Friday, August 2, 2013

30% Discount on BTB Sunglasses and a 2 ingredient recipe

Hello Friends !

do you like a bargain?
are you looking for durable running glasses with good optics?

You may have read about these before.  I bought my first pair of BTB sunglasses a couple of years ago, and then followed it up with 2 additional pair last summer.    Prior to these sunglasses, I was purchasing running sunglasses every few months.  At the time,  my preferred brand was not durable at all.  Because of the comfort, I stayed with them for many years.   I was skeptical when trying the first pair of BTB sunglasses, but,  as it turns out, they quickly became my new favorite AND they are durable.  In addition, this company has great customer service, an added plus.

If you want to give them a try, use code "Ginny" at checkout to receive the 30% discount.
this offer is good until Sept. 29th

I'm not running much these days.  If you've followed my blog, you will laugh when I tell you, this week, my long run is 2 miles.  In fact, so far this week my mileage is at 2 miles.  Not to worry, I plan to run 2 more on Sat to complete a 4 mile run week.  Go ME!

I am doing some walking, a little bike,  yoga 20 minutes per day, and my regular yoga class,  and I go to the gym 1-2 times per week.  

With little running this summer, and extra time to focus on something other than running, I decided to go wheat free.  Yes, I said wheat free.  In addition, I'm also doing "low sugar".  I won't bore you with all of the details, but "my" low sugar version means no sugar/flour desserts, really, very few desserts at all.   most of my "sugar" comes from fruits, and I'm trying not to go overboard with fruits with my current low cardio situation.   I do still use a little honey, but that's very limited.  Yes, this IS low sugar for me.

Something that has been tough for me to give up is pancakes.  I'm not sure where I got this recipe.  If I had the resource, I would love to give it credit (so sorry).  Check this out.....

one banana,  mashed
one egg
Stir and cook like a pancake
that's it !

unless you are like me -
**I added cinnamon to mine because I add cinnamon and nutmeg to EVERYTHING

**another time I added walnuts and blueberries
**another time, I used my magic bullet to liquify blueberries,  and I used it like a topping for the pancakes.
**while pancake is still raw on top (before flipping the 1st time) you can sprinkle with hemp seeds

I realize this will not be for everyone, but if you have been wheat free and sugar free for a while, these will be like a super awesome treat when you are craving pancakes - trust me!
Even the hubby likes them - success !