Thursday, March 31, 2011

Downs, Downs and UPS!

Winkie and Scarlett on a cold night this winter

what have I been up too?

*since my last post -  Charlie's entertainment has gone
*for 2 weeks after the Snickers Marathon my only exercise was to walk or bike for 30 min., most days
*this leads to a BAD mood
*I had a biopsy 
this leads to a BAD mood, but,  thankfully it was benign
*having to deal with medical issues leads to a BAD mood - especially when you are mostly self pay (the downside of self-employment)
*our health insurance is going up $100.00 per month and yet, we have little coverage - basically hospitalization
*this leads to a BAD mood
*I gained weight post marathon
*this leads to a BAD mood

*I listened to "Car Talk" on the way to Panama City, FL - I like Car Talk
*I spent a few days on the boat and time with my hubby
*I love the water and the sun
*I finished reading Born to Run - a good book (a little slow at the beginning, but then it keeps you in suspense the rest of the way)
*this week I dreamed I was running barefoot - HA!
*I enjoyed the BIG MOON
*I walked, I biked
*I did some yard work

*We spent much time taking care of Winkie our cat - then she died -
this adds to the depressed mood from not running and training hard.
Winkie's in heaven loving on Nyla (our dog that she loved)
Winkie died from skin cancer. 
I HIGHLY recommend wearing sunblock.  I'm trying to be more consistent.  I always have block on my face, but I'm trying to be better about my arms & legs.

*Hubby is back to working a lot.  Good financially, but leaves me sad - too much time apart. 
*I ran my first post marathon run on Sat. March 19th - woo hoo!
*The following weekend, I ran my 25th - Azalea Trail Run 10k - (I run this one every year - in shape - out of shape - walk - run - it's all good)
Ran 49:43 - 
was super happy to run a quality run again
was happy with the time considering .....

*this week I've been "catching up" with work - post vacation time
*I lifted weights, I went to yoga, I did some burpees 
*I believe Burpees can kill you - can leave you dead on the floor
*I ended March with a staggering  86 miles of running (482 for 2011) and 41 miles walking, I biked 1-2 times, and a few yoga classes.

*clearly,  I should be rested and ready to RUN

*I plan to run a 5k this weekend because.......
running hard makes me HAPPY, and snaps me out of a "funk"

Things are definitely looking up!

Monday I head back to the TRACK
"  I feel the need, the need for speed"


HappyTrails said...

Very sad to hear about Winkie :-(( Hope the other uplifting things continue to build and get you out of the funk! Go speed racer, go!!!! Have a great weekend Ginny!

Victoria Elizabeth said...

That is so cool that it is your 25th time doing that race!! I hope that this 5k gets you happy again. Sorry about your kitty, I just lost my dog a couple of weeks ago :(

Katie said...

Being in a funk stinks! I often find myself in a funk when I'm trying to recover from a marathon. I think the lack of running endorphins makes me cranky. Hope things turn around quickly! PS I have a need for speed too! ;)

Jenn said...

It's about time you posted:)

Well, I can certainly relate to your BAD mood! Damn marathon recovery does that to you!! Glad the biopsy was benign!! Sorry about Winky!!!

I agree, I've nearly met my death with a few Burpees-ha!

I think a good hard 5K is the PERFECT medicine! A serious chest burn always seems to knock out a good funk! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Yay and boo at the same time. But Monday will be fun, fun, fun, and I am sure I will be whining one Tuesday when I am hurting from hardly doing any track workouts for sooo long! It's good to have the "running" Ginny back!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

So sorry about your kitty and health issues. Hoping that running more will make you feel better. That's a great time on your 25th Azalea Trail race and so soon after the marathon, too! I did burpees this AM - ugh!

Terri said...

So sorry to hear about Winkie. Loosing a beloved pet is like loosing a family member, so sorry.
Sounds like you have the right ideas and are moving forward toward funk-freeville:D Except you know they don't allow Burpees there?!?! At least that's my excuse and that I don't want to end up dead on the floor, no more burpees! Okay you can do them and I will count:D

Robbie said...

What do I say?? I've missed your posts and have been concerned. What an emotional roller coaster you've been on!! I'm ALWAYS a phone call away...or text. Glad you're heading back UP. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically, my special friend!! Love ya...

Jill said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Winkie :(. What a beautiful kittie she was!! I'm sure she was well-loved and had a great life!!

I was JUST thinking about the Azalea Trail, I ran that about 4 times I believe when I lived in Huntsville - such a great race. One day, if I ever run again (sorry, I'm in a BAD mood with this freaking heel today), I'd love to come back and run that with you.

Um yeah...paying out of pocket for all my podiatrist, ultra sound, xrays, and now PT and sports therapy - all of it, I can hear your pain!!! I am very relieved the biopsy was negative, that's cause for a celebration!

Welcome back to the running world!!

Meg said...

I was just thinking about you today, I'm so glad you're back and getting back to running is just what you need to stay happy and be the GINNY that we know and love.
So happy you're enjoying track, go girl!!

Chris K said...

I love posts with bullets. After my track work on Wed I ran 4 laps barefoot. It was cool. Fun. It felt like I was being propelled forward.

lindsay said...

i wouldn't have thought cats (/animals) could get skin cancer w/ their fur. sorry to hear :(

i hope all is well with the biopsy? health insurance... ugh. i don't think there is 1 person in the world who wouldn't complain about it.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I love posts with bullets too Chris. :)

Sorry to hear about your cat and your sad notes...when you are so used to running so much and then drop your mileage so much, it is easy to feel a little blue. I get this! Glad that running hard on Friday helped you regain some of that Happy in Happy feet. :) So many of my favorite people commented on this...they all have good taste so I must must get here more often! xo

Irene said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. It's always hard to say goodbye. Take care.