Thursday, April 22, 2010

Airhead in Boston

Oh yes, I definitely left my brain in MS or somewhere along the way.

* after getting off the plane in Boston I forgot to take my phone off of Airplane mode until arriving back in MS.  (thought it was weird, no calls, not texts, but I just thought everyone forgot about me :(

*Monday evening - leave our hotel, walking,  to the Marriott to meet Jill, Meg, Bethany & Ryan and any other bloggers that made it for Jill's birthday party.  We made it to the hotel, walk inside and I can't remember where we are supposed to meet.  I am thinking it was one of the meeting rooms.  I was supposed to look in my Boston folder to get the name of the meeting place,  before leaving the hotel room (airhead forgets).  Guess what else, yep, forgot my phone in the room.  If I would have remembered the phone, I probably would have forgotten to get Meg, Jill, or Bethany's numbers.  So I go to the desk, maybe they can let me know what meeting room it is.  Nope, it's not a meeting room.  I called Meg's room and someone in her room tells me to meet them in the Champion's Bar.  Yeah, back on track.  Go to the Champion's bar and walk around slowly looking for people who look familiar through pics I've seen on the internet.  No luck!  Walk around again.  I know I will recognize them if I see them,  I guess not, because I never located anyone that looked familiar.   Tired and hungry, we give up and go to dinner.  Bummer!   So wanted to meet my blogger buddies.

It continues....
*Tues am. - we are packing and I am looking for my camera.  I can't find it, but I think it must have already been packed. 
*arrive at the airport and start seeing marathoners with their Boston marathon posters.  Yikes!  Where is my poster.... thinking, thinking, thinking  On Sunday am we switched hotels, and we had to store our luggage until a room was ready.  When they brought our luggage to the room that evening, I didn't notice my poster was missing.
*get on the plane and one of the marathoners is looking through the Boston Globe at marathon results.  Yep, forgot to get a Tues. paper.
*get home unpack, you got it, no camera - all my pretty Boston Gardens pics -( after the sun finally came out) - gone.  no pretty tulips blooming, no cherry trees, no pretty willow trees with city buildings in the background, all gone.  Luckily we did have a few pics on Chad's camera.

So Boston bloggers - please post your pretty Boston  pictures so that I can steal them because most of the pretty garden pictures were on my camera.

A few lingering thoughts about the marathon.
Monday - why would anyone run this marathon more than one time
Thurs. - maybe I should go back and try to improve my time

There were many people lining the course, but I actually thought there would be more.
The course is not very scenic - so glad it is lined with spectators.
I had a great time, can't believe it went by so fast.
Smaller marathons are still my favorite.  St George is my favorite so far.

What is your favorite marathon?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bucket List is Complete!

Now I am DONE - my bucket list is complete! lol!
Tough Course!
Boston is amazing!
Crowd support, race organization, friendly people everywhere.

Heading into the race I had a great feeling.  I was well aware that I had not trained like I normally would, but I did manage to get my mileage up.  I felt that maybe I could pull off a good race, and hoped maybe a really good race.  As the big day arrived I was feeling better and better about the day.  The predicted weather was great.  I was strong and ready!

Monday - 10:30 start
Weather is GREAT!
I am ready to RACE!
I started out in control and determined NOT to go out fast.
Unexpected 1
For me, I was surprised how quickly we made it to the first uphill.  
The uphills kept coming and coming.

Unexpected 2
I had planned to run on the left when I made it to Wellesley.  I was warned it was crazy and hey - I don't need "a kiss from the girls."  As I approached, it was amazing.  I did start toward the left, but before I made it through, I was on the right side,  high-fiving the girls as I passed.  All of the screaming was amazing and it actually gave me chill bumps.  
Wasn't expecting that!
Thanks Wellesley Girls - keep the tradition going.
Also - I thought this section, and the town was the prettiest section of the course.

Unexpected 3
Prior to mile 16 - the uphills are wearing on me.  
Miles 14 and 15 - already falling off the pace a little - 9:13, 9:22

Miles 16 - 21 were tough.  Because I was already getting fatigued, I went into these miles just focusing on the mile at hand.
 16 - 9:00
17 - 9:36
18 - 9:50
19 - 9:20
20 - 9:56
21 - 10:57 come on - that's riduculous!
As I am just about to call it a day (not as in quit, but as in - jog it in, best I can), I finally make it to the top.  I am still feeling like I am done.  At this point someone calls my name. (I had put my name on my race number, but didn't realize it would be so crowded that spectators couldn't see it most of the time because of the runners right in front of me.  I did have a few open areas where people called my name)
So, I am at the top of heartbreak hill, about to call it a day, and I hear Ginny, I kind of glance and wave, and to my surprise it's my pumpkin.
He had said he was not going to try to find his way out on the course to try to find me.

So he takes a few shots of me.
(I'm in yellow with the black visor)

 Unexpected 4
Hello Honey!
So I head down heartbreak hill revived.
As Chad sprinted up ahead to get the next shot, it was great to see him.  It was also great to see that he was working a little, to get ahead of me in time to take another shot.  (he is a "real runner" but hasn't been running recently)
At one point he screams - "you're killing me"
That was FUNNY!
(yes his - less than half mile - run hurt - yea right - lol :)
He also screams the scoop about Ryan Hall coming in 4th place.
So -  the revival - it was short lived - but nice.  
Thanks Chad - love ya!
22 - 9:18
23- 9:50 
24 - 10:06 come on - finish it
25 - 9:56
26 - 10:35 dying :(
.46 4:18 

As I am FINALLY finished and walking on Boylston Street.  I look up at the city buildings, exhausted,  and again I am thinking how happy and thankful I am that I finally made it to Boston.  
I DID IT!   
It was an amazing day.  
Did I run as fast as I wanted - well - 
I came close  - 
and today - that is close enough!

  OK - now - I am slightly mad at all of my local friends and blogger friends who have previously run this marathon.  Uhhhh, you could have warned me!  It's like being pregnant, if woman were told exactly what they will go through during pregnancy - no one would get pregnant.  So it's a dirty little secret that you find out about during the process.  Shame on all of you for leaving me in the dark, to find out during the miles of the Boston marathon.

Seriously, I know some, or most of you, do not consider this a tough course, but I am a wimp, and for me, it was 26.2 miles of hills.  For me the uphills are hard.  Physically and mentally I was prepared for 5 tough miles (16-21), but I was not ready for the toll that the continual uphills would take.   So I will take my 4:08, and call it a day.  I went into this one thinking 4:00 would be my very best, and I hoped 4:10 would be my worst.  I also thought I was running the tangents, although I knew I missed a few because I couldn't see which way the next turn was, and I did divert just a little to "high five" at Wellsley, but I thought I had run a decent tangent run.  Not so much - I ended up at 26.46.  

Be WARNED!  This course is constantly turning - right and left curves, and up and down hills.

Next blog will be about how I was an "air head" all weekend.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pondering race day with my friend.

Met up with some friends today.
 Pondering the BIG RACE.
Game Face ON!
 We met Terry and toured and had some lunch.
He's so cute!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've Got My Game Feet On!

The toenails have been painted.  
I am ready!
They are ugly,
but they are Happy
and heading to 

(I will be heading out way to early on Fri, but if all goes well I should be in Boston by 1:00pm - Woo Hoo!)
My bib is 19226.
I may be in all black - can't make a final decision until Monday.

Good Luck to all my my blogger friends and good luck to Terry, Bridgett, Tracie, and Michelle. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

8 Can’t Miss Boston Marathon Brain Strategies

So the mileage is done except for a few fine tuning and nerve relieving runs this week.  The only thing left to do is to get our brains and minds ready to go.  Today I came across the link above by Jeff Brown, Psy.D.,(co-author of The Winner’s Brain and is on faculty at Harvard Medical School).   As I begin to read the article I am amused by the obvious observation by Jeff, that we as marathoners, are somewhat neurotic detailed in our thinking about our sport.  The article has some great race day strategies that may be helpful for you on Monday in Boston or at any other upcoming race or challenge.  As we make it through this last week, I hope for each of us 
Happy Thoughts, Happy Hearts, and Positive Minds

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling Better and Ready to Run!

So happy to report that i am feeling much better.  Yes, I still have a stuffy nose, but hey, I feel good.  Today I went out for my first run after getting sick Tues. afternoon.  The run was fantastic!  I felt good the whole way and it reminded me that those few days off were really good for me.  Rested and ready to go!  Today, I decided to run 6 miles, and to basically run it, as I felt.  Because I was feeling fresh and rested, I ended up running 8:45 avg pace.  Feeling good about that, and know that I have done all I can do for this training session. 

Now the main goal is to continue to rest, run a little, finish my work asap, pack, and to avoid the Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Promises that keep calling my name.   I go into this race a few lbs. up from my marathon racing weight at St. George, so it is important to be really smart this last week when my mileage is way down.

Dear Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Promises:

Please stop calling my name.  I miss you too, but if I  consume you this week, I will then have to carry you on my hips, on a tough and challenging 26.2 mile course at the Boston Marathon, and you will drag me down heartbreak hill, backwards.  So please allow me this week to disconnect from you.  


a huge fan

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I said I wouldn't do it...

Prior to my marathons I get antsy about the weather.  Each time I swear I will not look at the weather until 5-6 days out, but then I cave, and at 10-14 days I start monitoring the useless extended weather forecast.  Each time the long range rarely pans out, but I can't help myself.  As my friend A. J. says,  "I am sick and I need help!"  tee hee

Speaking of being sick, yep, you got it, Tues. afternoon I started to sneeze.  This is not uncommon for me at this time of year because of all of the pollen in the air.  We live in "the Pinebelt" or the Piney woods, so each spring we endure several weeks of having everything coated in a yellow coating of pollen dust.  However, by Tues. night I was really starting the whole paranoia thing that I go through - am I getting sick, or is it just allergies.  I had a good clue that I was sick by Tues. night, but Wed. morning it was really evident with no questions.  Yep - sick with what I thought was just a cold.   Telling myself I am NOT going to stress over this.  I am in my taper and I will just have extra rest during this taper time.  Wed. during the night I started running a fever, so much pressure in my head I wondered if it would explode, ear ache, irritated throat from the sinus drainage, nose running like a faucet.   So Thurs. am - HIGH PRIORITY - get to the doctor.   Needs some meds quick!  Hubby recommends requesting a Celestone shot.  He promises that it will make me feel better FAST and that's what I need.  So that's what I did! (this is a sign of how bad I was feeling - I rarely will get a shot - I hate them and normally I will just wait for the antibiotic to do it's thing)  Doc says I have an ear infection in the right ear and she said "if you were a baby you would be screaming right now."  I thought about it, but the pressure in my head wouldn't allow for screaming.  She also says I have sinusitis which is always what I seem to have when I go to the doctor.  So I left with a shot in the booty, samples of cough meds, a prescription for antibiotics, and a nasal spray.  Surely, all of these drugs will have me feeling better fast.  Currently, it's Thurs. night, and hubs was correct.  The shot relieved the pressure in my head, and this evening I feel so much better.  I hope the shot doesn't wear off too soon.  Down side - doc says the shot may keep me awake tonight. 

I am confident that this slight set back will NOT interfere with my plans for Boston.  Nine days is plenty of time to recover and get back on track.  In fact, I will just get a little more rest than planned during the taper.  So far, I have missed my tempo run that I had planned for Wed. and I will miss my 5k that I had planned to run on Sat. (boo hoo - 41 degree low for Fri night - 5k weather - boo hoo), but I am thinking I may be ready to run easy on Sunday and will quickly "get back in the groove."  No worries!

I am getting very excited about the trip to Boston. 
Hubby has a redfish tournament this weekend.
I have a LOT of work lined up for this week.  EVERY TIME I plan a trip, I can ALWAYS count on the phone ringing and work lining up just as I am getting ready to get away.   Hope I can get it all done before the trip.  I really hate to come back to piled up work, and I need some extra spending $$$'s in Boston. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Boston - 2 weeks!

Yep, I can't believe it either, just 2 weeks until the running of the Boston Marathon. 
My training didn't go exactly as planned last week as far as quality goes, but the quantity was right on target, 55 miles.  That was the goal, and I made it.   My highest mileage to date was 63 miles for St. George.  With the late start of my training and slow entry into training because of the hip issues, I am happy to have made it back up to 55 miles this time around.
Last week's recap:
Monday - 19 miles on hills - was supposed to be 20-22.   Called it a day at 19 miles.  Today, I felt it was better to call it quits than to push through.  Some days it is really important mentally, to push through, but today I felt it was more important to listen to my body than to practice pushing through.  So I called my hubby for a pick up and "saved myself"  Truly, I felt that finishing this run would do more harm than any benefit that I would get from the last 1-3 miles.
Tues. - easy 3 mile recovery run on grass around our property - .44 mile per loop.
Wed. - 3 miles easy am. and 8 miles easy on the flat Longleaf trail, with  Dawn and Vicki.  Nice run!
Thurs - 8 miles am with 3 of the 8 miles being uphill and downhill repeats, running semi-hard.  Definitely not 100% - feeling this weeks miles adding up.  PM - 3 miles easy on flat surface.  Yoga @ Kelly's.
Fri - 6 miles easy on the flat Longleaf trail again.  Wooo!  Think I can make it!  50 of 55 done.  Heading to New Orleans to meet my Mom and sister (Linde) to see "Wicked"  It was GREAT!
Sat. - rest day - Linde and I walked about 40 min. along the Crescent City Classic 10K course.  It was warm and humid and I was thankful I was not racing today.  For the following reasons, I was happy I was not racing today - too many miles this week, too humid, and WAY TOO MANY RACERS.   Not up for the bob and weave again this week.  It was neat to watch the elites pass by followed by hundreds and hundreds of runners and walkers.  To top off the day....  you know it ..... Cafe DuMonde.  One of my favorite places in the world.  Yes, I realize it's a little early for carb loading, but I couldn't resist.  I couldn't resist!
Sunday - Happy Easter!  Thankful for ALL of my MANY blessings.  Chad and I spent a great day on the boat.  The day started out foggy, but ended with beautiful sunshine. (sorry no pics - cell phone died after pouring 32 ounces of unsweet tea on it,  and didn't bring the camera)  What a great day on the water!  What a great day on the boat!  What a great day with hubby!  While Chad cleaned the boat and the fish (sorry Chad - I MUST get these last 5 miles for the week), I headed out to get my final 5 miles for the week.  Another flat run, easy pace.   Feeling much better today after the rest day on Sat.   Woo Hoo - 55 miles DONE!  No Garmin today, just running.  The danger in doing this, is running to fast.  I hope I didn't do that because I have 12 miles today.  Heading out now.