Thursday, March 31, 2011

Downs, Downs and UPS!

Winkie and Scarlett on a cold night this winter

what have I been up too?

*since my last post -  Charlie's entertainment has gone
*for 2 weeks after the Snickers Marathon my only exercise was to walk or bike for 30 min., most days
*this leads to a BAD mood
*I had a biopsy 
this leads to a BAD mood, but,  thankfully it was benign
*having to deal with medical issues leads to a BAD mood - especially when you are mostly self pay (the downside of self-employment)
*our health insurance is going up $100.00 per month and yet, we have little coverage - basically hospitalization
*this leads to a BAD mood
*I gained weight post marathon
*this leads to a BAD mood

*I listened to "Car Talk" on the way to Panama City, FL - I like Car Talk
*I spent a few days on the boat and time with my hubby
*I love the water and the sun
*I finished reading Born to Run - a good book (a little slow at the beginning, but then it keeps you in suspense the rest of the way)
*this week I dreamed I was running barefoot - HA!
*I enjoyed the BIG MOON
*I walked, I biked
*I did some yard work

*We spent much time taking care of Winkie our cat - then she died -
this adds to the depressed mood from not running and training hard.
Winkie's in heaven loving on Nyla (our dog that she loved)
Winkie died from skin cancer. 
I HIGHLY recommend wearing sunblock.  I'm trying to be more consistent.  I always have block on my face, but I'm trying to be better about my arms & legs.

*Hubby is back to working a lot.  Good financially, but leaves me sad - too much time apart. 
*I ran my first post marathon run on Sat. March 19th - woo hoo!
*The following weekend, I ran my 25th - Azalea Trail Run 10k - (I run this one every year - in shape - out of shape - walk - run - it's all good)
Ran 49:43 - 
was super happy to run a quality run again
was happy with the time considering .....

*this week I've been "catching up" with work - post vacation time
*I lifted weights, I went to yoga, I did some burpees 
*I believe Burpees can kill you - can leave you dead on the floor
*I ended March with a staggering  86 miles of running (482 for 2011) and 41 miles walking, I biked 1-2 times, and a few yoga classes.

*clearly,  I should be rested and ready to RUN

*I plan to run a 5k this weekend because.......
running hard makes me HAPPY, and snaps me out of a "funk"

Things are definitely looking up!

Monday I head back to the TRACK
"  I feel the need, the need for speed"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Running Anthem

You Tube
Winning - A Song by Charlie Sheen
I've watched this about 100 times MUST get this one on my Ipod - HELP! 

What is the original song?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying to "spin it"

 Dawn, Vicki, Me, Terri

I had a fun birthday weekend with my friends.  We left Friday morning heading to Albany, Ga for the marathon.  I had not shared the fact that my birthday was on Friday, but we were about 30 min. into the trip when the secret "code word" was given, and it signaled the girls to put on their birthday hats, blow the birthday hornsand surprise me with carb loading birthday cookies.  Fun way to start the trip to Albany, GA for the Snickers marathon.   (we had some pics but I think someone threatened someone, and it was decided best, not to post the pics)  Thanks Ladies!
I have no reason NOT to be HAPPY and PROUD.    
"The Case"

*I ran a sub 4:00 marathon.
*My 2nd fastest marathon
*A year older and still running well
*5 minutes faster than my recent, Dec. 2010, Huntsville marathon
*I have completed 19 marathons
*It was humid and warmer than I prefer, but I ran a good race.
I am happy, really I am, 
BUT ...
 I ran 3:51:40 and I needed 3:50 to qualify for Boston again. 
My recent goal has been to BQ again on a non downhill course (I BQ'ed at St. George)  The Snickers marathon has been on my list for a while now.  I was excited about the possibilities.  It's a mostly flat course, with minor rolling hills throughout the course.  It's a GREAT course, and GREAT marathon.  I would highly recommend it if you are trying to run a FAST marathon.  In Dec., I looked at the weather the past 5 years in Albany, GA on the Snickers 26.2 race days.  Each year it was in the 40's to start the race.  Woo Hoo...perfect - I signed up!

2011 when we exited the car at 6:30 am, 30 min before the start, it was 58 degrees.  It was mid 60s by 10:00.  The weather was humid.  Not great racing weather for me, but prior to the race, I thought, and hoped I could run well.  Yes, it was humid, but it was not extreme heat.  I thought I could do it.  I wanted to do it.  I fought for it, late in the race, I tried to shift gears, but I was out of gas. 

1. 8:50 - had planned to go out around 9:05 for the first 2 miles, but after speaking with the pacer for the 3:50 pace group, I decided to keep them in my sight.   I didn't want to run in the pace group because it makes it difficult to run the tangents.  That was a good decision because this course has a lot of turns and curves.  
2.  8:51
3.  8:36
4.  8:49
5.  8:47
6.  8:45
7.  8:46
8.   8:27
9.   8:37
10. 8:36
11. 8:39
13. 8:36
14. 8:42
15. 8:52
16. 8:41
17. 8:49
18. 8:48
19. 8:51
20. 8:48
21. 8:47
22. 8:58
23. 9:16
24. 9:17
25. 8:57
26. 9:07
.3 - 2:41

If you picked one of the miles, and I ran slow for that mile, I apologize.   I did turn my thoughts to each of you, and appreciated what you have meant in my life - family, blogger, or local friend.  I thank you!   

So I will look back at this weekend with fond memories, with fun friends.  I appreciate all of the support.   I enjoyed this marathon, and would love to run it again with normal Albany temps.  I hope that our travel group will get together again for future road trips.   We had a FUN filled weekend, each fulfilling our passion to RUN.  Dawntherunner had a SUPER "comeback" race, and finished 1 minute away from her PR, and I believe this is her 11th marathon.   Terri was running her 3rd marathon, and finished 2 seconds away from her PR, and Vicki ran the half, and came in 2nd in her age group.

Stop reading here if you like the happy fairytale ending.  Read on if you want reality.

(Just like I "tried to run 3:50 and didn't succeed, I tried to "spin" the weekend into a total 100% positive - this time,  I can NOT.   If I'm being totally honest and "real" with my readers (whoever you are),  I will also look back at this race with 1 regret.  (I know, I know regrets are a total waste of time)  Normally, I can turn a race into a total positive - not this time.   This race had MANY positives, but this one will haunt me because I didn't BQ again.   I was in shape to do it.   I have the ability to do it, but it did not happen this weekend, or I did not make it happen this weekend.   I REALLY wanted to BQ again before the new times are implemented.   So as happy as I am about the weekend, as FUN as it was, as well as ran,  and as HARD as I try to spin it 100% positive -  this time, I can NOT.  It is what it is, the weekend is done, but this result will likely make me "mad enough" to "really start training")  
:) :)  (joke)    
I will correct the regret at a future date and time.    

2 weeks - no running -  and then time to make some plans.
I take this time to honor my body for doing what it does for me.  I take this time as a mental break.  I take this time as a physical break.  
I will come back healed and refreshed.
I'll be back, and I'll be on a mission to replace the regret with revenge.  :) 
I haven't reached my FULL POTENTIAL YET - I just feel it!

As always - thanks for reading and have a GREAT week.


Saturday, March 5, 2011