Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding beauty at home!

Today, I started the day with my typical breakfast ( a lot of coffee, and a mixture of oats, yogurt, raisins,  cinnamon, cocoa, banana, and honey or agave syrup)  I typically eat while checking in on facebook.  My "what's on your mind" statement on FB was me contemplating a 3.5 mile run to get 40 miles for the week, a bike ride, or a walk.  On fb, I see that Jennifer T. has posted a beautiful pic from a trial run this am.  Later, Audrey invites me to run 5 miles with her - great - but unfortunately by the time I responded, she has already gone.  Both of these things inspired me anyway.  After trying to call Audrey and missing the run with her, I decided I would get my 40 miles for the week.  I head out the door and today I bring the camera along, just in case.  As I am heading down the road, I think back to Jennifer's picture and I decide I will run on some trails near my house.  I typically run these a few times in the winter.  It's good for a 3 mile run, so I decided today would be a good day to give it a try because it's been months since I have run it.  As I enter the area, I realize someone has done some work to try to stop the area from washing so badly.  It really has improved the area tremendously and I am happily surprised by it.
First thoughts as I enter the trail - I'm really not a trail runner.  Although is seems great when I see trail pics, I am a roadrunner.  I like the occasional traffic, I like to pass by houses and manicured lawns, I like to see and visit with some of the friendly dogs along the way, that have become like friends along my routes.   As I go further on the trail I really start to enjoy the change of pace.  Today, I am playing my I-tunes instead of the radio.  I haven't listened to my tunes in a long time and it inspires me.   Again this week, as I head out the door with a great tune playing on the Ipod, I am drawn to "my long runs."  Although today is not the day for a long one, I am anxious for the upcoming fall season. 
The pic above is where my new adventure begins today.  This is usually my turning around point, but with months of erosion the area is now much easier to navigate than the last trip here.  I want to see the view from above so I head up.  At the top, I am again surprised to see they have recently worked on the area along the power lines, and it is smooth and the weeds, grass, trees, are just starting to grow back, making for excellent running today.  It won't last long, as the growth will come back quickly, but today, it is nice.
 The pic above shows where the trail ends for me today.  You can see it continues, sort of.   Most of you "real trail runners" would have carried on and enjoyed it, but for this roadrunner - scared of snakes and ticks, this is my turn around.
Everything is especially beautiful today.
You see, today, as I headed out, I wanted to get some pics for my blog.  I just wanted to cover the distance of 3.5 miles to get 40 miles for the week.  So today, I am allowed to freely stop and get pictures of anything that is pretty.  I didn't leave the house until 9:20am, so after about 1.5 miles, everything was beautiful.        (beautiful - most likely because I wanted to stop :) )  My friend, Jennifer W.,  recently reminded me of the auto pause feature on the Garmin, so I was good to stop when I wanted to.  And stop I did! (thanks Jennifer)

This flower caught my eye.  Typically on our vacations, I take a lot of flower pics, I just love the wildflowers.  Today, I am happy to see and notice this along my summer run.  It did remind me of being on a summer trip, and I was only 1.5 miles from the house.  (Becky - that is a stick on the ground - not a snake)
The descent - only about 20-30 yards (Linde - this is my kind of descent).  I think I mentioned on the New Mexico blog that I hate the "coming down" part of trails - I'm a chicken - so this one is just right for me.
Didn't really like this part of "the trail" if you can call it that.  It was overgrown and looks "snaky and ticky" to me.  I had to pick up the pace and pick up my feet more than I wanted to today.  Luckily it was a short area to go through.  I made it through with no problems.
A final wildflower from my adventure run today.  You can see for a 3.5 mile run, I took many opportunities to stop and snap a pic.  But you know what, it was a great run.  I love these no pressure, do what I want runs. (Tues. at the track will be a different story - but I thankfully - I love the "kickbutt" days too.)   By the end, I really appreciated the trail, and decided maybe I will be a part-time trail runner.

Thoughts during or after the run:
I am thankful that I have a desire to meet, or exceed my weekly running goals. (this wk. the goal was 35 miles, but I made it to 40).
I am thankful that I have a weekly mileage goal.
I am thankful for my health.
I am thankful my hubby is home.
I am thankful BP is helping us during this mess.
I am thankful my hubby is a runner too, so he understands my running.
Dang - I wore some of my newer socks today, and ran on trails - not smart.
Definitely loving the Ipod today - but I love it everyday.
 I love how the connections, through social medias, can be so inspiring.
I LOVE no pressure Sundays. -A little run, a little tv/movie time/a little blog time/ maybe an evening bike ride.


TRI-james said...

beautiful pictures.

Jennifer said...

Great post Ginny! I am happy that my little fB picture added some inspiration to your fun Sunday run! And good job getting that 40, I was happy to see you went for it. Cheers!

Robbie said...

I enjoyed your article, Gin! It looks like you had a great time and enjoyed every moment. Loved your pictures, too.

lindsay said...

way to get out for a run to round up the miles! loved the pics, looks like a tough trail to run on. i am not big on snakes/ticks/etc either... big scaredy cat :)

Running and living said...

Great job with the mileage! You are logging a lot! Awesome!

HappyTrails said...

Love the beautiful pics and love the fact that you ventured onto the trails. For me, I enjoy the peaceful solitude out on the trails - it's where I can leave behind the normal noise of life for an hour or two. Mellow, non-pressure runs are great, too, where you can stop to smell (or photograph) the flowers. Ok, I am a trail runner and snakes and ticks give me the creeps big time! Have a great week,

Petraruns said...

What a lovely and inspiring post. Love the pictures, love the trails but really love your attitude. What a thing to read on a MOnday morning - thank you. And btw - what's your FB ID? I'm Petra Duguid - friend me!

Meg said...

Your post is so peaceful and you are flying through your challenges with grace and dignity...keep running and appreciating it all.

Iron Mike said...

You are very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful run at a no pressure pace. Glad you enjoyed it!

Julie said...

Hi Ginny,
Wow, you have banked some impressive miles! I am loving all of your beautiful pictures of the trail run! I had to laugh at you being scared of too! I hated running in long grass as a little girl for just that reason! If I would see any hint of motion or hear any noise, I would freak out because I thought it might be snakes! Take care Ginny!

Scott Keeps Running said...

I love that you love to take photos during your runs. It's always great to see the different landscapes of the world.

LMC said...

I love the pix and the fact that they came from such an enjoyable run for you! I like your attitude about running and about life in general. I'm guessing that's what gets you through your training (nice mileage!) and has helped you through your recent challenges. Keep it up!

Bethany + Ryan said...

yay! i can comment FINALLY! i haven't been able to comment on your blog in forever! but i do read every post! hope i can comment from now on!!

Jill said...

I love the trails and wildflowers, too. I think the trails are such a nice mix to the everyday concrete for marathon training and just bring a new freshness to the run...that's great you are enjoying that, too...I feel the excitement in our words :). Beautiful pictures!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i am very lucky to have some nice views of the water around here for running, but i do think trail running would be a lot of fun

Kym Klass said...

You're brave :) ... I get worried if the grass in my own backyard gets too high. :)

Meg said...

What a beautiful group of pictures, it must have been a wonderful run! I appreciated your gratitude list, I have been trying to dwell on all of the goodness that surrounds me and I appreciate YOU for writing you list.