Sunday, October 31, 2010

I have a running problem!

 Sat. I had a 19-20 mile run planned.  The plan for the week was to end with 70 miles, and have Sunday off from running.  I use the  “I Just Ran” app on FB, and noticed after my Sat run that I had 248.72 miles for the month of Oct.  Yikes, what now?  250 would be nice, a new record high for me, and I may never get this high again.  I asked the question on fb, and of course it was unanimous to go for the 250.  It’s just 1.23 miles after all.  A good way to stretch out the legs after a 19 miler, right? 

So then I look at the weekly mileage and I have 71 miles, so if I add the 1.23 miles or 2 miles to make it even, then I am very close to 75 miles for the week, a new high, also.  What to do, what to do?  I posted the 2nd question on fb, and my enabling friends suggested I go for the 4 miles.  I enlisted the help of a friend to help with a slow 4 miler, and Vicki volunteered.    So we did it.   It was a sunny beautiful run and it was nice to stretch the legs out. 
(Thanks to my fb friends for the encouragement)

New personal records:
This week - 75 miles
This month - Oct. – 253 miles

I will honor my body with a day off on Monday, instead of Sunday.  Thank you body, for carrying me through my insane quest, to a new high.

Sat. long run data:
1st 6 miles – 9:20 pace
12 miles – 8:47 pace
1 mile c/d @ 10:30 pace
Avg. for 18 miles was 8:59 pace

This was the first real test of my training this cycle, and testing the higher mileage. 19 miles - the goal was to run 12 @ MRP (marathon race pace - 8:45) First 6 on rolling hills - 9:20 avg, 12 @ 8:47 avg pace - just west of Epley to USM, 1 mile c/d @ 10:30. 18 miles - 8:59 avg. Ran on the flat asphalt trail to "up the odds" of hitting my goal, but this run was NOT easy. If I'm being honest, it was a little tougher than it should have been for 12 miles @ MRP, on a flat course. Currently, I'm sticking with the plan, and hoping my body adjusts to the higher mileage, and when I get to the taper I will reach a new level of fitness. I feel good as far as handling the mileage, but I think my key runs should be a little faster and a little easier, considering the mileage. I started this as an experiment. I may be too old experienced for the higher mileage, but I'm not giving in yet. I want to go through with the full test, and then evaluate. Chad even mentioned it may take 2 marathon training cycles for my body to adjust to it....YIKES! (I could totally see that may be true, BUT) I dunno about that.... to be continued...

 Thankful that I am healthy, and able to go after silly, meaningless goals.

 I'm also thankful for friendly dogs.  I hate I couldn't get a good pic of him.  He was a cutie X 10.  If he was a mean dog, I would have been toast.  He came running up behind me at high speed, but it was all good.  He wasn't to sure about my camera.  I snapped a couple of bad shots, and then he ran home as fast as he ran up behind me.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Tidbits of Excitement!

*Auburn beat LSU on Sat.  I'm lovin' it!  War Eagle!
* tonight my shows come on - Desperate House Whores Wives and Brothers & Sisters - love em!  (yes, I have a fairly boring life and this IS my excitement)  (I love my basic life)
*65 mile wk - sweet!  lovin' it!
*5k Fri night (Oct 22nd)- 23:56 - that would be an astounding 3 seconds (woo hoo) speedier than my last 5k. (ha ha) I'm getting faster ladies and gentlemen!
I won me a big ole pumpkin at the 5k

* iced after the 5k to get ready for Sat. am (Oct. 23rd) - 17.5 on hills with Kily and Audrey who both love to push the pace - avg pace 9:15 - last 4.5 miles - 8:51, 8:42, 8:50, 9:18, 4:18 - at this point in the game, I'll take that!  (iced again)
*last Sat. (Oct 16th - 1 wk after the 26.2 mile training run) I had a sweet little tempo run.  8:34 avg for 10 miles - 5 mile tempo @ 8:11.  I'll take that too!

*I have a yard with WAY too many daylilies that looks something like this in the spring:

The precious Lil Cat!
Sorry - I got carried away with sharing the pics.  I have so many pretty pics,  it's hard to decide which ones to show you.  Just one more. ( I do not speak the truth)
the precious Winkie!
Back to the excitement list.
*yes the daylilies are my babies, but I have too many, and they are work.  So the excitement - today, I finally fertilized everything in the yard, and about 10 min after I finished, it rained with more rain tonight,  I HOPE!
Sorry, if you have already seen some of these babies, but flowers are pretty over and over, and flowers with kitty cats - well who could complain about that?
Back to running:
* I headed back to the track this week.  LOVE IT!  Audrey, Susan, Katie, and Kily joined me with others on the track who I do not know.  Anyway, a nice comeback after wks of hill repeats (Honeysuckle hills) this summer/fall.  Tues. night, we ran 4 X 800 and 8 X 200 with 1 mile w/u and 1 mile c/d.  
Didn't I mention that I'm dual training?  Yes, I have the Yasso's 800 for marathon training, and to top it off some 200s for 5k training.  I know!  It's crazy and unorthodox, but hey, that's what Ginny wants to do this fall so... that's what Ginny is doing.  And to top it off, lets add on record high mileage this wk of 70 miles.   Let's not even discuss the reckless 5k Fri night and the long run on Sat.  (honestly after icing, I couldn't tell that i had run the 5k on Sat., when I ran long, but I know it's NOT smart.  But....I ran smart for several years in trying to get to Boston, so now I'm pushing the limits.  Yes..... I like it and yes, I'm having fun with it.  Don't copy this training's crazy!  But I LOVE IT!

* I want to give a shout out to Dawn, and wish her an EXCELLENT race and trip to DC this wk.
*The next 6 wks will be GRAND - 3 - 70 mile wks to come - if I survive them.
*2 half marathons-  hoping for 1 FAST one.
*hoping I can fit in 2 more 5ks before Rocket City, and hoping I can improve more than 3 seconds each time.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Madison, MS Run For Life Marathon - training run

MissZippy has a cool giveaway going on here

This week my long run was a LSD (long slow distance) run in Madison, MS @ The Run For Life Marathon.  Madison is a little over 2 hours from home, so Fri., Terri and I headed out with a plan to do a little shopping.  I am not much of a shopper, but I can get excited about a trip to Academy Sporting Goods anytime.  As I headed out, I stopped to check the mail, and to my surprise, I had a coupon for Academy....SWEET!  Let's Shop!

First we went to pick up our packets, then we drove the race course.  We were starting to get a little nervous about the hills in the early part of the race, but all of the sudden the course flattened and stayed that way for several miles, maybe even for half of the, half marathon course (the marathon is a 2 loop course - which I am not the biggest fan, and about 1/2 hills and 1/2 flat - maybe????)

After driving the course we headed to Academy.  Success!  Nike yoga pants for winter, Nike visor for running, and stocked up on Accel  gels.  I have been using Gu for years, but in the spring I started experimenting with the Accel gels.  I can't say that I can tell any difference, but the Accel gels have protein in them.  I have read several times recently that the protein can aid in muscle recovery while you are running.   I have no idea if it's true or not, but just in case, I will likely continue with the protein gels.

Terri stayed with a friend, and I headed to the hotel early Fri evening.  Let me just say, I carb loaded for, I'm sure, a 50 mile race.  The dinner of choice, cheesy bread and fig newtons (don't judge - the cheesy bread worked at St. George)
Race start time 7:00 am
Race temp just before race time 57 degrees.

1st loop
You see the "training run" in the title.  So the goal today was to run slow, take pics, and have fun.  I had mentioned prior to the race that I would run around 10:00 min pace, but that was flexible.    So around mile 1, I asked a runner what her goal was for today, and she said 4:30.  Great!  So we talked and ran together until around mile 12.  She is from Columbia, MS (about 25 min from me).   This was her 2nd marathon, and her first was 8 years ago @ Disney.  Around mile 12, she needed to stop to stretch (she has some IT band issues).  So I continued on my way.   We were at 10:20 avg. pace.  I started picking it up a little, but then decided to wait until the half to pick it up.  So I hit 13.1 with an avg. pace of 10:20. 
 the 2nd loop - yes, now - a solo training run
We Interrupt this story for a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE.....  I just looked at the results, and I won Masters and won $250.00.  SWEET!  When I left today, they only had the top 3 overall men's and ladies results.  I noticed that if I had "raced", I could have possibly placed 3rd, IF I had a really good day.  (it pays to be old, and  run VERY SMALL marathons).  Didn't think anything else about results until this evening.  I wanted to see if I could find the results for my new friend to see how she finished the race.   Shock and SURPRISE :)  The funny thing is, I came out much better to have run slow and won the Masters ($250) vs $100 for 3rd overall female. 

It's amazing how good you feel when you run slow in a marathon.  I felt really good, up until about mile 22-23ish.  Then it was like any other marathon - tough to finish.  And why is that??  It should have been no problem to finish this one, but it was hard.  Is that just mental or what?   I ended up picking it up enough to average 10:05 for the whole 26.55 miles, yep, 26.55.  Official time 4:27

After the race, I made my way over to the FOOD.   They had Chick Fil A.  I think that is a Southern thing, but anyway it's a fast food chicken place.  Most of my friends and family LOVE IT.  I have never understood the love affair with the Chick Fil A.  The times that I have tried it, it's a greasy, fried, chicken sandwich.  At first I told them no thanks, but then I walked back, and decided chicken actually sounded good.  Slowly, I made my way to some shade.  It was around the mid 80s by my finishing time.  Thank the Lord the humidity was much lower today than normal for MS.  (real feel around low to mid 90s).  Any-who...I DEVOURED the chicken sandwich.  It was YUMMY!  I think it had been sitting around long enough for the bread to absorb some of the grease, but it was still warm.  lol!  It's funny how food tastes so much better when you are really hungry.

I ended up with 27 miles today, and 49.5 miles for the week.   Not sure if the LONG training run will pay off, or do me in, but today, after ice, I'm feeling good.  Will see how if goes in Dec.  Either way, I won $$'s, and that's a GOOD thing.  Hee Hee  Next week will be a recovery/ "step back" wk with lower mileage.

Terri - ended up with a good half marathon.  She is having knee issues and listened to her PT who recommended NOT pushing it.  She is running the full marathon San Antonio in Nov.  She ended up 7th in her age group out of 54.  Terri's older sister, Tracie, came in 3rd overall female for the half.  Tracie will be running NYC this year.  Another local, Michelle, won 1st place in her age group, and will also be running NYC. 
Fun times in Madison, MS

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prayers and Funnies!

First I would like to ask my blogger friends who pray, to pray for a dear friend who lost her Mother to cancer this week.  She has been on my mind a lot this week and many previous weeks as she graciously helped her Mom through chemo, sickness, and dying.   Pray that she and her family will find peace in knowing that her Mom is no longer suffering.

The funnies - (ha ha)
*the night, or 2nd night after posting my last blog, I was in bed watching tv.  Suddenly it occurred to me that not only did I use the incorrect grammar on my last post, which I had intended to do,  but I misspelled it too, ha ha.  (if you read it after I corrected it, I had originally put - "ant life grand", instead of ain't life grand)  Too funny!  You have to laugh at yourself, and if you read it prior to my edit,  I'm sure you had a laugh too.    In addition to giving you a laugh,  I was assisting in keeping the typical stereotype of "Southerners being ignorant", alive and well.  ha ha
Really, in the South, there are many SMART people, don't judge by MY posts.  Ha Ha

*so I'm running this morning, the hubs was so sweet to drop me off up the road so I would be able to run with the wind at my back.  (more often than not, I will not do this because I think training with "what the weather gives you", is good race day prep, but today I decided I wanted the wind at my back.  Hey, I raced a 5k yesterday, and I have a full marathon training run coming up, so running with the wind at my back sounded good to me.)  Back to the funny part, so I am running along in the dark and some cars are approaching.  I am running on a 4 lane road which has a nice wide shoulder.  Perfect for running. (see pic below, but imagine it DARK) 
In the darkness I see what I think is a large piece of tire.  I jump, to go over it, and as I'm in the air, I realize it's skid marks on the road.  Ha Ha Ha!  I'm sure the approaching cars where thinking look at that drunk fool, running in the dark and jumping around. 

The funnies - (weird)
So I've been running for like 24 years (eeekk).  I have read many times about breaking your runs into small portions and that really make them more manageable and doable.  Through the years, I have tried to implement this, but it has never worked for me.  I often wondered how people trick themselves into just thinking about only that segment, when many other segments will follow.  All of the sudden,  it has actually worked for me a couple of times this fall.  Today, I had 18 miles, which I broke down into 6 mile segments.  It really worked.  Not sure why, but now with the  miles increasing, it's pretty easy to think about a 6 mile run, and think....6 problem.  Weird, right?  Hope it continues to work for me.

Ran another 5k this weekend.  This one was a true 5k - 3.10 miles.  The official results - 23:59 (23:55 Garmin)  hee hee, finally, officially on an accurate course, SUB 24.  So silly, I know, but it makes a difference to me.  Still hoping to see some larger improvements in my 5k performance this fall.  I know the higher mileage/ marathon training is holding me back from 5k improvement, but still hoping for a late fall jump in my 5k times.  It can happen, I know it can.

Next weekend will be the Run For Life 26.2 mile training run in Madison, MS.  I will take it nice and slow, walk when I want, and take pics along the way.  I enjoy racing, but I really enjoy relaxing too.  It will be hard, but FUN.  Also next weekend, my local friend Terry, will be heading to Chicago for the marathon.  Hope he, and all the bloggers heading to the windy city will find cool temps & low winds, or "the wind at your back."
Ending the week with 65 miles.  Iced after the 18 miler this am, and feeling good today.