Monday, December 27, 2010

Back at it and LOVING IT!

Currently I have had 4 easy runs since Rocket City 26.2,  and will run another easy run today.  I am feeling great.  Just easy running for now, but REALLY looking forward to training with intensity again.  I will run the Steam Whistle 12k this Sat., Jan. 1st, and that will be my first run with any intensity to it.  I really do not have a plan for the 12k, and will just run by feeling that day.  I will run with intensity and see what the day brings.   I will run 3-4 days prior to the 12k, but will limit those to easy running. 

Christmas morning I headed out for a rainy 6.5 mile run.  I was determined to start the day with a run.  It went something like this....
This is how it's done BQ or Die (ha ha) 45-50 degrees and windy
Thanks Linde (my sister), for taking the pics.  She came to rescue me from the rain, but I was have having such a great day, I decided to finish the run.  I asked her to take a few shots so that I could pick on my blogger friend, Chris K.  (just kidding Chris).  Mom recently got rid of her treadmill so it was the road, or no run.   Plus, I am not good on the mill, but I do believe it's great mental training and discipline to get those longs runs in, on the treadmill.  
It ended up being a GREAT run.  One of those days you remember.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yippie - my bloggie gift arrived!

Total Excitement today!
When I read Lindsay's post on Tues. (a blog I'm always sure to read), I wondered if she might have my name.  I wondered because I had not received my gift.  Was totally excited about the possibility of the "raise your ade" CD heading my way. 

Package arrives with a SC addy, yep it's my friend Lindsay.  
Quickly open the package to find total awesomeness.
 A Plametto hand towel as a souvenir of South Carolina,
A 26.2 towel for my training, and a totally awesome piece of art.  The  Christmas ornament says BOSTON
2010 with the cute Boston 2010 logo.  

So clever, creative, and artistic.  Yes, I'm jealous of all three because I have none of those talents.  Thanks Linday!  I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple of years.  You keep me entertained, and inspired.  
Love my bloggie secret Santa gift - THANKS!
and once again, thanks to Jill for pulling it all together.

About the running?  So I went to my Mom and sister's house last weekend for a Christmas party and totally, over indulged. (duh) I couldn't take it any longer.  Yes, Christmas day was supposed to be my next run, but Christmas came early in my world.  Hubby totally surprised me with an IPAD.  
Now let me explain a few things.  The past couple of years, we have not been doing much of anything for Christmas.  We both have Christmas all year long.  Chad with his tournaments, and me with my running adventures, and running toys, well, let me just say we are blessed and spoiled.  
(no children, by design, so we spoil ourselves, lucky me in soooo many ways)

Next, I am NEVER on the front end, or even in the middle of a technology curve.  Typically, by the time I get something, everyone else is moving on to something new and better.  So this year, I have this year's HOT gift item.  SWEET!  
Thanks Chad!  I LOVE the Ipad, but I love you so much more.

...back to the running.  Yes, I said I would take 2 weeks off after Huntsville, and typically, I do just that, but remember the Christmas party, ahhh, yes the Christmas party with desserts galore, and my inability to control myself.  Yes, a dessert buffet after a big bowl of delicious gumbo, well, actually 2 bowls of gumbo.  

My Mom and sis can cook!

So this past Tues. was the day.  I couldn't take it any longer, waaayyy to many calories being consumed to be taking time off from running at this time of year.  Tues., I headed out for a 5 mile run with Amber.  It was a little on the warm side, I was huffing and puffing, and loving every minute of it. 

Today, another 5 mile run with my beloved Ipod.  

Music in my ears, music to my heart, music to my soul.   

Merry Christmas to you, 
Merry Christmas to me!
Heading back to my Moms house on Fri. for 2 more days of celebration and feasts galore.  
Then I'm back on track.  I have some goals for 2011, and they DO NOT include an expanded booty, and a larger pant size.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh yes!  Typically, I try to take 2 wks off from running after each marathon.  It's my way of saying thank you to my body and mind for getting me through another training season.  I like to let my body heal and give myself a break from the training.    During this time, I will do some other type of exercise for 30 minutes each day.  I can't seem to talk myself into biking in the cold, and I do not have a trainer for the bike, no access to a gym, so most of the time it ends up being a 30 walk.  This week has been nice because each day I have walked with my hubby.

The race was on Sat. and by Sun. night, I was already craving a run.  That's a nice feeling, especially so soon after the race.   Yesterday,(Thurs., after Sat. race), as my hubby and I were driving around completing "work errands", I mentioned my craving an I-POD run.  Yes, I missed my 4 hour session on marathon day, and it has left me craving a long run with my MUSIC.  

I can't help it, yes, apparently I'm addicted to more than running (duh).  

I'm suffering from music withdrawals too.

Christmas Day is supposed to be my next run, but I think Christmas may come early in my world.  

 Jennifer and I, just out the door of the hotel and ready to race.
early in the race - "serious racing" or was it serious misery (no music) ???
(it looks like I'm missing a tangent and bummed about it.  Looks like I can see the tangent, but can't "run it" in the group) 
Ha Ha!
(very happy to see my arm at roughly 90 degrees.  I have been working ALL SUMMER and FALL to lower my arms and keep my thumbs down - it's been tough!)
Notice the arms getting a little higher and yes, swinging across the body....fatigue urgh!
  Look at the positives....thumbs still down - yay!
I did it!  Yes!  I didn't let the "no I-POD thing"  "get me."  Immediately after this race, I felt REALLY, really BAD.   Typically, I go straight for the water, gatorade, then hit the food table...yes, stop running, and go eat.  On Sat.,  I felt BAD.  I had some water and gatorade,  and headed straight to the room.  My legs felt really bad, so I headed up to the room for an ice bath.  The first round, I didn't have enough ice, but after sitting in the cool water for 10 min., I immediately felt better.  I went back to the ice machine, reloaded, and went back in the ice for 10 more minutes with my coffee this time.  After I finished, I felt much better.  During this process, Jennifer called and gave me her excellent finishing news, and she was already at the massage tables.  That sounded like a GREAT plan, so I headed down for a quick massage. 
We celebrated that night with my favorite.... PIZZA!  It was so delicious!

READY to run, but trying to wait.......

Wishing all of bloggerland a very 
Merry Christmas!
Hope you get some cool new running gadgets!

My blogger gift has been mailed, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival from my secret blogger gift.  
(thanks Jill)

Up next - the year in review, and looking toward 2011

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rocket City 26.2 RR (Huntsville, AL)

Rocket City Marathon
Division - 22/65
Overall 465/1148

Good weekend in Huntsville even though.....

7 -10 days prior to the marathon the Huntsville Track Club started escalating the info., and the intensity about NOT wearing I-pods in the race.  The no I-pod logo moved to the top of the homepage, and each email seemed to have more information about not wearing I-pods.  They said you would be "pulled off the course and DQ'ed."  At a recent half marathon, it was reported the HTC,  DQ'ed 20-30 runners  (not sure if that's true or not).  When I signed up, I was aware of the no i-pod comment, but most races have that comment on the website for insurance purposes, and rarely is the "no I-pod rule" enforced.  
Going into the race, I felt I had a chance to BQ again (Boston qualify), so I decided I would not risk being DQ'ed.  (had I known I would be so far off my BQ number, I would have certainly taken the risk to be DQ'ed)  Before the race, as Jennifer and I discussed NOT wearing our Ipods, she mentioned, "maybe you will find that you like it"  I told her that I seriously doubted that would happen.  Music is a HUGE part of my running enjoyment.  It's like visiting an old friend each time I'm on a run and hear a song I haven't heard in a while.  It's also like meeting new friends when there is a new song that inspires me to pick up the pace, or just "puts me on cloud nine".   

As I predicted, the day was LONG!  I did not enjoy the race as I normally would.  I started with a pace group for several reasons.  The one other time that I tried it, I enjoyed it, (except for the pacer was going too fast).  Another reason I joined the pace group was because of the no I-pod rule. I wanted the company of other runners to chat with, but mostly to listen to, as I ran.  My 3rd reason was because it was a windy day.  The wind was out of the South, and we had a 5-6 mile stretch that headed into the South wind.  My plan was to be in the back of the pace group so the group would protect me from the wind.  One of the big problems with a pace group is you do not have the freedom to run the tangents as you normally would.  This created an immediate problem.  The other issue is some pacers do not "pace" evenly.    After the 1st couple of miles our pacer started picking up the pace, I stayed with the group for a while,(too long), but eventually let them go.  When I let them go, I was on the windy section of the course.  I couldn't find anyone running the same pace, so not only was I running with no protection into the wind, I was also running solo - WITH NO TUNES in my ear.  Brutal!   Many times during the race, I thought to myself - this is NOT fun.  I was actually a little shocked to find out just exactly how important my music is to my enjoyment of running.  I already knew music is very important, but now I know EXACTLY what it means to me.  

I ended up running 3:56 for the day.  I wanted to run 3:50 or better, but this is my 2nd fastest marathon time, so I feel fortunate to end the day with that.  I finished with the Garmin @ 26.39 - tangents, tangents, tangents - urgh.  Obviously, Ginny WILL NOT be running Rocket City 26.2 again.  I hate it because EVERYTHING else about the race is GREAT.  The weather, the course, the organization, the shirts,  the size of the race - it's all perfect for me.  We walked out the door of the Holiday Inn at 7:50, walked about 30 yards to the start line of the 8:00 race.   I loved the convenience, the organization, the post race massage - all GREAT! 

So if you are not an "I-poder" - in other words if you are a "real runner", a "purist runner",  I would highly recommend this one.  

It was a fun weekend, even though the whole I-pod thing messed up my race experience.  Jennifer and I had a GREAT time.  Jennifer PR'ed by 21 minutes in only her 2nd marathon.  So excited for her!  She ROCKED IT!  

Overall, it was a good weekend.  I am still disappointed by the no I-pod rule because this would be a race that I would go to often.  Although, I did not enjoy it as I normally would, I did experience endurance in a new way, I survived it, I endured, and I endured and ended the day with my 2nd best 26.2 mile finish.  It was a new experience, and now I know for sure that I NEVER want, or need, to do that again.    I fell off the pace at mile 17, I came back at mile 18, and then 21-26.2 fell off and went into "sub 4:00, survival mode".  Urgh!  I finished with my "C" goal for the weekend, but hey,  I'll take it!  (I've been a "C" kind-of-girl most of my life)

  I found this pic on an unknown fb entry.
To the left, face totally covered - "drinking on the run"  
Ha! Ha!
should have been more than water in that cup!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

# 18 DONE! Rocket City Marathon


Wanted 3:50, but sub 4:00 is always nice. 
Thanks for the support!

More Later

Friday, December 10, 2010

Opinions NEEDED today!

So I'm in the typical pre-marathon quandary of what to wear on race day.  Actually, most of the time, I know what to wear because most of my marathons have been on the WARM side of things.  Today, I think I know what to do, but wanted to get some "racers" opinions.  

As of this am, the forecast is as follows:

It will be mostly CLOUDY and humidity around 50%.  
36 degrees at race start with a real feel temp. of 32 degrees
For my final hour of running it will be around 48 degrees with a real feel of 44 degrees.
I mention cloudy because cloudy and 36, feels much colder to me than sunny and 36.  

So the question of the day is.....
Would you wear, shorts or tights?

So very excited to be in this particular dilemma.

(I'm very COLD-natured, except for my running.  For running I like it chilly.  So I'm excited about Sat.  Just need to figure out what to wear, ha!) 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Updated - Strong Body Strong Mind and Beautiful GoodBye!

Be sure to read the previous post before this one.

After reading my post, my friend, James, sent me the link below, from my previous post.  (I had tried to do this, but I am technically challenged, and couldn't figure out how to save it, so that I could use it.  For this post, I wanted to display it on my page, but again, I am CHALLENGED, and couldn't do it.  Please be sure to check out the link.  Hopefully, I did manage to do that right.  If not, copy and paste the web address.  :) 

(click on Inspired to see the inspired art - (thanks James)

So this evening I headed to the track to run my last hard workout before Huntsville.  In fact, it will be my last hard workout for 2011.  (taking 2 weeks off, from running, after Rocket City).  Tonight, was solo because my running partner had work/school stuff going on - can you believe she lets her work and grad school get in the way of our workout?  ha ha  After the 10 X 800 last wk, and with the race on Sat. tonight was a shorter, "just get the legs turning over" workout.  2 mile w/u, 8 X 400 at 1:47 avg. w/ 1 min recovery, then c/d to get 6 miles total for the day.  Next I headed to Serenity Yoga - a nice way to end the evening.

As I was running the final 400, like an artist painting the final strokes on a beloved painting, my ARTISTIC I-pod pulls up the perfect message in a song ....  
Beautiful Goodbye by Amanda Marshall.  
 This was the final 400 of the night, the final hard workout before Rocket City, and the final hard workout of 2010.   
Goodbye to hard workouts, goodbye to fall marathon training, and goodbye to training for 2010.

yes...a Beautiful Goodbye 
Once again I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to run, and run hard.  

Tonight, I am thankful for my health and music - You are BEAUTIFUL!

And a few more.....

Don't quit,
Don't Give Up
You Can Do Anything Your Heart DESIRES

And, just in case......
:) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Strong Mind Strong Body!

This is what I'm thinking about this week. I've done, races completed, mental prep. .....

long runs, tempo runs, hard runs, easy runs, 2 miles, 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, persistence, tenacity, perseverance, go for it, 
finish it, do it, strong mind, strong body, hills, hill repeats, track, running in the moment, friends, blessings, passion, 26.2, "totally doable damn-it"(thanks for the reminder LMC), speed work, PRs, bad days, good days, fast races, slow races, humidity, cold air, good runs, bad runs,  good days, bad days, health, 5:15 am runs, 5:15 pm track workouts, planning, pace, technical runs, mindless runs, mindful runs, yoga, weights, stretch, core work, education, green tea, treadmill - some days, dreadmill other days, nutrition, walking, rest, recovery, anticipation,desire, 3:45, work ethic, 3:50, count down, masters runner, running in the mile, fast days,  
10 X 800 @ 3:42, 
tomorrow is NOT promised, do it today!

St. George 10-09

This fall I have been using the following mantras for my long runs and races:
Strong Mind   Strong Body
Finish It!
You've worked too hard to give up now.

Hoping for a good day on Sat. for Jennifer, Bridgett, and myself.
Rocket City Huntsville, AL here we come!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Running "in the mile"

So I headed to the Stennis Space Center to run the half marathon. 
 With the cold weather prediction of upper 30s by the start time at 8:00 am, and my training this fall, I felt really good going into the race.  I was not disappointed today.  I ran 1:47:25, unofficial time.

Today was just one of those rare days.  For me, it was reminiscent of St. George.  In talking with friends after the race, for many, it was a PR day.  The course at Stennis is a GREAT PR course.  If you have good weather, it's "game on." 

The splits - (because you guys know I like the numbers and I like the details)
previous PR pace was 8:16 pace - Stennis 2009, so 8:15 was the goal for the day. Plan - start the first 2 miles a little slow, and then pick it up. 

1 - 8:08 - oops, 2 - 8:23, 3 - 8:13, 4 - 8:12, 5 - 8:16, 6- 8:14, 7 - 8:14, 8 - 8:12, 9 - 8:12, these are my favorites 10 - 8:05, 11 - 7:59, 12 - 8:01, 13 - 7:54 SWEET! .1 - 1:04
Negative split run - woo hoo - makes me extra happy :) (why I do not know)

What helped me through the run today?
* running "in the mile" - I've been working on ALL mental aspects of my running and it IS helping.  Today, I consciously made the decision to run each mile, and focus on that mile only.  In the early miles, this is not necessary because I am running so comfortably.  I can't remember exactly what mile I started this, but I think it was around mile 4 or 5.  At this point, I focused and said to myself - "just run this mile @ 8:15.  As soon as I made it to the next mile, I would do the same thing again.  It was a great feeling to be totally focused on the mile, in the moment.  Will this work every race, I doubt it, today was special.  (normally, I start the mathematical count down and as I pass each mile I think about how many miles I have left before the finish)
*In getting ready for the Rocket City Marathon, I just finished reading Running Within by Jerry Lynch.  Now let me first say, I am not an avid reader, so I haven't read tons of books, but of the books I have read about running, this one is by far the best that I have read.  If you want to work on your mental running game, it's well worth the $$s.  In this book, he gives many mental tips to survive the tough parts of racing - mantras, ideas, and tips.  The one that I focused on today was "hello fatigue - I'm busy right now, I will deal with you after the race."    Will this work every race, I doubt it, but today, it was helpful.  The book recommends acknowledging the fatigue (hello) and then making the comment above.   It was like saying yes, I am getting fatigued, but I am OK, and I can do this, and I will honor the fatigue after the race.  It worked for me today.  
* songs that helped today - where is your heart by Kelly Clarkson - when I heard the song, and that particular line of the song, it was like saying to me.  Do you have "heart" to do this, and FINISH this, or will you let this PERFECT opportunity pass you by.  It motivated me to step up.  

*Novacaine - Bon Jovi - this song came on late in the race and was perfect.
Lyrics to the chorus
I tell myself I (feel no pain)
But I'm feeling the pain (walk away)
Can't walk away
I'm hanging on the ropes of hope
It's getting hard to cope you know
When you're the needle running
through my veins
I've changed my name to novocaine

( I used the mental imagery to act like novocaine was numbing me to be able to cope and finish the race.)

Another reason I enjoy the Stennis race is typically there are some local runners who go to this race, near the coast of MS.  Today there were several, and most of them had a great day.  My sister-in-law, Sonja,  stayed at my house on Fri. night and finished her 2nd half marathon today. Jennifer ran like a 10 or 11 min PR today.  Bridgett ran a PR today.  (Jen, Bridgett, and I will be heading to Rocket City to run the full marathon, 2wks from today) Frank - was running his 1st half marathon today, and ran a great race, and came in 2nd in his age group.  Other friends at the race, Keith,Steve, Eric, Renee and Dennis, and Neil.  (Renee ran like a 29 min PR, and Neil ran a PR too)  I think most of our area runners either PR'ed,  or won a medal, or both in some cases. 

Good Day at the RACES!
 Sonja - 2nd half marathon finish today.
 Frank, Me, and Eric (thanks to Frank for the pics)
Me, Eric, and Jen
Keith, (Steve's son-in-law? sorry) Steve

 Bridgett on the left
After the race, Bridgett and I ran a couple of extra miles in hopes of helping some other runners finish the race.  It was nice to finally be able to chat with her.  She is super fast and ran like a 1:34?? -  PR today.  Go Bridgett!  Bridgett has already qualified for Boston and NYC for 2011.  Woo Hoo Bridgett!  Big Year Ahead!
Age group award - I wasn't listening, but I am told it was 1st place???

Questions that I cannot answer:

  1. why does it feel so awesome to run a pr?  For me, these days,  it’s usually only a few seconds pr, and even if it’s only a 1 second pr, it just feels different, and why is that, why does it even matter?  I do not know!
  2. why does a negative split run feel so much better than any other type of finish.  Seriously, if you finish a race @ 1:47 why does it matter how you got there?  Today, I ran a negative split and I ran a negative split at St. George, and it just feels TOTALLY different, like I’ve achieved something bigger, but I haven’t – why is this?  I do not know.
  3. why does a pr give me a high like most people drink a 6 pack of beer to get?  I do not know!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving and a Green Light!

Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers!

I've been monitoring the weather for Sat. and so far it's looking great.  If the current forecast holds it should be about 40-45 for the half marathon on Sat. at the Stennis Space Center in MS.  This race has become somewhat of a tradition for me.  After the "eat fest" on Thurs., is there any better way to spend a Sat. morning than running a half, or a full marathon?  I think not!    This year I vowed that I would NOT run it, if it ended up being hot and humid like it is some years, but so far I'm getting the "green light" for racing on Sat.  Woo Hoo!  Feeling totally pysch'ed about that!   If the weather holds, I will race it, and hope for good results.  Yes, it's a little too close to my full marathon to "all out" race it, but by now, you know my deal.  
I'm going for it because:
1.  tomorrow is not promised.
2. my running is going well and the weather will be right for Ginny, for racing this Sat.  If I "save myself" for the marathon on Dec. 11th, and the weather is hot and humid, I would have missed a perfect opportunity to put my training to the test this fall.
3.  I just can't help myself!  After the Pensacola race, I'm ready to go for it, and "finish it" under the right conditions.
4.  did I mention the Thurs. "eat fest"  Well, this is all part of the plan my friends.  With planning to "all out" race on Sat., Ginny will NOT "pig out" on Thurs.  Yes, I will celebrate Thanksgiving, and yes, I will eat too many calories, but, I will NOT eat all day until I am miserable.  Woo Hoo - now that is progress my friends.

Totally excited about the weekend.
Heading to the track tonight for 9 X 800 at 3:45 or under - LOVE IT!
Short work week!  Yay!

Notes from last week's training:
67 miles 
Tues. - 8 X 800 @ 3:43 avg. with Audrey.  Vicki and Steve joined us for part of the workout.
Sat - 20 miles @ 9:05 avg. - (leaving the Garmin running through all water stops)
miles without hydration stops averaged around 8:46 pace.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scenes from the Run - the peak of fall foliage in the South

Today I went out for a 15 mile run.  The run was extended because I kept stopping to take pictures along the way.  It is the height of the fall foliage in South MS and most likely by next week the leaves will be past their prime.  So I decided to take advantage of the beauty all around. 
My favorite of the day!
The Run - nice run on rolling hills today.  (9:38 avg pace stopping Garmin for pics).  Felt great with all the breaks to take pictures.  Also, the weather cooled making it a nice breezy comfy run.

Every fall this tree puts on a show for me to enjoy each time I run this route.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pensacola pics

 (see previous post for the first part of the Pensacola, FL story)
Still excited about the Sunday racing tempo run.  I wake up today with a new "SMARTNESS"  Another reason why I continue to have a passion for running because after years of running, I continue to learn something new.  Sometimes it's small things, sometimes it's a LARGE lesson.  This weekend was large!  So I wake up with a renewed excitement for my racing going forward.  Again, I was NOT disappointed with the Sunday half.  It was just nice to finally realize some things about my personal racing.   No matter how strong I am mentally, I can not overcome racing in humid weather.  For several years,  I had the belief that I had mental breakdowns in these races, but it FINALLY REALLY clicked for me.  VERY EXCITING to know my personal limits.  Like a weight off my shoulders.    (it was a hard lesson to learn because some people(friends) race well in the humid conditions, and I always truly believed I could "learn or train" to do it too, and I believed it was a mental thing)
It's not's physical for me.

Now to the nice pics that Ruth and Terry (Laura's parents) took along the course.  
Still celebrating Laura finishing her first full marathon.
Laura in the middle, around 24ish...getting it done!
THIS is what it's all about!
Shane, Laura, Grady, Ruth, and Terry
What a great family!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is it the mind or the body?

What a great day, NOT by my half marathon time @ the Pensacola Half Marathon, but a GREAT day with friends and family anyway. 

First the details 1:54 – 8:41 pace for the  HALF – ha ha – wuz thinking that would be close to my pace for the full in Dec.  It  CAN HAPPEN….REALLY!  (need some cold weather on Dec. 11th)

Started out running with Keith and Toby this am.  Keith and I had decided on 8:30 pace to start and then hoped to pick it up.  Reality – plan B – get on pace from the gun. 1-  8:20, 2- 8:10,  Toby took off and Keith and I stayed on pace for 7 miles.  At that point, like a good pacer friend, Keith stayed on pace, I unfortunately, started falling off the pace.   In mile 7, there is an ugly hill that I was aware of.  Leading up to the hill, we had been going downhill for what seemed like, quiet a while, to me.  When you start struggling to stay on pace, and you are going downhill…my friends that is NOT a good sign.  Finally make it up the beast, and try to get back on pace…not happening mile 8 -8:35, mile 9 - 8:38  (miles 3- 8:15,  4 – 8:13,  5 – 8:17,6 - 8:15).  At 9, I decided to “shut it down for the day”

I know this is CRAZY to some of you.  Fight to the end, right?  In my opinion, NO, not today. 
My case:
  1. it’s NOT gonna happen – the usual – too hot, too humid story.  Yes, I go into each race thinking even though the temps are warm – I am STRONG, I can overcome.  That’s why I’ve been training so hard on the physical and mental game of running.  For years, I believed it was a mental breakdown and I could learn to run in humid weather.  Today, I have decided that maybe it's not in my mind, maybe it's my body.  I have no idea which it is, but today, I have made a decision.  I will no longer show up for hot and humid half, and full marathons, thinking I’m invincible, I can overcome because I am STRONG.  Today, it finally clicked – yes, I am strong, but as much as I want to think I can overcome…..Ginny’s reality for the past 7 years, is that my body doesn’t respond to hot and humid racing.   Well, actually, it does, it says "Girl – you are crazy we are slowing this train down!"  So while my mind and my heart say Go Ginny Go!  - my body says….”I don’t think so.”
  2. I have another half in 2 wks – so instead of "beating a DEAD horse", I took the opportunity to do what I think was the smart thing today.   I had a GREAT tempo run for 7 miles, and called it a day.

I know this drives some of you absolutely CRAZY.  I know you think I “GAVE UP.”   I have a totally different opinion.  I think I was totally smart, and I am excited that I can walk way knowing I had a solid training run today.

I also had another revelation today.  When possible, I will no longer sign up early for races.  Financially, that really hurts me, I’m ALL about saving a BUCK,  but for some races, I will no longer sign up in advance.  I will wait for the weather prediction and then make my decision.   If I want to go for a training run, I will still sign up, but if my intention is “racing” I will “pick my days” for the nearby races.   

I’m a wimp!   Now in addition to using my Garmin for pacing, my gels for endurance, my Ipod to keep me sane, now I will eliminate hot and humid long races from my racing list.   (running purist, I am not, and that’s ok with me)  

The great news for today. 
My cousin, Laura finished her first full marathon.  Yay Laura!  It was a hot, hilly, humid race, but she finished it “in fine fashion,” I should say.    So today, I was able to run with Keith for several miles in the half, and I ran a few with Laura and friends during the full, and I had time to visit with my cousins, Ruth and Terry.  Great day in Pensacola with a good tempo run.
 Running with Laura

So let me have it!  I’m not scared.  Picking my weather days – sounds absurd, but that’s the game plan for some of the upcoming races (not Huntsville – will race it no matter what)

After years of thinking I can learn to run in warm and humid weather, I give! So the question is…. Do you think I’m caving mentally, or can it be that some people can’t respond to the humidity?   It really doesn’t matter which it is,  I think I have decided this old dog can’t learn that trick, and I'm ok with that!  Strive for better, but know your limits!  Today, I finally figured out my limit, and I will honor my body, mind, and soul, and accept this reality.

Note:  Take an ice bath after your long runs and races.  You will recover faster, and feel better post race.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 days 30 things

 30 days to Rocket City Marathon - yay and yikes at the same time!

1. after the record wkly and monthly can guess it....I got sick.
2. thankfully, not feel bad sick, but morning coughing that made me paranoid to train sick
3. 75 miles one wk......22 the next wk - good recovery, I suppose.
4. thankful that I did not feel bad, just each morning about 10-20 min. of coughing
5. apples, orange juice, green tea, rest, SLOW runs, airborne
6. Thurs pm - leave for Gulf Shores, AL(one of my favorite places) for the weekend.
7. Fri - supposed to be off work, but ended up on the computer all day, but I had this view - not a bad office view!
8.  Fri night - still coughing but the low is 39, and I MUST go run the 5k.
9. Sat. - I headed to Mobile, AL to run a super fast 5k/10K course - probably my favorite.
10. Senior Bowl 5k - 42 degree start - finally some 5k racing weather.
11.  Race starts, mile 1 - can't believe I can breathe at 1 mile and legs feel good. 7:38 (never feel great, at 1 mile, when it's hot and humid)
12. Run Ginny Run!
13. Try to pick it up a little, but nervous about racing and "the cough" - still have a marathon to train for.
14. mile 2 - 7:33 - go for it!
15. mile 3 - still feeling good - 7:19 - well as good as one can feel in the 3rd mile of a 5k
16. .1 - :50
17. 3.12 - 23:25 official - 23:20 Garmin
18. Excited!
19. The good things - negative split run, not 100% today,  and only 19 seconds off my pr.  Sweet!
20. Finally,  I'm confident about a better marathon - I believe in the McMillan predictions
That's why I've been working so hard on getting my 5k times down because I know my 5ks times need to be mid 23 to be in the ballpark for a good marathon time.  I need the speed and endurance, to do well in the marathon. 
21. I think I may have 2 more chances this fall to go for a pr in the 5k - only if the weather is ideal,  will I go for it. (ideal for me = COLD)
22. Hubby fished another redfish tournament this weekend.  The IFA Redfish Championship in Orange Beach, AL  He and his partner, Jay won the championship.
                                                                Jay and Chad
Hubby's been working hard for this for several years.  So proud of him!
We talk often about the parallels of his love and work at fishing, and my love and work at running/marathoning.  We are lucky to both have hobbies we love, and we understand each others passion for the sport.
Advertising time - if you need to give you hubby a nice Christmas gift, and he likes to fish, he would LOVE this -

23.  After the championship on Sunday - we left Gulf Shores and went to Covington, LA for the night.  We stayed and visited with Chad's uncle and his wife,  such natural hosts. Thanks Gaye and Mike!   (wish I had that ability.)  Monday we left Covington and drove 11 hours to Corpus Christi , TX.  
23. arrived at 5:30 pm
24. Monday night - after the 11 hours drive - stepped off the treadmill at 9:00 pm, after running 9 miles.  I went to the Corpus Christi Athletic Club.  At least I was entertained with DWTS on the TV.
25. Tues. am - up at 5:00 to start running at 5:30 - run 10 miles, shower, and back in the truck for the drive back to Covington.
26. while I was running along the bay at Corpus, Chad was picking up his new boat.
27. back to Covington, and then HOME at 11:00 pm.  Home Sweet Home!
28. up at 5:15 am to go drop Jen for her 20 mile run, and then go for my 6 mile run.
29. yoga @ 10:00 am - so needed this after all the riding and running, and  I've missed the last 2 wks
30. catch up the rest of the day, and update the blog tonight.  Now REST!

Up next - Pensacola half marathon on Sunday,  and watch my cousin, Laura, finish her first full marathon.  (weather is not going to be ideal for me, but I will go into it, to "race it", if it's not a pr day, I will "shut it down", and use it as a good tempo run for my marathon training.)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I have a running problem!

 Sat. I had a 19-20 mile run planned.  The plan for the week was to end with 70 miles, and have Sunday off from running.  I use the  “I Just Ran” app on FB, and noticed after my Sat run that I had 248.72 miles for the month of Oct.  Yikes, what now?  250 would be nice, a new record high for me, and I may never get this high again.  I asked the question on fb, and of course it was unanimous to go for the 250.  It’s just 1.23 miles after all.  A good way to stretch out the legs after a 19 miler, right? 

So then I look at the weekly mileage and I have 71 miles, so if I add the 1.23 miles or 2 miles to make it even, then I am very close to 75 miles for the week, a new high, also.  What to do, what to do?  I posted the 2nd question on fb, and my enabling friends suggested I go for the 4 miles.  I enlisted the help of a friend to help with a slow 4 miler, and Vicki volunteered.    So we did it.   It was a sunny beautiful run and it was nice to stretch the legs out. 
(Thanks to my fb friends for the encouragement)

New personal records:
This week - 75 miles
This month - Oct. – 253 miles

I will honor my body with a day off on Monday, instead of Sunday.  Thank you body, for carrying me through my insane quest, to a new high.

Sat. long run data:
1st 6 miles – 9:20 pace
12 miles – 8:47 pace
1 mile c/d @ 10:30 pace
Avg. for 18 miles was 8:59 pace

This was the first real test of my training this cycle, and testing the higher mileage. 19 miles - the goal was to run 12 @ MRP (marathon race pace - 8:45) First 6 on rolling hills - 9:20 avg, 12 @ 8:47 avg pace - just west of Epley to USM, 1 mile c/d @ 10:30. 18 miles - 8:59 avg. Ran on the flat asphalt trail to "up the odds" of hitting my goal, but this run was NOT easy. If I'm being honest, it was a little tougher than it should have been for 12 miles @ MRP, on a flat course. Currently, I'm sticking with the plan, and hoping my body adjusts to the higher mileage, and when I get to the taper I will reach a new level of fitness. I feel good as far as handling the mileage, but I think my key runs should be a little faster and a little easier, considering the mileage. I started this as an experiment. I may be too old experienced for the higher mileage, but I'm not giving in yet. I want to go through with the full test, and then evaluate. Chad even mentioned it may take 2 marathon training cycles for my body to adjust to it....YIKES! (I could totally see that may be true, BUT) I dunno about that.... to be continued...

 Thankful that I am healthy, and able to go after silly, meaningless goals.

 I'm also thankful for friendly dogs.  I hate I couldn't get a good pic of him.  He was a cutie X 10.  If he was a mean dog, I would have been toast.  He came running up behind me at high speed, but it was all good.  He wasn't to sure about my camera.  I snapped a couple of bad shots, and then he ran home as fast as he ran up behind me.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Tidbits of Excitement!

*Auburn beat LSU on Sat.  I'm lovin' it!  War Eagle!
* tonight my shows come on - Desperate House Whores Wives and Brothers & Sisters - love em!  (yes, I have a fairly boring life and this IS my excitement)  (I love my basic life)
*65 mile wk - sweet!  lovin' it!
*5k Fri night (Oct 22nd)- 23:56 - that would be an astounding 3 seconds (woo hoo) speedier than my last 5k. (ha ha) I'm getting faster ladies and gentlemen!
I won me a big ole pumpkin at the 5k

* iced after the 5k to get ready for Sat. am (Oct. 23rd) - 17.5 on hills with Kily and Audrey who both love to push the pace - avg pace 9:15 - last 4.5 miles - 8:51, 8:42, 8:50, 9:18, 4:18 - at this point in the game, I'll take that!  (iced again)
*last Sat. (Oct 16th - 1 wk after the 26.2 mile training run) I had a sweet little tempo run.  8:34 avg for 10 miles - 5 mile tempo @ 8:11.  I'll take that too!

*I have a yard with WAY too many daylilies that looks something like this in the spring:

The precious Lil Cat!
Sorry - I got carried away with sharing the pics.  I have so many pretty pics,  it's hard to decide which ones to show you.  Just one more. ( I do not speak the truth)
the precious Winkie!
Back to the excitement list.
*yes the daylilies are my babies, but I have too many, and they are work.  So the excitement - today, I finally fertilized everything in the yard, and about 10 min after I finished, it rained with more rain tonight,  I HOPE!
Sorry, if you have already seen some of these babies, but flowers are pretty over and over, and flowers with kitty cats - well who could complain about that?
Back to running:
* I headed back to the track this week.  LOVE IT!  Audrey, Susan, Katie, and Kily joined me with others on the track who I do not know.  Anyway, a nice comeback after wks of hill repeats (Honeysuckle hills) this summer/fall.  Tues. night, we ran 4 X 800 and 8 X 200 with 1 mile w/u and 1 mile c/d.  
Didn't I mention that I'm dual training?  Yes, I have the Yasso's 800 for marathon training, and to top it off some 200s for 5k training.  I know!  It's crazy and unorthodox, but hey, that's what Ginny wants to do this fall so... that's what Ginny is doing.  And to top it off, lets add on record high mileage this wk of 70 miles.   Let's not even discuss the reckless 5k Fri night and the long run on Sat.  (honestly after icing, I couldn't tell that i had run the 5k on Sat., when I ran long, but I know it's NOT smart.  But....I ran smart for several years in trying to get to Boston, so now I'm pushing the limits.  Yes..... I like it and yes, I'm having fun with it.  Don't copy this training's crazy!  But I LOVE IT!

* I want to give a shout out to Dawn, and wish her an EXCELLENT race and trip to DC this wk.
*The next 6 wks will be GRAND - 3 - 70 mile wks to come - if I survive them.
*2 half marathons-  hoping for 1 FAST one.
*hoping I can fit in 2 more 5ks before Rocket City, and hoping I can improve more than 3 seconds each time.