Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Tidbits of Excitement!

*Auburn beat LSU on Sat.  I'm lovin' it!  War Eagle!
* tonight my shows come on - Desperate House Whores Wives and Brothers & Sisters - love em!  (yes, I have a fairly boring life and this IS my excitement)  (I love my basic life)
*65 mile wk - sweet!  lovin' it!
*5k Fri night (Oct 22nd)- 23:56 - that would be an astounding 3 seconds (woo hoo) speedier than my last 5k. (ha ha) I'm getting faster ladies and gentlemen!
I won me a big ole pumpkin at the 5k

* iced after the 5k to get ready for Sat. am (Oct. 23rd) - 17.5 on hills with Kily and Audrey who both love to push the pace - avg pace 9:15 - last 4.5 miles - 8:51, 8:42, 8:50, 9:18, 4:18 - at this point in the game, I'll take that!  (iced again)
*last Sat. (Oct 16th - 1 wk after the 26.2 mile training run) I had a sweet little tempo run.  8:34 avg for 10 miles - 5 mile tempo @ 8:11.  I'll take that too!

*I have a yard with WAY too many daylilies that looks something like this in the spring:

The precious Lil Cat!
Sorry - I got carried away with sharing the pics.  I have so many pretty pics,  it's hard to decide which ones to show you.  Just one more. ( I do not speak the truth)
the precious Winkie!
Back to the excitement list.
*yes the daylilies are my babies, but I have too many, and they are work.  So the excitement - today, I finally fertilized everything in the yard, and about 10 min after I finished, it rained with more rain tonight,  I HOPE!
Sorry, if you have already seen some of these babies, but flowers are pretty over and over, and flowers with kitty cats - well who could complain about that?
Back to running:
* I headed back to the track this week.  LOVE IT!  Audrey, Susan, Katie, and Kily joined me with others on the track who I do not know.  Anyway, a nice comeback after wks of hill repeats (Honeysuckle hills) this summer/fall.  Tues. night, we ran 4 X 800 and 8 X 200 with 1 mile w/u and 1 mile c/d.  
Didn't I mention that I'm dual training?  Yes, I have the Yasso's 800 for marathon training, and to top it off some 200s for 5k training.  I know!  It's crazy and unorthodox, but hey, that's what Ginny wants to do this fall so... that's what Ginny is doing.  And to top it off, lets add on record high mileage this wk of 70 miles.   Let's not even discuss the reckless 5k Fri night and the long run on Sat.  (honestly after icing, I couldn't tell that i had run the 5k on Sat., when I ran long, but I know it's NOT smart.  But....I ran smart for several years in trying to get to Boston, so now I'm pushing the limits.  Yes..... I like it and yes, I'm having fun with it.  Don't copy this training's crazy!  But I LOVE IT!

* I want to give a shout out to Dawn, and wish her an EXCELLENT race and trip to DC this wk.
*The next 6 wks will be GRAND - 3 - 70 mile wks to come - if I survive them.
*2 half marathons-  hoping for 1 FAST one.
*hoping I can fit in 2 more 5ks before Rocket City, and hoping I can improve more than 3 seconds each time.


Jill said...

NEVER can have too many flower pics, you have some very beautiful lilies!! And your white kitty is just so cute :). You ARE getting so much faster, all this hard work is paying off big time. Good luck with the next few 70-mile weeks...but I know you can do it, no problem!! :)

Meg said...

I love Ginny's blog. Flowers, kitties, a smattering of race info., training info and happiness. I can't wait to follow your crazy training(you said it, not me)and see how much speedier you get.
Love you spice, Ginny!

Meg said...

Ooops, I meant to say "your spice."

HappyTrails said...

LOVED all the beautiful pics - keep them coming!
Your yard and flowers are gorgeous BUT I bet it is a LOT of work! I also LOVE the kitties! They look quite content lounging in the garden. Have a great week!

Jenn said...

Desperate House!! Beautiful yard! Everything is dead here now-frost has hit and I've cut down the plants. Blahhhhh....Wow, knocking into 70 mile weeks! Can't wait to see the payoff! Good Luck!

Johann said...

Lovely post! I am flower crazy myself and always take photos of the flowers in my garden. I'm impressed with your 5k times while pushing mileage as well.

Robbie said...

Great article. Filled with, well, everything! You are just amazing! Congratulations on your PR and your training...PLEASE be careful and don't mess up!!! (Oh, yeah, LOVE the kitties!)

Ruth Dunn said...

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny, you are awesome. Who would have thunk it years ago when you were 10 or so. I am so proud of you!!

lindsay said...

5k improvement is always good. And my life is pretty exciting as well, although I don't even have cable! Lol. Josh whines about that but so far he hasn't forced it on me. Nice pumpkin win! Love the sideboard-thing you have.

Julie said...

Hi Ginny,
Yea baby! Congrats on the speedy 5K! I must tell you that I am just a little bit 5K times this year have sucked rocks! Nice work, I am proud of you!

Lovely pictures of all of those flowers! So pretty...seeing flowers always puts a smile on my face:)

Chris K said...

You forgot the mention that the SDSU Aztecs beat New Mexico this weekend. Oh, I watch Desperate Housewives too. Plese don't tell anyone else they may take away my Man Card.

Jennifer said...

Do you love running or what!

LMC said...

You are doing an awesome job with your training and getting faster all the time! You're gonna rock your race. I love all of the pix of the lilies and your yard. Those pix remind me of our previous home in Florida, green year round. Here in NC, the leaves are turning which is really pretty too. Thanks for sharing the pix!!

keen said...

great views specially the flowers very adorable.

Petraruns said...

70 MILES! 70 MILES! YOu're amazing and it's working for ya! Who'd have thunk it! well done!