Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's Catch UP!

I can't believe summer has turned to fall so quickly. For those who sent notes during my absence, I THANK YOU!   The miles, the cross, my work, my life have left me little time for blogging.  I hope to catch up with each of you very soon.   When I last blogged,  I had just raced a HOT 5k.  It feels like that was a LONG time ago.  To summarize my summer, I would say success is a word that comes to mind.   You may recall, or maybe not, back on June 15th, I started using MyfitnessPal to track my calories.  One week later I started doing the Supreme 90 day workouts.  15 weeks after starting MFP,  and 14 weeks of Supreme 90 day, I'm HAPPY, (super happy :) :) to report I'm down to my HAPPY, HAPPY weight., I lost some inches, and gained a little muscle tone.  Yes, this IS the highlight of my summer.  It's been a really LONG time since I have been at a point that I didn't need to drop some lbs.  This is a super feeling.    In addition to that, the running is going exactly as planned. 

Let's do a quick update on the training since I checked out back in Aug.
Week of:
Aug 22 - Run - 25 miles, Bike 18, Walk 2, 4 days of S90D (Supreme 90 Day), 1 yoga DVD Baron Baptiste
Quick trip to Venice, LA with my hubby.  He was "pre-fishing" for a tournament.  The picture is from one of my runs along the Mississippi River,  near Venice, LA.  I absolutely love running new areas when I travel.  It's so exciting to explore on foot.

Aug. 29th Run - 61 miles, Bike 10, Walk 1, 4 days of S90D (Supreme 90 Day), 1 yoga class @ The Yoga Rm
Terri finishing 26.2 Woo Hoo!
Me - finishing number 20  -  26.2

On Sat. Aug 3rd - Terry , Terri , Dawn and I traveled to Tupelo, MS (about 5 hours North) to run the Tupelo Marathon on Sunday.  The much anticipated return to run the Mississippi summer marathon.  "Trample the Weak, Hurdle the DEAD" is the tag line because it's so freak'n hot.  However, this year wasn't too bad.  We had some rain during the race which helped to cool things just a little.  Terry and Dawn ran the 14.2 mile race, and Terri and I finished the full.  Terri and I both intended to run this as a training run, NOT a race.  I went into the race hoping to run around 9:45 avg pace and I finished 9:46.  I ran this marathon in 2009 as a training run prior to running my PR in Oct @ St. George.  2009 - I finished 4:18.   2011 I finished @ 4:16.  I'm hoping this means good things for the fall/winter.
Sept. 5th Recovery Week -  Run - 20 miles, Bike 10, Walk 5, 4 days of S90D (Supreme 90 Day), 2 yoga classes -1 DVD - Bryan Kest, and 1 @ The Yoga Rm
At this point, I have 12 weeks until the Baton Rouge 26.2 mile race.  This is my goal race.  I will be following the "Advanced Marathoning,  55-70 miles per wk, 12 week program.  
Sept. 12th - Run - 55 miles, Bike 10, Walk 1, 5 days of S90D (Supreme 90 Day), 1 yoga class @ The Yoga Rm

Sept. 19th - Run - 60.3 miles, Bike 0, Walk 2,  3 days of S90D (Supreme 90 Day), 1 yoga class @ The Yoga Rm  I ran a 5k Fri evening.  The temp was around 78-80 degrees.  I was happy to run 23:38 with no speed work.  

Sept. 26th
Monday - 14 @ 9:30 avg pace and S90D - day 68
Tuesday - S90D and 9 miles @ 10:05 avg and 12 X 30 second strides
Wed. - S90D - day 70, yoga class, 5 miles @ 10:40 avg pace (note - the higher the mileage, the slower the recovery days)
Thurs. - 12 miles @ 9:22 avg pace (last 2 miles - 9:02 and 8:22)
Thurs night,  I was excited to join Jen in Jackson, MS,  for the Mississippi Museum of Art,  Art Garden Gala.  Jen is a local artist and runner.  You can find her sculpture blog here
Fri - 5 miles at noon - woo hoo - cool front moved through - cool temps at lunch time.  Low tonight - 48 degrees, just in time for my 17 mile run with 10 @ MRP, which will give me 62 miles for this week.  Hoping for a good run. 

Jen was commissioned to create these garden boats for the newly created green space @ the Museum of Art in Jackson.  The pictures do not do justice to her creative works of art.   I was honored to be a part of Jen's night as the new garden was opened to the public.   If you are in Jackson be sure to stop by and see them.  
For now, I will close this blog.  I have much more to update, but will save it for another day.  I'm hoping to get back into a blogging routine, but keep in mind, I'm still doing the S90D,yoga is a MUST,  the miles are HIGH, work and life continues.  I'm currently 2 weeks away from the Mt Desert Marathon in Bar Harbor, ME.  This will be another training run for me.  It will be hilly and beautiful.  The excitement is building by the minute to go, and run this one.  I've had it on my list for a LONG time.   My Mom and sister will be traveling with me.  After the race we will explore Nova Scotia.  Chad and I went to the Cape Breton area years ago and loved the area.  I'm excited to go back and explore with Mom and Linde.