Sunday, December 23, 2012

looking back, looking forward

 2012 - Looking Back

December 31, 2011 - final post - this is what it said at the end of the post:

"2012 you ask???

well it looks like I need to update my 13.1 & 26.2 PRs, 
but early 2012 will be focused on a 5k PR

On Dec. 31st I ran a 12k PR.   Fast forward, and the condensed version, I am thankful and very blessed to say,  I was successful in 2012.
13.1 PR - November 24th at the Gulf Coast Half marathon - 1:46:35
26.2 PR - Sept. 15th at the Top of Utah 26.2 - 3:43:28 - 6 min PR
5k PR - I ran a PR in March,  and then improved that time on  October 26th at the  Pumpkin Dash 5k - 22:55  

I started 2012 with another goal:
  **eat an apple a day during 2012  #appleaday2012.
Somewhere along the way, of course, I forgot to eat an apple one day!  Oh MY !  so the goal became 365 apples.  I doubled-up the day after the first forgotten apple.  Since that first mental failure, it's happened a few times along the way, but

 I will end 2012 having reached the 
**goal to consume 365 apples - SUCCESS !
(interesting to note - I was sick, early in Jan. but since that time, no illness at all - was it the apples?  
I don't know, but I think I will continue eating an apple-a-day)

**Another 2012 goal was to run 2012 miles.  
As of today, I'm 36.5 miles shy of this goal.  This gives me a perfectly timed  "step-back" week.    I have a 12K race or tempo coming up on Jan. 1, and a race or a tempo at The Blues Half Marathon Jackson, MS on Jan. 5th.   I will decide which race, "to race",  based on the weather prediction for the week. 
 I plan to "race" on the day with the chillier temps.   

At 44, I feel especially fortunate to continue to run the miles I log.  
Each year, I have big goals (big for me), and I'm thankful and blessed to:
1.  be able to do it
2.  have the ongoing desire to do it
3.  have a relentless desire to set goals & keep working toward them until I reach "my" success  
4.  have found a dedicated, goal-oriented, and fun running partner with a somewhat flexible schedule - we work well together.  Terri and I team up for the quality days.  thanks Terri - I enjoyed the 2012 training.  Recently, Nikki has joined our group for some of the quality runs.  Nikki is one of those "natural speedsters" that we slow-twitch runners, love to hate on - lol.    I also have other running friends who join me for the easy/recovery days from time to time - thanks to anyone willing to run with me when I need to cover some miles.  All of you, help to keep the miles fun.  Thank You! 

In 2012, I also totally conquered my soda addiction.   I started working on this in 2011.   I transitioned over to Perrier water because I still craved "the fizz".  I'm happy that today, I no longer crave the diet soda or even the fizzy water.  

In 2011, I  focused more on "mental race prep", and in 2012, I continued on this path.  It has proven to be HUGE for me.  It has given me an added strength that I couldn't have imagined, and one that I can't explain (it's like trying to explain the benefits of yoga to someone).   

One final happy note from 2012.  In Dec., I had some routine blood work doneMy doctor stamped an "excellent" on my lab results.  Seems like my "kind-of" healthy ways are paying off.  My family medical history is NOT bright.  Over the past 15-20 years, I've continued to improve my nutrition each year.  Some people think I'm weird, some make fun of me (mostly behind my back - ha), and most in MS,AL,LA just "don't get me".  I've been "weird" for years - probably started around the time that I started doing yoga, years ago.  Really - how weird is that !  ha ha  Seriously,  why would you "try" to eat better when you can pop a pill to fix things?  Makes no sense to most around here and I'm ok with that.   (I've never been one to follow the crowd,  or need to be like everyone else - thankfully, that is not me)   The "genes" will likely catch-up with me one day, but I choose to work toward, maybe( ??),  delaying the gene factor.  Even if  "the genes" catch up with me tomorrow, I feel better when I eat better.     
besides......I can't afford to pay pills to fix things - I have running shoes to buy 

2013  - Looking Forward

I'm so anxious for my birthday to arrive in 2013 - really ?  YES !  
When I turned 40, almost 5 years ago, I had the goal to PR in each race distance (2 mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon).  I achieved that goal and have continued on an awesome path the last 5 years.  A running path, I didn't even imagine.  If you've been running for many years, you understand, at some point, PRs are no longer an easy achievement.  Many years ago, I would have NEVER thought I would be running for PRs for this many years, and at age 45 still able to do it, and still having a desire to do it.   Going into my 45th year, I feel healthy and strong.  I'm anxious to go after my next goal.   

**The BIG One!   As I go into 2013, the year I turn 45, my goal will once again be to PR in all of the different race distances.  My year will run from March 4th 2013 - March 3rd 2014.  My goal will be to PR in the 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, and if the opportunity presents itself, I hope to add the 2 mile, 5 mile, and 12k to my list of PR races in my 45th year.  

**I want to become a much better HILL racer.   Boston 2013 - my goal is to BQ (3:55) on the Boston course.  My PR is 3:43, but that's on a downhill course.  My goal this spring is to become a MUCH better hill racer.  I will get some practice at the Blues half marathon in Jan. and the Mercedes half marathon in Feb. 

** I will continue on the path to learn additional  tips, tricks, and exercises for "the mind."

**As if that wasn't enough, my next goal will be to give up chewing gum.  Like the diet sodas, I want to get rid of the chemical laden habit.  I will allow myself all of 2013 to overcome this addiction.  

**Next - I WILL maintain my weight within 5 lbs.  This will be the toughest on the list for me.   Instead of putting on 10 lbs, hitting "the gross factor", then dropping back down, I want to do a better job of maintaining "my" happy weight.   Coinciding this goal, I would like to continue on my path to stop using food as a reward.  I've been working on this one for a while.  Long ago, I gave up the "I ran a long run, I can eat anything I want" - no ginny - you can not!  I am "better", but I still have a tendency to use food in the wrong way.   while I'm doing better, I still have work to do......

**Finally, I will give up facebook for the month of January....gasp ......YES facebook. 
 Sometimes, I find myself on fb, and being aggravated with comments.  REALLY ?  so, I will give up fb for the month of Jan. and then re-evaluate.  At that point, I can choose to remain OFF, or I may return to fb usage, but if you are my "friend" on fb, don't aggravate me in 2013 - lol.  If you do, I will hide you.  Life is short, and I'm too old to be on fb, and not be happy.  I suspect the 2nd option will be where I end up.  I do find some of the local business stuff helpful, and I especially enjoy the happy / motivational sites.  we shall see.........