Tuesday, October 16, 2012

plotting the next 24 wks

I'm back at it !  after the TOU marathon, I took 10 days off from running.  During the downtime, I did some walking and biking and not much else in the "body movement" department.  typical, my waste expands, leading me back to increased intensity.  in addition to the circumference of my waste, I just like some intensity.   I'm not good at "just running" day after day.  what can I say, I bore easily.

currently, I'm gradually adding a little intensity back into the mix.  I'm not on a "schedule" of any sort, but just adding a little quality to the mix, and deciding week by week, day by day, what I will run.   The quality running has included the following:
Oct 5th -Harvest Hustle -  a 5 mile race as a "true" tempo run - 1st quality run, post TOU.
 the goal - 5 miles at 8:00ish pace
the result - 5 miles @ 7:53 avg pace - 7:54, 7:55, 7:56, 7:52, and 7:48
at the 6PM start time it was a little warm, but the temp was dropping fast.  the humidity wasn't bad, making it a great evening for a tempo run, and visit with local friends.  this race also had a 5k, so that split the field of runners giving me an advantage.  I ended up winning the race and winning a $30.00 gift card and I also scored a $25.00 restaurant gift certificate - nice!  happy to be back at it.   also pleased with a solid "come-back" tempo run,  even splits, and the final mile being the best mile.  Happy ME! 

Oct 14th - I signed up for the Gulf Coast half Marathon - Mandeville, LA last year when they were offering a discount that "happyfeet26.2" just couldn't resist.  Later,  I decided on the TOU for my fall marathon, so the 13.1 mile race was NOT going to happen.  However, a distance runner can always "use" some distance in their life - racing or not.   I had a 3 AM alarm which I did not like.  In addition, I did not like the thick air that rudely greeted me as I opened the door.  70ish degrees, and 90something % humidity is not fun.  Not only is it not fun, humidity is just HARD on my body.   My goal for the race was an 8:30 avg pace, training run++.  I thought this was doable.  I mean really, I ran a full at 8:31 avg pace, surely I can run a solid training, half marathon at full marathon pace?  the answer was NO, and I'm totally fine with that.  Today was not about pushing beyond my limits, today was about covering some miles with a little quality - I did that!  
One of the highlights of the day was getting to see,  and run for a few minutes with Lonny.  It's been a few years since I've seen him.  We correspond from time to time with run chat, so it was nice to communicate in person.  the only problem - by this time - I was already feeling the effects of the humidity.  Lonny "took off" after our brief chat, and  with 8 miles done, I decided that 8 miles @ 8:28 avg. was enough for this day.  I made the decision to "shut it down" and jog in.  It still wasn't easy at the slower pace.  I finished the day at 1:56:13.   Finished 8th of 103 in my division.  (8:48 avg pace on garmin).  I left Mandeville with a sore body.  with the exception of my quads, my body felt more "inflamed" after this fast training run (my typical training run would be 9:00-9:30 avg) than after TOU.
the difference - HUMIDITY !  It just hurts my body!   

24 weeks - you must be asking, is she insane?  some who know me personally will quickly answer with a "YES, yes she is insane ."

next week, we will be 24 wks away from Boston 2013.  will I be doing a 24 wk marathon plan?  NO !  I would never make it.   My fall/winter plan does involve a high number of races.  I will evaluate as I go along.  Some will be "races", some will be "training runs", some will be "tempo runs", some may be "fast finish long runs".  with the recent warm and humid race, I can tell you this..... I will be racing based on the weather.

the 24 wks?   It looks like this:

Nov 3rd - Senior Bowl 10k - maybe - if weather is right, and I "get ready" in time.  I won't be 100%, but can use it as a solid tempo run in preparing for

Nov 24th Stennis half marathon - again - only if the weather is "on my side".  would like to "race" this one, if I feel I'm ready, and if the weather is "ginny right"

Dec. 8th - Madison half Marathon - totally depends on what happens on Nov. 24th.......

Dec 29th - Steam Whistle 12k - just because it's tradition - may be a tempo, may be a race.

Jan 5th - Blue Half Marathon -Jackson, MS this is not the official beginning of my Boston training, but this race will serve as a "hilly half" which I need.  I need to race more often on hills.  I typically "race" flat and fast - chasing PRs, so I have little experience on racing hills.

Jan 20th - LA (baton rouge) half marathon - signed up long ago - will go as training run.  

Jan 26th - Oh What A Beautiful Day to Run - 5 mile - I may help Terri with this race, or I may race it or tempo run it, depending on my schedule this week.

The end of Jan. will be my official start to Boston Training !!!!!

Feb 17th - Mercedes Half Marathon - Birmingham, ALthis is another half on the schedule to get some hill training.  The fun thing about this one - some friends have decided to get together and ride the train to Birmingham, stay overnight, run the race, hop on the train home.  just be a super weekend with friends......toot , toot !

March 9th or 15th - maybe a 5k to evaluate Boston training - maybe not......

March 23rd - Azalea Train Run 10K - walk, run, fast or slow - I plan to be at this race.
(streak - 1986-2012)

April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon - thank you Soccer Locker & City Runners - (wouldn't be going in 2013 without your generosity)

Note - I'm not totally crazy - I'm not! ha ha
 - this is just a basic outline of what I may,  or MAY NOT do.  I will NOT be "racing" at most of these, but would like to do some half marathon racing this fall/winter.

Looking forward to some "good weather" racing this fall/ winter.