Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk to the Hand....II, and The Run Naked Tour Hattiesburg


and see what Running Sane is teaching her children.

Be Sure to go to her blog first.

Below you will find a recent pic of me at a 5k race with the race director.  Now it just so happens that the race director is also a pastor.   If you have visited Jenn's blog, now go down and see the pic.

So Sorry!
Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Not sure how that happened unless it was just an automatic impulse.   The Gimme Shelter 5k course he created has rolling hills, and then ends on an uphill.  Sorry Preacher Man, but I could NOT control that finger!  Or, it could have been because at this very race, I tied my 2008 personal record in the 5k.  If his (the guy I'm "pointing at") race hadn't ended on an uphill, Ginny would have a 2011 5k PR.  (do you know how hard it is to PR at my age??)  After this race, this preacher and his family left town.  Do you think I offended them?  Really, I'm sorry preacher man.

Seriously, the man in the picture is Phillip.  He is a preacher and he did move, and has a new church home.  Over the past couple of years we frequently talked "BQ shop"(you know the important stuff), and he became a good friend.  He and his family will be missed by Hattiesburg and our local running group.    Also, the course he created is actually my favorite 5k course in town.  Thanks Phillip!  We miss you already!

I have no idea WHAT that finger is really about.

At Christmas, my cousin, Laura gave me this book.
 The shortest book review ever.

About 70 pages into this book, it takes off, and you can't WAIT to see what happens.  

In March, I finished the book while on a relaxing trip to Panama City, FL.
 A couple of weeks ago, I found out that The Run Naked Tour would be making a stop in Hattiesburg.  

So last night, I went for a little run with this guy.
 Seriously, I was able to chat and go for a run with Scott Jurek.  He is so friendly and "down to earth."  What a treat for Hattiesburg!

Also, was able to run about 1/4 - 1/2 mile with this guy.
Author of Born to Run - Chris McDougall
My good friend, Vicki is just in front of me - we have been running the H'burg streets for many years.
So happy that I was able to make it to this event.  What a rare opportunity for our small city.  Fun night with friends!

Renaissance Half Marathon update:
just took a peek at the weather for Sat. am
Low to Mid 50's at 6:00 am start time

I think I may feel a little fever coming on.....

It may be bye bye tempo run, hello RACING
 I will decide Sat. am

Hello Weekend!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Speed and Hills

After months and months of wanting to FOCUS on the 5k, I'm finally doing just that. :) :)  Obviously, it's not the ideal time for the best results because it's warming up quickly in the South.  The heat and humidity will not allow me to achieve my BEST results, but I'm happy to finally be totally focused on the 5k.  It's also perfect timing to work on some speed in the marathon off season.  

When I say focused, I guess I should say, as focused as this A.D.D. mind can achieve.  You see, even though, I'm focused on the 5k,  this weekend I have a half marathon on the schedule.  I registered for this one a few months ago.  I'm not focused on the half, so  it will be, more or less, just go and enjoy the day, not all out "race mode."   Yes, if the opportunity presents itself, it will quickly turn from a tempo run, to a race, but I will wait to see what the day holds (temperature, humidity,  and feel).  I am training through this race, and the training is totally focused on the 5k.   I am truly thankful I can go to a race relaxed and "just have some fun."  I know many runners who CAN NOT do this, but for myself, I'm happy that I can relax and enjoy.

I have an 8 week 5k program that I'm working on.   Finally, the hubs put together a program for me.  Typically, I put my programs together, but my hubby has a ton of knowledge (coaching and training) in the shorter races, so I wanted him to design a new 5k game plan for me, this go around.

This is what I've been up to: 
Week 1
Monday April 18th - 1.5 mile w/u (my warm ups and cool downs are always slow paced running), 4 X 200 @ :48 seconds with 30 second recovery.  4 X 400 @ 1:44 with 1 min recovery, and then 4 X 200 @ :49 seconds with 30 seconds recovery.  Then c/d to get 5.5 miles for the workout.  This is my first go around with SHORT recovery.  In the past, I have had equal recovery (ex. 200 followed by 200 recovery)  More recently, I have shortened the recovery to 1 min recovery between 200s.  This workout was very challenging.  The hubs ran the workout with me so that was a treat, but I think he had intentions of killing me with the 30 second recovery.    Typically, he doesn't run with me because he is too fast, but my repeat paces for this workout, equal his jogging pace.
Tues - walk 1 mile, 3 miles on the bike, and planks
Wed - Yoga, and 5.5 miles easy pace at lunch time
Thurs. - am -16 miles around 10:00 pace (Garmin wasn't charged), this is overkill for the 5k, but i wanted to get a 16 miler in prior to the half marathon on April 30th.  Thurs. evening I ran another 4 miles easy with the local running group.
Fri - walk 4 miles with a friend
Sat - ran 5 miles in South LA @ 4:00 pm - 84 degrees (heat training - trying to get ready for a hot and humid half marathon)
Sun - ran 4 miles around 3:30 pm - (heat training) In mile 3, I ran 10 X 10-15 second pick ups.
Totals - 5 mile walk, 3 mile bike, 1 yoga class, 40 miles running

Week 2
Monday April 25th - 3 miles easy am, weights, burpees, core work, lunges, and squats.  pm - 5.5 miles with Jen - hill repeats at Honeysuckle hill.  I ran 8 X Honeysuckle Hill, averaged 1:59 for the ups and jogged the downhills.  This is the hill that our small group was running last summer at 5:15 am.  I have battled this hill off and on through the years, but it's always been before daylight.  This is a tough hill for our area.  I think I like it better in the dark, you can't see the top.  :) :)  Tough workout, but I LOVE it!

Tues. - today I headed out with my heart rate monitor on, and decided to keep my heart rate really low today.  I will be running 200s tomorrow so with only 1 day of recovery, I wanted to be sure I was running a recovery run today.  It ended up being a super slow run.  I kept the heart rate at 130 and ended up running 11:00 min miles.  That had a "sting" to it, a sting to my ego,  but pace was not important today.   Recovery was the goal of the run.   

In the morning, when I am running 12 X 200 with 30 second recovery, I will be HAPPY that I had a "real" recovery run.  After the 200s, yoga, and weights on Wed.,  I will take it easy on Thurs. and Fri. to get ready for the Renaissance Half Marathon on Sat.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Boston 20??

 Memories and Goals to DO IT AGAIN

It’s Monday, it’s the 3rd Monday in April, which means it’s Boston Monday.  One year ago, at this very moment, I was on my way from Hopkinton, Mass. to Boston, on foot.  One year ago, I was shocked by what was called the early “downhill miles” had, what I call, uphills (WHAT?).  One year ago, yes, I made it!  I made it to Wellesley,  and the Wellesley ladies did not disappoint.  In my opinion, the Wellesley area is also the prettiest part of the Boston course.  I even made it to Heartbreak hill, and I conquered it.  As I made it to the top, I was surprised and greeted by my hubby who was snapping photos.  This gave me just the boost I needed.   Yes, the boost faded too, but I ran, and I ran,  and I completed the 2010 Boston marathon – time – 4:08. 

Upon early reflection of Boston, I was totally satisfied.  I was content.  I had completed a HUGE goal in my boring life.  A goal that I worked ever so diligently toward, for 4 years, was now complete.   I was so content that I chose not to return in 2011, even though I could have registered again.  

Sometime in the fall/winter of 2010, just a few months after my debut at the 2010 Boston Marathon, a new Boston goal was born.  No, I did not want to return to Boston in 2011.  I had NO desire to go again without a new qualifying run.   The new goal is to BQ on a flat or rolling hills course.   My first attempt was at the Snickers 2011 – I did NOT succeed – Boston does not come easy for me my friends.(missed by 1 min)   This is a goal that I would like to achieve, but I am HAPPY if I have one,  and only one,  Boston 26.2.  However, on Sunday, as I was reading and thinking about Boston, suddenly, out of the blue, a burning desire to run Boston ONE MORE TIME came over me.  The burn is not as intense as the first time around, but the heat is on.   The allure of Boston is unique.  IMO - it's not about a beautiful or even a pretty course, it's not about a fast course, it's not about a flat course for sure,  it's not about a small race (which I prefer).  Boston is about the drive to get there, the journey one takes to achieve the goal,  and the history of the race.   Will the burn to BQ be like the original desire to get to Boston?   I doubt it, but it is a goal.   

 I now feel it is in my future to return to Boston one more time.   
Will I be able to do it ???, only time will tell, but…..

I feel like I have one more BQ in me.  
 I need 1 more pic coming down the back side of Heartbreak Hill with a smile on my face.
 and another like this

Yes, I'm still content with Boston 2010, but I like a goal ahead of me. 

A recommended blog

Friday, April 15, 2011

Working on it!

Ahh, the training.....trying to get in shape again.....1 baby step forward, then a week off from running - ..... steps backward, and missed my half marathon in Pensacola.    Not going to worry about it.  That's what the off season (the off season for distance) is about. I was able to lift weights during the wk offI walked and I biked. 

This week so far:

Monday - weights, planks, push-ups, squats and lunges, etc - 
 a few miles - 3.5 with some short, steep hill repeats
Tues. - 7 miles with 10 X 10-15 second "pick-ups"  - I would love to call them sprints, but today, I would say they do not qualify.
Wed. - 14 miles - yay - some distance - cool morning - I fear it will be one of the last.  weights, lunges, squats, planks, etc. 
Thurs - 3 miles easy
Fri - walk for 35 min., that's it so far.  I hope to do some core work, planks etc. later today.

short term goals:
*  get my weekly mileage back up  (will end with around 32 miles this week)
*  continue rotating track and hill repeats each week - shorter intervals  for 5ks - but adding more reps
last half marathon until the fall - 2 weeks away - no plans for time, just going to run a good, long tempo run.  :)

A few pics from recent runs 
 MS -taking advantage of a noon time run.  
too soon,  it will be too hot to run mid day.

LA - wildflowers or weeds blooming along Bayou Lafourche

I'm enjoying the spring training and I'm so very anxious to "get back in shape."  Loving the variety of the spring training.  Baby steps - I will get there.  It just takes time.  
To bloggers and friends running Boston on Monday - good luck my friends.  
Carpe Diem!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gasping For Air

Ahhhh!  After years and years of racing, it still amazes me how gasping for air for 23 minutes and 42 seconds can give you such a good feeling, when it's done, of course.  

Can I just say....

Seriously, is there any better way to start the weekend?  I think NOT!  Friday evening, 6:00 pm 5k, and I get to be lazy Sat am.  


4 weeks post 26.2 and I WANTED to give the 5k a test.  Obviously, if one is "training smart", 4 wks post marathon, one would be working on a base and getting ready for the next phase of training.  


 It's  "Happy Feet No Rules Running" or maybe I should say "No Rules Racing"

I haven't gone totally crazy.  I'm still somewhat cautious about hard days, followed by easy days, and I keep weekly mileage increases in-checkMy weeks will still be filled with quality runs, easy runs, and probably even some "junk miles."   With that being said, I'm continuing on with my recent found freedom, and love of racing - when, and as often, as  I  want.   

YES, I'm continuing to trade reaching my absolute BEST,  at any distance, for the freedom of racing at-will.  What does this mean for the next few months?

April 10th - half marathon in Pensacola, FL Gulf Coast Half Marathon

April 30th - half marathon in Ridgeland, MS
I will race any, and all,  5ks that interest me, and fit into my weekly travels between MS and LA.  My track workouts/hill workouts will be focused on shorter distances (5Ks) throughout the spring/early summer.  The 2 half marathons above, will be my last 2 distances races until the early fall.  After the 2 half marys in April, my long runs will be 8-12 miles, throughout the summer.   I will continue with yoga, and I will get back to consistent weight workouts. 

That's IT!  That's the spring/summer plan! 

Oh, the Fri. night 5k?  yes, I wanted to use this 5k as a test to see where I'm at prior to speed work starting on Monday (with The Running Artist), and maybe a few others.   For all of my friends up north, who currently have snow on the ground, I'm sorry, but it was 76 degrees when I left my car at 5:00 pm.  It was a nice evening for a race.  Yes, 76 is warm (for me), but the humidity was not too bad, so that helped.  (another advantage to evening racing, typically, the humidity is lower in the evening)  I decided prior to the race, and prior to warming up to "go for it from the first mile."  Most of my races are planned to "even pace" or "even split" the miles as much as possible.  For whatever reason,for this race, I decided I would go out fast, and try to hang on.  As I warmed up, and felt the warm sun, I did question this plan for a brief period, but decided I would stick with the goal.   

This plan is RARELY, NEVER good for me, but from time to time, I just feel the need to prove it to myself again.   Today was no exception! 

7:22 too fast, gasping for air - NOW HANG ON!
7:47 - dumb idea, gasping for air, you know you should have paced!
7:45 - FINISH IT, without dying, gasping for air 
  :46 - then, in oxygen debt for about 5 minutes post race.

23:42 minutes of gasping for air, but it made a

this is why I RUN!
this is why I RACE!
I'm happy with the results.  4 wks post marathon, and no speed work yet, I will take that as my starting point.  The trick going forward will be to get "this body" to cooperate with fast rising, heat and humidity.  I'm going to give it my best try.  

A few goals before 2011 is done. 
*go sub 23 in a 5k
* "kick up" into a hand stand 
*increase the number of burpees I can do with "good form".  
What's my current burpee number?  I can do 4-5 before I start with the "sway back" on the push up.  Don't laugh!  Burpees are HARD, and I'm new to "man" push-ups and Burpees.

Thanks for all of the nice comments and emails recently.  You guys offer super support, and for that, I'm thankful!