Sunday, February 12, 2012

1st 5k of the season and long run addiction - It's BAD!

Chad and I spent the weekend in Gulf Shores, AL.  I wanted to run my first 5k of the season.  I've had 5 weeks of speed work so it was high time for a test.  The temps were cool Sat. am.  The winds were blowing more than I like, but you can't have everything.  As we started the 5k, the wind was in our face.  I was excited because we would turn, and supposedly finish the race with the wind at our back.  Nope, when we made the turn, guess what......the wind was in our face.  Weird!  whatever......    I enjoyed 1 strong gust at my back that actually pushed me up the road for a couple steps - woo hoo, but then immediately back to the headwind.   It could have been much worse, and overall it was a beautiful day at the races.

During the 2nd mile, I went through the whole, "this is NOT fun, why am I doing this, why do I think this is a fun thing to do on a Sat. morning" thing in my head.    The way I look at it, is this.... I have some races that I do not have these sentiments, but if I do not go through this scenario at some point, it most likely means I'm NOT "all out racing".  If I haven't had these thought go through my mind, I feel  I've most likely "left something on the course", I didn't give it 110%.   Today, it was definitely an all out HARD effort.  

So at the end of the morning, I finished with 3.11 on my Garmin and a time of 23:02.   You may recall, my last 5k was on Nov. 19th.  I ran a PR of 22:59.  I have to say, I'm happy with the time on Sat.  Yes, I once again missed a PR by a few seconds, but if I look at "MY" big picture this is what I see.   Some may see these as excuses.  I don't see it that way.  I've mentioned several times that I'm a realist.  So if I'm being "real" these are details that matter.  They are not excuses.  To me,  it's real data and explanation. 
*depending on the day, I've gained 3-4 lbs.  Yes, I did it AGAIN!  Crap!  that makes me REALLY angry, but it is what it is.  Luckily, I did read one article or in a running book (I can't remember) that it's not realistic to stay at "race weight" all year.  I'm happy to be racing again.  It helps with my motivation for portion control. 
*I ran 21 miles last Sat.  - not in the 5k plan (note the heading of this blog about the addiction)
*a little breezy

Later in the day, I emailed Robbie to ask her about online results.  We left soon after the race, so Robbie let me know that I won my age group, and that they had me at 22:37.  Ha ha!  yeah, I wish, and I think that is totally doable later this season, but I knew that wasn't even close.  I looked at the online results and Chad had his watch on the race too.  He had mentally noted the 1st male, 1st female and my time, and the online results for all were around 25 seconds faster than actual finishing times.   So I emailed the event timing company late on Sat. evening.  I started with,

So, I'm sure you've already heard, but I and several others had race results that were too fast.  I explained my time of 23:02 and they had me at 22:37.  I told him I was not complaining, but I wanted them to know for future reference.    The event timing company quickly responded with this shocking note.

 "Our starters passed the wrong start time, so we have adjusted the time to the official watch.  No one brought this up till now, so we didn't notice it.  Your time is corrected on the web now."

Now they have me at 23:01, yes, I will take that 1 second, but 25 seconds....come on people!  REALLY?
(I did stop my Garmin past the finish line - hence the 1 second difference)

I had thought I would just be reinforcing what MANY others had already told them post race.  I understand many runners are NOT "racing".  I also understand many are too new to running to realize they indeed did not run that fast, but come on.  Out of 329 runners in the 5k, am I really the only one anal who cares enough to bring this to the scoring companies attention?  It still shocks me today.  Y'all know who much I LOVE PRs, but really.....   thankfully the timing company didn't report "the JERK" that caused ALL of the times to be adjusted 20-25 seconds slower.  Bahahahahahah!

This morning I went out for a post race run.  I started out thinking I will run around 8-12 miles.  During the run I decided to run 17, I kept debating this in my head.  "Your supposed to be 5k training, yeah but it's such a beautiful day for a long run, and you do have either a half or full marathon (still deciding) coming up in March, a long run would be good for that.   But you are supposed to be focused on the 5k.   I may be racing another 5k next Sat. or Sun.  Focus, focus, focus on the 5k goal.  The weather is so nice.......  In the end, I talked myself into giving the attention to the 5k, and ended the recovery run at 8 miles.  
Yay me, for sticking with the plan.  

It's hard, this battle between distance and 5ks.

This is what I'm dealing with's rough to be me sometimes.......

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Training!

Not much new to report from Happy Feet 26.2, except my training in 2012 has been great.  Currently, I've had 4 weeks of super speed training (missed one wk of speed due a nasty cold).   I haven't raced in 2012, but I'm hoping to add my first 2012 race this weekend.  I will be racing a 5k on Sat.  I'm excited to give my training a test to see where I'm at after several quality weeks, but also after being sick.   Race fever has set in, especially after reading some recent race reports. 

Running 2012 so far:
Week of:
Jan 2 - 50 miles
Jan 9 - 57 miles
Jan 16 - 25 miles - (started getting sick on Fri of this wk - missed the long and weekend running)
Jan 23rd - 45 miles - (missed Mon.&Tues - still sick, and missed my speed work)
Jan 30th - 50 miles - (see below)

Jan - 188 miles of running

This week, I still had a lingering cough.  I was able to get back to my regular plan, but wouldn't say I was 100%, until this weekend.  

The training:
Mon - walk 30 min
Tues. - 5 miles - still coughing

Wed. - 7 miles - "               "      (delayed speed work because of rain)

Thurs. - 7 miles - 2 mile w/u, 12 X 300 @ 1:18 (6:58 avg) with 1 min. recovery, 2 mile c/d 
Knowing I wasn't 100%, and listening to my wise husband's suggestions, I decided to slow the pace of the intervals.  My plan called for sub 75 seconds.  It was a wise move to adjust the plan.  I was able to complete the workout, and not fall off the pace, but ended with a solid workout. 

Fri - 5 mile recovery run

Sat. - 21 miles - yes, I'm 5k training, but I wanted to get this long run in, just in case the weather is "right for me", and I want to run The Snickers marathon in Albany, GA on March 3rd.  I'm also considering the half marathon.  I feel like I can run a great half right now, sooooo???,    we shall see.... it will be a, week of the race, decision, based on the weather in Albany.

Sun - 5+ with Kelly, recovery run and then 9.6 mile bike ride with Chad.  We rode a new route to test the dog situation.  Today was good, with only a few small "yappers" in one area.    Tomorrow, I will give it a test on foot, with pepper spray in hand.   

other useless data:
**some days, I can do 2 pull ups - it took me FOREVER to be able to do 1
**so far, I've eaten 36 apples  -  #appleaday2012
**on Feb 3rd, I joined the #burpeeFebruary challenge, which I'm thinking I will REALLY regret in a few more days.  (you do the number of burpees, for the day of the month - Feb. 3 - 3 Burpees,Feb. 6th - 6 Burpees, Feb. 15th - 15 burpees , etc.)

**when I'm sick, I NEVER lose my appetite.  In fact, I gain weight when I'm sick.  I keep eating, trying to make myself feel better.  It doesn't work, but I'm "hard headed", and keep trying. 

**I have missed 2 weeks of yoga class, which means this week is mandatory - I MUST MAKE A YOGA CLASS

**I have added a few "fast downhills" to start getting ready for the Blue Ridge Marathon ("America's toughest road marathon") in April.  The majority of my running is on rolling hills, but soon I will need to add a day of "steeper" hill work, every other week initially, and then increase gradually.  I may run hills, and then finish on the treadmill on the highest incline, up and down.  (thanks for the treadmill recommendation  Generation X (Slomohusky))

One other exciting tidbit of information that I realized this past Monday,  I BQ'ed back in Dec. 2011,  at the Baton Rouge Marathon.  I thought I needed a 3:45 for the new standards, but I didn't think about the fact that I will be 45 (trying NOT to think about that) for Boston 2013, so that puts me in the next age group and my qualifying time is 3:55.  I ran 3:49, so I have some time to spare.  Not sure at this point if I will go back or not, but as Chad pointed out, many people never get the chance to go 1 time.  If I can go back 1 more time, maybe I should.  After I BQ'ed at St. George the first time, my next goal was to BQ on a non-downhill course.  Baton Rouge qualifies - most would call it flat, but it does have a few rollers throughout the course.  (it's definitely NOT a downhill course).  So another goal achieved!  Yes, it was a happy Monday.  

I'm hoping for you, and for me, that I have something new, exciting, or meaningful to report soon.