Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time to "geek-out" on the numbers

Even though I don't train or race at the level that I did a few years ago, I still like to "geek-out" on the stats.   So let's see.....

**Total Run miles - 1219 miles in 2016 -  23 mile per week avg. 
(2015 total run miles - 474 miles- 9 mile per week avg.) 
**Total Walk miles - 132 in 2016 
(2015 total walk miles -99)

2016 Races - 15 races from 2 miles to 26.2 miles

Steam Whistle 12k - 1:05:03 - (8:43 avg) 1-1-16
MS River 13.1 Greenville, MS - 2:00:54 - (9:13 avg) - 2-13-16
Rise & Shine 13.1 Hattiesburg, MS - 1:59:24 (9:04 avg) 4-2-16
OLPS Tomato Fest 5k Chalmette, LA - 26:22 (8:36 avg) 4-10-16
Zydeco 5k Gulf Shores, AL - 26:08 (8:26 avg) 4-16-16
Civitan 5k Hattiesburg, MS - 26:39 (8:34 avg) 5-14-16 (a step back time wise, but this is a rolling hills course, the others were flat)
Greek Fest 5k - New Orleans, LA - 25:37 (8:16 avg) 5-27-16
Bastille Day 2 mile - Braithwaite, LA - 16:01 (8:01 avg) 7-10-16
Oregon Fall Half Marathon - Canby, OR - 1:54:37 (8:44 avg) 9-10-16
Christian Fellowship 5k - Violet, LA - 24:47 (8:08 avg) 10-9-16
Gulf Coast Half Marathon- Mandeville, LA - 5 miles pre-race, 13.1 mile training run. 2:02:22 (9:20 avg) 10-16-16
Stennis Space Center Half Marathon - Stennis Space Center, MS - last training run before St. Jude (1 week) 2:07 (9:39 avg)
St.Jude 26.2 - Memphis, TN 4:12 12-3-16
Ole Man River Half Marathon - New Orleans - (training -run 2 weeks after the St. Jude 26.2 race) 2:08 (9:46 avg) -
Steam Whistle 12k (7.456 miles) - Hattiesburg, MS - 1:03 (8:35 avg) - negative split run

**The Steam Whistle race is normally on Jan. 1st, but this year they changed it to Dec. 31st.  So I start and end the year with this race.  I improved my time by 2 minutes from the first of the year.   This was after running 16 miles on Wed. in hot & humid conditions.  This is a great sign for 2017.  I consider today's race a tempo run by effort and pace.  I'm happy to run this well only 4 weeks after the marathon.  I also ran a negative split race which I always love.  The weather today was FINALLY nice for running.  It was around 50 degrees.  We did have some sprinkles during the race, but that didn't start until around 2 - 2.5 miles.  I'm ok with that.  

**I'm happy with the total mileage in 2016 vs. 2015.  My goal for 2016 was to run a weekly average of 20 miles per week.  I ended with and avg. of 23 miles per week.  The miles came easy for me.  I was pleasantly surprised after the low volume training for the past 3.5 years.  I'm happy the increased mileage came easily in 2016. 

**I ran 15 races and most of these I would consider at "tempo effort."  I've been REALLY cautious about coming back to aggressively.  I want to keep the running and races fun, and my intention is to NOT "all out" race, in most races.   I will continue this strategy for 2017.  I'm happy with the results, especially knowing that I only "raced" a few of the 15 races that I entered this year. 

**It's been intentional to keep my mileage relatively low.  I'm happy with my race times knowing that, for me, to run my best, I need to run higher mileage.   This year, and maybe 2017 (undecided), I had no desire to run high weekly mileage.  I'm thinking as I gradually improve, at some point I may decide to up my mileage a little.   For now, I can add in quality over quantity and still continue to improve for a while. 

** the last month or so, my hip flexors have been giving me some problems.  Specifically, my TFL - tensor fasciae latae.  They don't hurt when I run, but after running and then sitting briefly, the first few steps when I get up hurt.  This week I started icing post run, and heating with a heating pad before the run, and they seem a little better.  It may still be some post marathon soreness, and the heat of this winter doesn't help either.    Since my hip injury in 2013, I've been doing the tedious recommended hip exercises (side lying leg lifts, hip thrusts, etc).  I'm starting to think my recent issues are after I do these exercises.  Ugh !  damned if you do, damned if you don't.  If you have any experience or recommendations, please let me know.   I haven't dealt with this particular issue before.

**The Steam Whistle 12k is typically Jan 1st.  I like that because I feel like I'm starting my year off right.  With the race being Dec. 31st (today), I kind of feel like I'll be starting 2017 off on a lazy note.

2017 Goals 
I have big goals for 2018 and for me to reach those goals, I need a consistent training year, and a little progression in my training (quality or quantity, or a little of both). 
**Perhaps one goal will be to average 25 miles per week, but I haven't decided.  Still not wanting to do high mileage, currently. 
**I would like to get my 5k time down.  I struggle with this because I always want to focus on distance, but when I get my 5k times down, my distance racing improves too.  A win/win !
Currently, I haven't figured out my training or racing for 2017.  To be continued.....

I look forward to reading your 2017 goals.  Perhaps they will help me to solidify my goals.
Happy New Year !
Happy 2017 Running !


Gracie said...

Thanks for the reminder that a fast 5k often translates to better distance races. I totally neglect 5ks!

Lindsay said...

No need to do high miles if you don't want to. You still had some strong average paces on the lower mileage. New Year's Day was a rest day for me too, which felt weird! Have you found any stretches that help the hip flexor issue?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Not really ! I think icing a couple times a day helped more than anything else. I ran a flat, 22 SLOW, miles yesterday and they didn't get as sore this time. I think it was partially due to super cold weather & maybe the slower pace helped. I'm hoping this fades away, & doesn't become an onging issue.