 8 and walked 1/2 mile, and a gym workout.
Tuesday - 20.2 miles.
My husband was off so he was sweet enough to drop me off 6 miles down the road, and then he picked me up hours later, 20 miles North.  We dropped my waters the day before on our way home from running errands.

He dropped me off right before daylight, but the street lights lighted the way for the first mile.  The first 6 miles was along the bayou, so with no planned pace for this run, I stopped several times to snap pictures.   I'm really relaxed about this long run stuff these days, and I do not feel like these stops will have an impact on my race at all.  I know some have a different opinion about stopping on training runs.  I've always stopped every 20 min for water (heavy sweater), and I don't think the stops are a big deal.  For me the hydration is my priority.   During the race, I will drink on the run, although I'm debating that too.   Many years ago, I trained and mastered the race day hydration on the run thing and since then I've always ran through the water stops.   Later in the race, it seems that the drinking and running really takes the wind out of me, and seems to take a while to recover.  At the recent half marathon in Mandeville, I started out running and hydrating like always - no stopping.  I decided later in the race to stop and walk, just to see if it might be better.   Now I'm not sure what to do because it seemed like my breathing was so much better with walking, quickly hydrating, and starting back at a good pace.  Also, I had the added benefit of being confident that no water would go up my nose, which does happen to me from time to time when running and drinking.  I suppose I will make a race day decision on that.  After the pretty bayou run, I was on a 4 lane road with few photo opps, so I only stopped at my planned water stops.  I ended the day with a 9:55 running average.  My last 2 miles were my fastest miles - yay !   I'm happy with that, especially knowing that I ran the 8 miler and the gym workout the day before.  I'm excited about the 28 miles in 25 or 26 hours too. 

Wed was off
Thurs - 5 miles then date day in New Orleans,  and the Jack Reacher movie with the hubby.
Friday was off
Sat - still working toward Yasso's 800s - 2 weeks ago I did the 7X800.  Today was 9x800. and in 2 weeks I will do the full Yasso 800s workout (10X800 with 400 recovery).    I was excited that I was able to get back to the track to do this workout.  You may recall the last time (7X800) I did it on the road.  The road is cool to mix things up, but I do enjoy the track.  Yasso's is not an easy workout.  I've been so surprised at how easily I've been able to do these workouts.  (remember, I've been basically off for 3.5 years).  I'm a total believer that "muscle memory" is a true thing.   I averaged 3:55 for the 9-800s with equal recovery (roughly 4:00).
1 - 3:57, 2- 3:57, 3 - 3:56, 4 - 3:54, 5- 3:55, 6- 3:55, 7- 3:56, 8- 3:55, 9- 3:52
With the warm-up, cool down, 800s and recovery, I ended up with 9 miles.  This workout just PUMPS ME UP !   I'm still working on the mind work.  For the last 3 repeats, I keep saying, "I will NEVER give in the last 3, I will NEVER give in the last 3, I will NEVER give in the last 2", etc. etc
For the 20 miler, at mile 16, I kept saying "I will never give in the last 4 miles", "fast to the finish"

The fog was kind of kool and it eventually moved onto the track for a few minutes.  It was kool to see, but of course it made the conditions a little humid, so not cool.  :) 

Sunday off and my week is done !  It's been great ! 


Gracie said...

I always stop on my runs, too. I really don't think it's as big a deal as some people say. I stop all the time on long runs and I am always right about at the pace I'm training for.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Looks like a good week of training, esp. the 800's! For long runs, I know I'll feel better just knowing that I only have 1-2 miles left, but I have to keep reminding myself towards the end of hard long runs. Over and over!