Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 days 30 things

 30 days to Rocket City Marathon - yay and yikes at the same time!

1. after the record wkly and monthly can guess it....I got sick.
2. thankfully, not feel bad sick, but morning coughing that made me paranoid to train sick
3. 75 miles one wk......22 the next wk - good recovery, I suppose.
4. thankful that I did not feel bad, just each morning about 10-20 min. of coughing
5. apples, orange juice, green tea, rest, SLOW runs, airborne
6. Thurs pm - leave for Gulf Shores, AL(one of my favorite places) for the weekend.
7. Fri - supposed to be off work, but ended up on the computer all day, but I had this view - not a bad office view!
8.  Fri night - still coughing but the low is 39, and I MUST go run the 5k.
9. Sat. - I headed to Mobile, AL to run a super fast 5k/10K course - probably my favorite.
10. Senior Bowl 5k - 42 degree start - finally some 5k racing weather.
11.  Race starts, mile 1 - can't believe I can breathe at 1 mile and legs feel good. 7:38 (never feel great, at 1 mile, when it's hot and humid)
12. Run Ginny Run!
13. Try to pick it up a little, but nervous about racing and "the cough" - still have a marathon to train for.
14. mile 2 - 7:33 - go for it!
15. mile 3 - still feeling good - 7:19 - well as good as one can feel in the 3rd mile of a 5k
16. .1 - :50
17. 3.12 - 23:25 official - 23:20 Garmin
18. Excited!
19. The good things - negative split run, not 100% today,  and only 19 seconds off my pr.  Sweet!
20. Finally,  I'm confident about a better marathon - I believe in the McMillan predictions
That's why I've been working so hard on getting my 5k times down because I know my 5ks times need to be mid 23 to be in the ballpark for a good marathon time.  I need the speed and endurance, to do well in the marathon. 
21. I think I may have 2 more chances this fall to go for a pr in the 5k - only if the weather is ideal,  will I go for it. (ideal for me = COLD)
22. Hubby fished another redfish tournament this weekend.  The IFA Redfish Championship in Orange Beach, AL  He and his partner, Jay won the championship.
                                                                Jay and Chad
Hubby's been working hard for this for several years.  So proud of him!
We talk often about the parallels of his love and work at fishing, and my love and work at running/marathoning.  We are lucky to both have hobbies we love, and we understand each others passion for the sport.
Advertising time - if you need to give you hubby a nice Christmas gift, and he likes to fish, he would LOVE this -

23.  After the championship on Sunday - we left Gulf Shores and went to Covington, LA for the night.  We stayed and visited with Chad's uncle and his wife,  such natural hosts. Thanks Gaye and Mike!   (wish I had that ability.)  Monday we left Covington and drove 11 hours to Corpus Christi , TX.  
23. arrived at 5:30 pm
24. Monday night - after the 11 hours drive - stepped off the treadmill at 9:00 pm, after running 9 miles.  I went to the Corpus Christi Athletic Club.  At least I was entertained with DWTS on the TV.
25. Tues. am - up at 5:00 to start running at 5:30 - run 10 miles, shower, and back in the truck for the drive back to Covington.
26. while I was running along the bay at Corpus, Chad was picking up his new boat.
27. back to Covington, and then HOME at 11:00 pm.  Home Sweet Home!
28. up at 5:15 am to go drop Jen for her 20 mile run, and then go for my 6 mile run.
29. yoga @ 10:00 am - so needed this after all the riding and running, and  I've missed the last 2 wks
30. catch up the rest of the day, and update the blog tonight.  Now REST!

Up next - Pensacola half marathon on Sunday,  and watch my cousin, Laura, finish her first full marathon.  (weather is not going to be ideal for me, but I will go into it, to "race it", if it's not a pr day, I will "shut it down", and use it as a good tempo run for my marathon training.)


Jill said...

Oh, I have fond memories of Gulf Shores - went there a lot when I lived in Huntsville. Have a blast and hope you're feeling 100 %!!! Nice job on the 5K, girl...yep, I think you can get that PR for sure!!! :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on the great 5K time! Run fast at the half!

Scarlett Elliewood said...

Great 5k, you are fast, madame! I hope you're fully recovered from your cold soon.

Johann said...

Agree, you are fast! Wow, that sure is a busy list of 30 things. Awesome new boat! Good luck at the half!

Petraruns said...

That's an awesome 5K time on bad health - and some pretty solid training on little sleep! Nice work there girl - keep looking after yourself and that race is going to be good!

lindsay said...

glad things have come back around for you guys since the oil spill drama (at least that's how it sounds). congrats on an awesome 5k, and to hubs on his fish award! did he win that boat? :)

Julie said...

Hi Ginny,
Wow, you have been a busy girl! Sorry to hear that you getting sick, I had a few days of not feeling the greatest too.

Woo hoo! A 5K in 23:20!!! I would of been doing a big time happy dance:) Nice job!

Good luck with the rest of your marathon training! You are going to do so well:)

Congrats to your hubby and his partner....very impressive:)

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend Ginny!

chris mcpeake said...

great 5k. good luck with the training.

Robbie said...

Great article! So much going on. Good luck on the Pensacola Half.

HappyTrails said...

You are getting that Ginny speed back! Good luck on Sunday - have a great race!!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Good luck in your half tomorrow! I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading your race review!

Anne said...

Hi I came over from Jen's are a speedy runner :) Good luck on your half today!
Congrats to your's great that you understand each other's passions.

Meg said...

Good luck on the half and I hope it's fun. Feel better, Ginny!