Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pain in the bootay - it's a NAG!

In my constant effort to ....
I'm finding some freedom in my training. 

I'm working on my fall marathon training plan.  Later this fall, I have a decision to make concerning how I will race, or, IF I will race MDI (Mt. Desert Island, ME).  This is NOT a PR opportunity for me.  I am NOT a strong hill racer.  So the decision will come down to 2 options:
1. go out and race the course as fast as I can, on the given hills, OR 
2. go out and run it reserved, use it more as a training run, and save myself to "RACE", in Dec., on a course that I am better at racing (flat and fast).
Currently, I'm taking a week off from running in hopes that this "pain in my booty" quickly heals.
Feel free to vote and give your opinion on the matter. 
I will decide later, as the training unfolds.

 In April,  I went to run the TuxachanieTrails with Jennifer.
NOT being a trail runner, and NOT picking up my feet, leads me to a
near miss, fall.  In attempting to stay on my feet, my left legs goes back, and up in the air.  In fighting for my balance, I fight a little too hard with that leg and almost pulled my glute.  Since that day I have noticed it off and on.  Sometimes it goes away for several days and even weeks,  and at other times,  it rears it's ugly head.  Fast forward to June 7th - 16 X 200s on the road in Eastpoint, FL. 

 Eastpoint, FL
No issues on this day, but the next morning, I head out on an easy run to loosen the legs and when I take the first few steps my hamstring and booty screams at me.   I bail on the run, and walk to loosen up the legs.  Since this time, I reduced the mileage and intensity.  June 21st, I attempted to run some 400s to test the waters.  I ran them MUCH slower than my recent workouts.  It didn't hurt, but I still feel something in the glute.  I can easily run through the dull pain, but will it remain dull?   I bailed on this workout at 6 repeats.   It's a mild pain in the bootay, but I DO NOT want it to become anything more.  After the Tues. workout, I decided to take a week off of running. 
In addition, I realized this week that I have missed 4 weeks of yoga.  It also occurred to me this week that each time I've missed more than 2 wks of yoga, something starts nagging me.  I must do yoga to "stay in the game" like I want to be.  I made my favorite Wed. class.  It felt like the healing was happening as I stretched in class.  I can't explain it, but for ME, 
yoga MUST be in the mix. 
I'm hoping this week will be a HEALING week, and I will be ready to ramp up for fall distance racing.  On Fri. I went to the chiropractor, to make sure my hips are not out of whack.  I tried to get a massage, but my "good hands man" was booked up, so that will have to wait until Mon. or Tues.

Yesterday, I went for an extended walk.  It was really nice and therapeutic for me.  It gave me a sense of peace.  While walking, it took me back to the beginning of my marathon journey. 
 My walk along Bayou Lafourche, South LA

(I walked my first marathon, except I ran the first 4 miles, and ran a few downhills.  It was my 5th marathon before I ran the whole way.  I would do it exactly the same again, and in fact, one day, I can see myself going back to my origin in marathons, and walk them just for fun)

Sat.,  I walked for 40-45 minutes, had some breakfast, and then walked back home.  (can't do that on a run - the bright side)   I love a LONG walk.  It's not the same as running, in the challenge part, but I enjoy it too.  When I'm training for a marathon, (most of the year)  I rarely have time to fit in any walking of any distance.  
There's just something about walking or running beside the water!
It's a "Salt Life" that I LOVE!
I'm on day 5 of my "no run week".  It's totally normal for me to get SUPER excited in July for the upcoming distance training for the fall racing.  With this week of NO running, the desire has hit early.  I have even come to terms with the summer training in the South.  Yes, it's HOT, yes I'm slower than normal, but there's just something about summer running that I love.  It's hard to believe, just a few years ago, I drastically reduced my mileage in the summer to avoid the heat.  Then I finally "made up my MIND" that I would NOT let the heat stop me from summer training.  I would get up at insane hours to get it done before daylight.  Now, a couple more years along, I'm lazy, so many times, I CHOOSE, to run in insane heat to avoid insane hours of running.   I'm typically up early, but just no longer like to get out the door, super early, to be finished at daylight.   

It's funny how things change!   It makes me wonder how many other wonderful things I may be missing out on because of a closed mind.  Maybe there's still hope for me and that bike.  Not a fan yet, but maybe one day I will be....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Jenn, Ana Maria, and Meggan!

This morning I'm sending good thoughts and good vibes to Jenn and Ana Maria - 2 tough ladies who are without a doubt, giving it their all this morning.  Go Ladies Go!
On Sunday, Meggan will be running her first marathon @ the Manitoba Marathon - so excited for her.  Meggan is a super talented post collegiate runner.                                                                                       

Go Meggan!  
Strong Mind, Strong Heart!

*I came across this hill running demo today.  My fall racing will be filled with hilly marathons (Tupelo in Sept. - training run, and Mt. Desert, ME in Oct. - this one may be a "race" or another training run)  either way, coming up, my focus will be on hills.
(the video is on the home page, after scrolling through pictures)

* 2 weeks of low mileage, with one week being all easy running / recovery week (no hard workouts) -
why do I feel totally out of shape?    (silly, I know)
While I know this is just a mental thing, and I know I will come back quickly, and I know the REST is much needed and totally part of MY plan, I still wonder why we lose that mental edge so quickly?
recent weekly mileage -
week of May 16th - 50 miles,
May 23 - 24 miles - race,
May 30th - 30 miles,
June 6th - 16.5 miles - race,
June 13th - 16 miles - recovery week - no intensity - easy running

*I am excited!  This week I started using  Earlier this week, I stepped on the scale to see, what is for me, my "utter disgust number."  
I struggle!  
I am happy that I have this feeling because it always jolts me to make some changes.  I am also happy that this "disgust" number is a few lbs. lower than it once was, so I can quickly get back into reality earlier than I would have years ago.  To some, my disgust is puzzling.  Some, especially in the South, would think I have no worries. While I acknowledge, I am NOT FAT,  most of you know how I feel.   It's the uncomfortable feeling of being, or feeling slightly bloated and you know it's not a gassy bloat, it's a pudgy bloat.  Yuck!  
(a few of you do not have this struggle -the lucky ones -  I'm jealous!)  
So I have, once again, a renewed focus to  
" get right "
For me, I think the use of myfitnesspal will help me tremendously.  I need a program!  I need structure and like structure.  I prefer to be on a focused training plan MOST of the year, and that works for me.  So why haven't I been on a focused food plan?  Several years ago (maybe 2002-2003??), I counted calories and IT WORKED.  The problem came in, at the time,  not knowing I had not allowed enough calories for my active lifestyle.  In addition, the counting eventually became too much.    myfitnesspal makes this easy.  It calculates your calories, it gives credit for your workouts, and it offers a very extensive listing of foods.  I have been using it for a couple of days, and haven't had anything that I could not find in the listing of foods.  In addition, after using it for a few weeks, most of the foods that I routinely eat, will be on MY list, so it will be quick and easy.  I need this structure, and I think it may help me.  

I dream of getting to my goal weight and maintaining it!  
Maybe that will happen,
maybe it will not
  at least I have the "utter disgust feeling" to get me back in the right direction. 
Today, I'm thankful for THAT!

a few pics from this week in Mississippi

The Good Life!

Now, I'm out the door for a long walk along the bayou of South Louisiana!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Now?

When I started my 5k training 8 weeks ago, today was planned as my "goal race."  Even with the hot June temps, I had "plans" of running a good race, not a great race, not a PR race, but just a good solid race.  "Life" had other plans and I ran a SLOOOWWW race today.  whatever!    It's official, June is my absolute worst month for racing.  I proved it last year, and again today.  I'm going to look on the bright side...... last year, June 12, 2010, I ran my worst 5k in 5 years (25:47).    Today, still slow, but better than last year.  (24:46)

      April 16th  65 degrees  May 7th 80 degrees  May 27th 85-86 degrees    June 11th  74 degrees/RF - 83
165                          168                        172                             169        86 % humidity
MHR 173                          176                         184                            178
        23:31                         23:51                     23:50                         24:46 (seriously??) (burnt or tired?  not sure yet)

The race today was a new race, a first time race for the director, etc.  I was aware of this, and it's always a risk, but it's still maddening.  Prior to the race, I heard some pre-race questioning of the accuracy of the course.  I suspected it may end up incorrect.  As I made the final turn to the finish, I looked at my Garmin and realized the course would be REALLY short.  What did I do?    I crossed the finish and kept going.  At the finish, I was at 2.8.  HELLO, I did not get up early to run a 2.8 mile race.  I have nothing to compare a 2.8 mile race to.  I kept running! (this was the first time I have done this)  Yes, everyone looked at me like I was CRAZY.  Who cares?    Ha Ha!  (Yes, at 2.8, I had a PR for a 5k - woo hoo - finally sub 23)  When I returned to the finish line, after completing MY 5K, I heard everyone talking about how they had a PR today.  
Hello, the course was WAY short.  Seriously, will you count that as a PR?  too funny!
(even without a Garmin, I would KNOW, without a doubt, this was a short course.  I have NEVER finished a 5k,  sub 23 in ideal weather, and definitely not in the heat of June)

This past week and a half, I have been out of my normal "life" routine.  My Mom has been in the hospital, so I spent most of the time at the hospital with interrupted sleep.  Let me just say, I NEED MY SLEEP to function properly.  I also had a 5 hour drive to, and from FL during this 10 day period.    My Mom recently found out through a colonoscopy that she had colon cancer.  She endured a colectomy.  The doc reports that the cancer was at T1, which is a an early stage.  He also told us they were able to get all of the cancer, and she does not have to go through chemo or radiation.  "She is cancer free!"  We are happy and BLESSED!  
(doc also says all of her children over 40 should have a colonoscopy - eek!  that's expensive and we have a LARGE deductible - yikes!)

Originally, I had planned to take a break after the 5k today, but now I'm considering another 5k.  I'm back home, and on my regular routine.  I know I can run faster than the results today, even in the heat.  So now I'm debating.  Part of the debate is that I know I need a break soon.   The other side wants to go for another race because I feel I have left something on the table.    Part of me thinks....I'm DONE, but the other part thinks I still have some left?????
Go ahead and take my break, or go for another 5k????  Tonight, I can't decide.   I suppose, I will go by feel the next couple of weeks.  

I'm curious, which online weather site do your rely on for your frantic pre-race weather search? 

In other very exciting news..... my hubby had a redfish tournament today in Panama City, FL.  He and his partner, Jay won the tourney, 1st place.  Sweet!  They won a boat!  They will sell the boat for cashola because, my friends, cash is KING, and we already have 2 boats.    (IFA Redfish Tour)