Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Training

I'm in my 3rd week of running after the 3 week run break (after Boston 26.2).  I have no plan and for a moment, I'm enjoying that.  I went to a hilly 5k, and a hilly 10k the past 2 weekends.  I ran each of those as tempo runs.  I've also been joining a newly formed Tues. night run group (Soccer Locker Miles) for some various runs.  Last week was a 40 min run on grass.  Typically, I stay on asphalt, but I welcomed the challenge of the grass.  I know the value.  Last Wed., post Tues night grass run, I felt the value.  I embrace the sore muscles and know it's good for me.   I plan to continue with some grass running each week.  My goal is to run 1 time each week for at least 30 minutes on grass.    In keeping with that goal, yesterday, I ran for 30 min. at my house on the grass.  The loop around our property is .42.  Today, in Louisiana, I ran an additional 2 miles on grass and did some plyometric work.  

This past Tues. night the group ran 800s at the track.  HAPPY ME !  Y'all know I love the track.  The track was just what I needed to add some quality, but more than that, to add some fresh inspiration to my running.  I quickly get bored with "just running".  That doesn't work well for me.  I need QUALITY !    My plan was to run by feel.  I didn't want the first track workout to be hard.  I just wanted to be energized and ease back into a track workout after a long break.   In addition, Tues. was one of our first few warm/muggy days.  It was in the mid 80s when I was driving to the track.  We haven't had a chance to acclimate to the heat and humidity because we've had an extended spring this year (weird, but nice).    I ended up averaging 3:47 which was a happy surprise.  I hadn't expected running the 800s at a moderate pace would be that fast, especially with the new heat of the day.  This is encouraging for the summer training ahead. 

I'm thinking about heading west again this fall for the Huntsville, Utah marathon.  I will make some firm decisions in the next week or two, but Utah is a lucky state for me.  St. George Marathon in 2009, and Top of Utah, fall 2012,  were both PR races for me.   I'm especially liking the elevation profile, so this may be the one for fall 2013.    I feel I run my best in the fall, so the Sept. date is another plus. 

This week I will end the week with around 30 miles of running.  With the lower run mileage,  and the warmer temps., I've also been riding my bike (recreational biker here).    I love to get on my bike this time of year and enjoy the new greenery all around.  I enjoy the variety that it offers.   I continue my 1 time per wk yoga class, and 1-3 times per wk weight routine at the gym.  Most of my work at the gym is "run focused" movements/exercises to strengthen my core, hips, arm,  and legs.  I've also been on the elliptical and stair climber a few times in the past month.   To be honest, I don't last long on the either machine.  I'd much rather be outside running than on those machines feeling like a rat on a wheel.   I understand the value here too, so I attempt 15-20 min.

It's peak daylily season in South MS.

I hope your spring is happy and filled with good running.