Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Proof !

Here ya go!  I told you so!   The proof that you requested.  Thanks so much for trusting me! :)  Chad was home long enough to snap the pic.  He had to have "fast fingers" to get the shot.

BIG WEEK for me!
Monday - am - 5 miles - 1 mile running w/u, 3 miles to celebrate Amanda's virtual birthday challenge, 1 mile c/d.  Weeks earlier I had submitted an optimistic 23:15 for 3 miles.  I ended up running 23:38 (solo) - 7:46, 8:03 (uphill for 1/2 of this mile - still no good at hill racing - boo), 7:50.  3 miles pm

Tues. - 3 miles am, 5 miles pm - "Trek the Trace - 2 mile predicted run - 1 mile w/u, no watches or Garmins - you predict your finish time for 2 miles - the runner nearest to the submitted prediction is the winner.  It's a little different, it's not the fastest runner who wins, it's the best "pacer."  I have NO, ZERO, NADA, feel for pace.  I had the 3 mile hard effort on Monday, so I submitted a conservative 16:00 minutes.  Audrey and I ran this one together.  I was pleasantly surprised to run 15:27 - see, I'm not a pacer, but I actually felt very comfortable running the 15:27, after the hard run on Monday, and the AM run.  I'm always happy when I go under my prediction.  Audrey and I ran another 2 miles to cool down.

Wed. - pm - I ran 7 miles in 3 hilly (Tupelo26.2 prep) subdivisions (Bellegrass, Dandridge, and Bent Creek)

Thurs - 10 miles on the bike - mid afternoon ride

Friday - 5 miles easy, on the flat Longleaf Trail (asphalt)

Sat. - Oak Grove 5k - early in the week I decided it was time to get back in the game.  I hadn't raced a 5k since June (a long time for me) because of the glute soreness thingy (becuz I skipped yoga for 4 wks - a no no for me).   In addition to no 5ks, I haven't been doing much speed work, except the recent 3 weeks with Jen, running the 2 X 1 mile repeats.  I have very little natural speed, it's hard to get in shape, and I lose it really quickly.   I run speed work year around, with some little breaks, but I have to do it year around.  With the extended off-time,  I had NO expectations, but wanted to run a 5k as a starting point for the fall.   unofficial time - 24:16 - splits - 7:44, 7:48, 7:59, :43  (flat course). (3rd place age group award).   The best part of the race was visiting and meeting new to me, runners. (& catching up with friends)   The super tough triathlete ladies showed up in full force and represented well.   My friend Judy has been training with the tri group, and she invited me too cool down with them.  I jumped at the chance.  oh yeah, I always want to meet runners. Ginger of  Living The Tri Life has recently moved to the area, and I have been following her blog. She won the master's award??  I had recently met Marissa at The Yoga Room.  Marissa ran her first 5k today, and won the race.  How cool is that?  Not sure how Lesley and Deanna placed in the race, but the whole group went home with awards.   After the 5k I headed over to The Yoga Room for some "seriously shaky legs" yoga.   (it's hard to hold the poses after a 5k)

Sun. - because I wanted to get a decent idea of my speed, or lack of it, this meant delaying my long run until Sunday.  20 miles ended up being 19.3 @ 10:08 average pace.  I have tried this 3 times, running a 20 miler the day after a 5k race - it's definitely NOT the best option for me, if the goal is to have a good long run.  If the main goal is the long run, I would run it earlier in the week, and then race with what I had left, but this week, the 5k was the priority.    3 Xs and each time it's been HARD.  Today, wasn't too bad until the last 3 miles.  At that point, the heat, the 5k, and this week's mileage,  took their toll.  In addition to the 5k / long run combo,  I typically have a week in between an 18 and 20 mile long run.  I usually run 18, 10, and 20.  This time it was 48 miles last wk w/ long of 19, and this wk 53 miles w/ long of 19, back to back.   

So this week - I end with 53.3 miles of running, 2 miles walking, 10 miles biking, 2 yoga classes, and 5 days of Supreme 90 day.  Some super quality and good mileage. The week ahead will be a step back in mileage.  whew - yes, I welcome the step back week, and then it's Tupelo Marathon week.

I am not racing this race, and plan to train through the race, so the wk of the marathon will be another high mileage week. 
It will be a quick overnight trip, but a ton of FUN! 
Dawn, Terri and I will run the 26.2.  
Terry (he's running 14.2 miles - fast)
I'm also excited to see Bridgett, super runner,  who now lives in T. town - (she's running 26.2- fast)
(by the way - Terri, Terry, and Bridgett -  you guys need a blog)

Hello luluemon - please bring back the groovy run shorts.   Jenn of Running Sane  and other lulu shoppers, please tell me .....WHAT NOW?    honestly, it will be a while before I need any, I stocked up.  Maybe by the time I need new running shorts, lulu will bring them back.   I can't afford to experiment.

Yes, lululemon is pricey, but how much would you pay to run chafe free?

Friday, August 12, 2011

August Running Scenes

19 miles of MS beauty
Audrey's babies

The summer breeze today, reminded me of fall

IP Biloxi

at the pool @ IP Biloxi
It's been a good week.  Jen and I met on Tues. for our 3rd and final week of mile repeats.  For the past 3 wks we ran the same workout.  2 mile w/u, 2 X 1 mile, and 2 mile c/d .  Jen signed up for a blogger 1 mile challenge.

Week 1 - 7:37 & 7:23,  
Week 2-  7:28 & 7:34 (extreme humidity)
Week 3 - 7:14 & 6:54  this may be my mile PR ?? not sure because I don't have a mile time written down, (that I can find).  Either way, it's a great time for me, for August.  This should mean good things this fall.  Jen had a super day too.  This was her first time running mile repeats.  She met, and exceeded her goal.  I'm sure she will be reporting on it soon. 

I also completed 19 miles @ 9:46 avg.  I had 18 planned.  walked 2 more after the run.
I will end the wk with 46-50 miles of running - finally getting my mileage back up :-)
This week Chad and I went for an overnight to Biloxi.  A quick getaway, but it was so nice to get away together and unplug from work, computers, & cell phones, etc.  

And now, I must close this.  Blogger is acting CRAZY (as you can see with the formatting).  I have been sitting WAY too long after the long run this am.   Time for a little stretching! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Conversations with ME, MYSELF, and I

Wow, time is flying by and I'm finding it hard to keep up with my blogging.   My last entry documented my triumphant handstand.  Who knew that my loyal blogger "friends" would question this feat by asking me to produce a picture of it.  Uhhh, so now I have to work on a one handed, handstand so that I can take a pic to prove it.   Seriously, I'm working on the proof. be continued

The recent data and details look like this:
July 18th - 39 miles running, 16 miles biking, 2 miles walking, 2 yoga sessions, 4 days of Supreme 90 day
long was 14 - ended up running a split run - 11 miles am and 3 miles pm
July 25th - 43 miles running, 20 miles biking (not sure but I think this is a record bike wk for me - lol), 4 miles walking, 1 yoga class, 6 days of Supreme 90 day
long run this wk - 16 @ 9:50 avg pace
tempo - 6 miles total - 1 mile w/u, 4 @ 8:27 avg, 1 mile c/d  (slower than my typical tempo)

Aug. 1st - 30 miles running, 10 miles biking, 7.5 mile walk, 1 yoga class, and 6 days of Supreme 90 day
this is a step back week in total mileage for the week, and a step back in my long run for the week which was 10 miles.  I also planned my long to be in South LA to give me a break from the hills this week.
long run - 10 miles @ 9:05 avg.  The plan was a progression run.  
2 mile w/u - 9:50, 9:29, 
4 miles at 9:00 PLANNED - actual - 8:57, 8:51, 8:58, 8:56
4 miles at 8:45 (MRP- marathon race pace) PLANNED or wished for - actual - 8:49, 8:44.  I bailed on the 8:45 plan and ran the last 2 a little slower than planned.  9:00 and 9:12.  At this early point in my training, AND in the August heat, I decided I wouldn't push the issue.  I was struggling.  I haven't started a training plan yet.  I have been running some quality runs, and I'm upping my weekly mileage, but I'm not on a formal training plan yet.  My goal is to get to Tupelo26.2 with enough distance running to "cover the distance." (NO racing for this one)  Then after Tupelo I will have a recovery week and then start my real quality training for the fall.  

As I bailed on the pace for the last 2, these are the thoughts that go through my mind:

Conversations with ME, MYSELF, and I

*it's only 4 miles at MRP (marathon race pace), come on, you can run 4 @ RP (race pace)
*it's really HOT, it's smart to shut it down (heat index was in the 90s)
*some of the "better" runners, better runner/bloggers would NOT bail on these last 2
*yeah but, most of those runners are in the 20 and 30s, although you try hard to forget it, you ARE in your 40s
*yeah but, you are not trying to run their pace, you are running your plan and you gave up on the plan
*your age has nothing to do with not being able to run 2 more miles at 8:45, heat MAY be a factor, but age.... you can't use that one here...
*this is a mental break - you still have work to do on the mental part - seriously, when will you conquer this mental part of your running. 
*you are "listening to your body" and this is always a wise choice
*if you can't run 4 @ MRP, how will you EVER run 26.2 again at MRP?  seriously!
*you haven't been doing any MRP running yet, today is the first day.  It's totally fine to start here, and move forward.

so in some ways I'm totally fine with where I'm at, adjusting my plan to accommodate the day, but in other ways, I feel I cave, and then justify.  Some of the reasons are valid reasons, BUT.....

Some of the type B and C runners will think I'm "too hard" on myself, some will say "she's crazy."  Then there's the type A runners.  They will say, suck it up buttercup, stop justifying bailing on the plan.   In the end, it really doesn't matter what either side says, FOR ME, it's figuring out what is the real true FACT, not feeling.  It seems that:
*the me in me - seems to think I'm smart and altering the plan is a very smart thing to do
*the myself in me - seems to think I have too many mental cave-in's.  I need MORE "fight to the finish"
*the I in me - thinks BOTH sides have very valid points.

One of my biggest joys in running is my hard run, or technical days.  The joy comes from having a plan, implementing the plan, and COMPLETING the plan on or very near the target.  It gives me a HUGE sense of SATISFACTION.  It completes my run, and in many ways, if I'm being honest, it completes me.  Yes, dorky to many of you who have "real lives", but this is MY PASSION.  The technical part of running is what gives me a HIGH.  Many runners run just for the joy of running.  While I do enjoy my easy days, the "hitting my numbers" on hard days is what keeps me in the game these days.
(no - I wasn't always like this)

So all of the sides of ME just leave me confused, but determined to work on the weakness - the MENTAL me.

a steamy start  (#RunMS)

  a beautiful sunrise  (#RunMS)
honey, I want one of these (#RunLA)
or one of these (#RunLA)