Sunday, February 6, 2011

My favorite week!

Sat. Feb. 12th, I will be 3 weeks out from the Snickers Marathon in Albany, GA.  If you've been following my blog, it will be absolutely NO surprise that this week of training is my FAVORITE.  It's my highest mileage week, I have my 20 mile long run, and this time, I will be racing a half marathon the last day of this week.  Obviously, the Mardi Gras half marathon is not my goal race.  

By the time I arrive in New Orleans on Sat., I hope to have 51 miles, with Tues. being a 20 mile run.   I will be "training through" this race and use the race as a "long for me", tempo run.  With that being said, I will also be racing it, with whatever I have left after this weeks training. Although, not reliable AT ALL, I have already taken a peek at the weather, and currently, it's looking great for next Sunday.   I hope the prediction holds.   As you may know from my last report, New Orleans is extra humid, so to say I'm wishing for COLD weather is an understatement.  Always the same wish....  I'm wishing for great weather for myself, but also for several friends.   I have several friends who are running their first full or half marathon, and I have other friends who will be going for serious goals (sub 4:00, sub 3:00, etc.)  It should be a GREAT day in New Orleans.  I will race the half and then hang around to see friends finish the full marathon.  

Large races are NOT my favorite, but New Orleans is different.  We always have a lot of runners from our area head down to the Big Easy to run the race.  It's fun to be around friends who share the passion for running, or who are attempting their first half, or full marathons.  

This past wk was a step back week so I should be rested and ready for the upcoming challenges this wk.  I will be extra busy work wise and tax wise, so that will create an added stress this week.  I will avoid the long, drawn out, "taxes rant" and just leave it at...what a waste of time and money.  My goal this week is to focus on one day at a time.  If you haven't tried this, it REALLY, really helps me and maybe it will help you too.  If I think about all of the work I have to do and I think about 65 miles, plus fitting in some yoga, lifting weights, etc., it quickly becomes overwhelming.  Even as I type this, I'm's too much, how will I fit it all in.  So what I choose to do, is look at my "day timer". 

(yes, I'm old fashioned, and use a paper day timer, what can I say, I like paper.  I like to write down what I have to do, I like to read it on paper, and I like to check it off.  I also like to write in my mileage, my workouts, etc.  So archiac....yes, that's me.  While I love my computer, my Ipad, etc., I still have a love affair with paper - don't judge!)

I look at the day timer for Monday.  Work will be somewhat busy, but not as bad as later in the week.  I have an 8 mile run, and I want to lift weights.  Ok, I can do that!  I'm not looking at the rest of the week.  My focus is Monday, and it's very doable.  Yes, Monday will be a good day!  I can handle it!  Day by day, I will take on the challenge and before I know it, it will be Sat. night, and I will be getting ready to race in New Orleans knowing that I have met my goals for the week.  

What I'm Doing Right!
*  I'm focusing on the one day at a time in a challenging week.  I'm focused on the "here and now."  I'm in the moment.  
* I took a "step back" week this wk.  I really don't enjoy the thought of taking step-back weeks, but I do it because I know it's best.   I know it's healthy - physically and mentally.  As usual, at the end of the step-back, I'm ready and anxious to get back to hard effort training. 
Super Bowl Sunday - I did not totally "pig out," and that is progress!  I had some grilled green peppers, onions, and brussel sprouts, and some oven potatoes with olive oil.  

What I'm Doing "not so right!" (but could be much worse)
My treat for the superbowl Sunday night.
Do not read any further if you do not want a sinful temptation.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies - love this site!
Sharing this one just in time for Valentine's Day.  If your honey likes peanut butter, you can't go wrong with this gooey deliciousness.

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar (I use about 3/4 cup, but may try with even less next time)
1 egg
I add some vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
combine ingredients and drop on cookie sheet.  Bake for 8 minutes.   Let cool.  

I like this recipe because it lacks flour and other ingredients.
I like it because it's super FAST and super easy.
I like it because it's a small recipe.   I usually "get my fix," and then "try" to let my hubby finish off the rest.  

Hope you have a GREAT week.  
I totally plan to enjoy this one!

Congrats to Chris K. - he qualified for Boston this weekend.  :)


Jenn said...

You are so right about the "one day at a time". I easily get overwhelmed when I look at the big picture. If I can just force myself to take each day for what it holds, SO much easier!!

Good luck with the high mileage training culminating in a race!!! Hope the weather is just awesome! Wow, 3 weeks-coming SO soon!

Laura said...

Awesome week ahead! You can totally do it! And confessional: I still have a PAPER calendar, too, despite my love for the iPhone. :-)

Chris K said...

Ginny! Thank you!!!!! You are so awesome. - your comments always put a smile a smile on my face. Have you talked to your hubby and Jen about moving to S.D. yet? Today's race was 50 deg with NO humidity. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach really bugged me though.

That sounds like a fun race. Maybe you should blow off the 1/2 and run "sub 3:00" with those friends.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

You're so dedicated - I never look at my long mileage weeks positively! The Snickers marathon intrigues me. If I wasn't working that weekend I'd fit it in. I bet there are awesomely fattening free samples by the handful.

Tri-James said...

So many people live in the past (always talking about what was -) and so many people are constantly planning the future (what will be -). Right here, right now is all that matters. I say embrace the moment. Live in the now.

Those peanut butter cookies sound great. In fact I make the dough sometimes just to eat raw, okay without the egg – just natural peanut butter and powdered sugar. Don’t judge me – it can be a quick 300 calorie indulgence.

Speaking of the future, I want it COLD on Sunday. I have said this before – nothing would be better than to be bundled up in a trash bag at the start of the race with old tube socks on my arms and throw away knitted gloves.

Jennifer said...

Love your attitude! I think you'll do great on Sunday and will faster than you know! Cheers! I think we should take Chris's suggestion under consideration. I do have family there...

Robbie said...

Ya'll CAN'T leave!!! I couldn't make it! Ginny, you will do great. I love reading your blog...I relate in so many ways and always leave it uplifted and smiling. You make me laugh, even at myself.

The long-run weeks were my favorite and I miss them so much. Can't wait until I can tear one out again. And, btw, my documentation goes in the computer AND on paper....JIC something gets lost.

To Tri-James-I'm gonna see about getting me some tube socks...hadn't thought of that.

Jill said...

I always think I want to run a marathon in the South, especially N.O., but having lived in no humidity for the past billion years, I think I'd melt. You're so acclimated to that stuff though so no problem for you, girl! I know it'll go well :). I love larger marathons and halves because I love the draw of all the people to help pull me when I'm tired...smaller races I like smaller crowds.

PB cookies are my absolute favorite, I will have to try them sans flour - thanks!

And you get to celebrate after there race with a king cake? :)

Meg said...

I'm taking it one day at a time as well. It's less overwhelming and I can totally enjoy each and every workout for what it is!
Have a great week!!

Runwithme said...

I'm also running the Snickers Marathon. But due to some fever, I'm behind in my training. At least I have the plus of knowing I have completed a 20-mile run.

HappyTrails said...

I LOVE paper, too! I just like being able to touch something real - to look back at my calendars over the years - page through and read what I wrote. And the PB cookie recipe - I have been using that one for YEARS! It is awesome and so easy - I roll mine in sugar - chocolate kisses go nicely on them, too.
Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I like that recipe, too. Maybe I shouldn't have scrolled down after all!

I'm so excited for you - running a big mileage week, a half and then the full. Fun times!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I love your blog and writing and I'm sad that I don't read it more often. I wish there were more hours in the day. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I was reminded to come visit you too! This is great! I'm excited for you. I love paper and pen too! Something about writing it down in my own little book or calendar that really solidifies it for me. I was also going to do this things I did well and things I didn't do well....Yesterday I fell off the eating healthy wagon and was a big fat hypocrite driving through Burgerville to eat a big juicy cheeseburger. What's wrong with me? Ah, but it was tasty. I guess everyone needs to splurge sometimes. huh? ;) So excited for your race!