Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend racing!

 Audrey, Me, Robbie, Kent
What a great weekend!  Sat. morning started off at the JCJC (junior college) 5k.  My goal, stated earlier in the week to running friends, was to no longer see 24 something for my 5k time.  (remember 2 wks ago, I ran the Labor Your Legs and finished with a time of 24:03)  I didn't care if the time was 23:59, but just feel I should be running 23 somethings - EVEN IN THE HEAT.    At the LYL race several of my friends and I, all finished just over 24 minutes.  We talked about all trying to go under 24 at our next race.  Sat. was the day.  Come on, we are talking 4 seconds, I can do that, RIGHT?   I thought it would be a solo effort, but was happy when Audrey showed up before the race.  We warmed up, and realized THIS Sat. was warmer than the LYL race, and THIS course had rolling hills.  The LYL course was flat.   So I realized we had our work cut out for us.  I knew it would be really hard, but I also know that I am finally making a little progress each week, and hoped we could meet our goal.  Audrey was sick for the LYL race, so I knew she could do it, but not sure what the day had in store for me. (Audrey is a much more talented runner than I am, but lucky for me, she doesn't have time to train.  If she had the time to really train, we would not be able to run together at all, she would be way too fast.  I am lucky she is a busy, busy woman)  So we ran through all the turns, up and down the hills, and finished in the football stadium.  First glance at my watch and excitement fills me. 23:36 - finally the training is paying off with a nice jump in my 5k time.  Most of the time, if I have a jump in my time, I will quickly look at my Garmin to see if the course is short, but on Sat. I did not do that.  I didn't do it because my training has been going well, and I thought it was a realistic improvement.  Audrey finished around 15 seconds in front of me.  After the race we made it to the water coolers and Audrey asks "what was the distance."  I looked down and I see 3.04 - elation quickly goes to deflation.   As soon as I made it back to the house, the first thing I do is to get on the pace charts to see how my time would calculate out to a 3.1 mile course.  24:01 
Boo!  I also calculate Audrey's time, and she would have been around 23:46.  Woo Hoo! Go Audrey!  Nope, I didn't make the goal, but I am fine with it.  Next time, I will see 23 something, I just know it.  I feel it!  Just need a little cool weather.

After I showered I packed the car and headed to South LA.  I was heading to the Harvest Fest 2 mile trail run in Paincourtville, LA @ 6:00 pm.  The race was at the home town of one of my good friends from my college days at USM.  Her sister was the race director, and I wanted to go and support the race, but more than that, I wanted to go visit with Janet and Darlene.  I met my sister-in-law, Sonja, and we headed to Paincourtville.  We arrived a little over an hour before the race.  
Janet and Me
(we played volleyball @ USM a couple of years ago)
Before the race, I was able to visit with Janet,  and toured the beautiful Catholic church in Paincourtville.(in the picture below)  Also, I was able to visit with Janet's sister, Darlene, was able to finally meet the hubbies, and was able to meet many of Janet's friends and other relatives.  
When it was time, I headed off to warm up a little.  My legs were tight from the am 5k and the 3.5 hour drive to get to the race.  Ouch!  The first 20 yards were slightly painful - hammies are really TIGHT.   After warming up, my legs felt MUCH better.  

Around 6:00 pm we are getting ready to start the race.  I think this was my first attempt of off road racing.  (I could be having a senior moment, and could have forgotten earlier attempts, but think I'm correct in the statement).  We take off and the first surface we run on is grass, tall grass.  We are heading into the sugarcane field.  Everyone quickly moves into the truck and tractor ruts along the road to the field.  The first thing I notice is - I have to pick my feet up more than usual, 2nd note - this surface is soft, and I have to work much harder on a soft surface.  Of course, I have run off road many times, but for the most part, I'm an asphalt runner, and I quickly note that I am not "trained" for off road running.  We later get on a dirt road which I think will be better, but quickly note that the LA dirt is SOFT, very soft, not like the clay type dirt that I am familiar with running on.  Then onto a gravel road.  Twist my ankle a couple of times, not a hurting twist, just rough footing.  Then back to the grass and to the finish.  It was such a neat adventure.  I was thankful it was just 2 miles.  That was a great introduction to off road racing. 
Scott - photo opt after the race.
Me in the sugarcane fields of South LA
After the race we were treated to jambalaya.  Darlene's husband had prepared the delicious LA treat.  Yummy!  Later in the evening,  Sonja and I headed out, and made the drive to Galliano/Golden Meadow, LA.  The rest of the weekend was spent with hubby.  He had Sunday off, so it was a great end to the weekend.   Being lazy!


Jill said...

I think no races are exactly marked as they should be, nor do I believe Garmins are 100% accurate (in fact, I know this is true - my husband works in the satellite industry) - so I'd take your 23:36 as the official time :).

I know it's still gotta be hot and humid down there in the South .. once it cools you're going to go sailing through those 5K's with wicked speed and all your training is going to let you know. Don't get discouraged - you are so strong and driven!!

I love the pic :). It's not often we get to "see" you :). You're just so dang cute!!! Have a great week, girl!!

misszippy said...

Ah, SO close! You've got it next time. Love the way that course looks.

HappyTrails said...

Woo-hoo for off-road racing! :-) How neat to see the sugar cane fields!

TRI-james said...

Damn garmins.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Ha Ha - love that comment James. It's true, it's a spoiler.
Jill - yep, you are correct about the Garmins, but in our area it's more often a course measuring mistake than my Garmin. If it's 3.07 or 3.08, I'll go with it, if it's less, I can't go with the results. Just me, and I'm CRAZY! Thanks for the sweet comments about the pic. Definitely not discouraged, it drives me to work hard. :) It's All Good!

Julie said...

Nice work Ginny! You had a great time:) I agree with Jill...once the cooler weather sets in, you will bust out the speedy 5Ks!

Meg said...

I just loved those pictures, Ginny. I especially like the sugarcane fields! What is jambalaya?? I have a lot to learn from you :)!
Keep working towards 23 something and never give up, you'll get it!

Scarlett Elliewood said...

Sounds like a great weekend! 23 will come this fall!!

lindsay said...

Soo close! I know you are quite capable of running sub24's regularly. Wow onthe double racing, especially with a car ride in between - my legs would be stiff! Congrats!

Tasha said...

Congrats on a great race time even if it wasn't what you hoped for. You'll make it under 24:00 next time! You're my hero, speedy! That trail run course looks very fun! What a cool experience!

Robbie said...

23 minutes will be a breeze to you soon...real soon!! I can't believe you are so close. Enjoyed our Bobcat Run and can't believe you turned around and did another one. Now, this is a REAL runner!!

Petraruns said...

You're SO nearly there - and faster than the last time. AND the course was harder. And doing 2 races in one day - nice work girl!

zbsports said...

It seems that the race is great. All participant seems so determine to finish the race. Nice pictures too.