Thursday, January 26, 2012

"America's Toughest Road Marathon"

what is America's toughest road marathon?
who will be running America's toughest road marathon?

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Marcia @

I will be "running", waddling up and down the mountains at

the Blue Ridge Marathon

I won a FREE entry.  At least this time, I will not pay an entry fee to torture myself.  I like it!  :)

I haven't heard if it's true or not, maybe it is America's toughest road marathon, maybe it's not, but for me it will be "challenging" to say the least.  I have few goals for this race, but if possible, I would like to run jog or waddle the whole way.  That's about it as far as goals for this one.  In my area, we do not even have appropriate terrain to train on for this marathon.  We have rolling hills, that is, what "I" call hills, but for many of you, what I call hills, you would laugh and say they do not qualify.  My experience so far,  would be St. George marathon (net downhill with some uphills), the Tupelo marathon which is mild rolling hills, and Mt. Desert Island.  MDI is the hilliest marathon that I've completed so far.  I ran it as a training run (SLOW pace), and surprisingly it felt easy with the higher mileage that I've been running.    I would like to run the BRM with a little more effort than a training run, but this will depend on some other race decisions this spring. 

If you have suggestions for training for "America's toughest road marathon" on rolling hills, 
I'm open to suggestions.  

From my reading so far, it looks like I need some uphill, as well as downhill training. 
(I did some downhill training prior to St. George - it worked.  My quads were fine during the SGM.  the day after - eeeekkkkk! that's a different story....)

Has anyone been to this marathon?
Anyone going in 2012?
Please Share.......

Training update:
In Dec. I contacted Meggan about a 5k training program.  (check out her blog - she is SUPER fast, and she posts great training info. and details.   She also ran in college, and her husband is a cross country and track coach.  We're both from other areas, but we live in MS now, although on opposite ends of the state.  We also share a LOVE of addiction to Dove chocolates. )  She was so generous to share with me, a 5k training program based on my most recent 5k time (22:59), my recent mileage, and based on my desire to keep my mileage up.   

I was nearing the end of my 3rd week of 5k training.  I had a great/hard track workout on Wed. with Chad (my hubby),  and was EXCITED about an upcoming 5 miles race on Sat.  It would be a test, and a continuation of my 5k training.   Fri. morning,  I woke up with the beginning of what I had hoped was allergies.  I went out for a 7-10 mile run, but realized during the muggy southern run, that my sinus issue may be more than allergies this time.  I decided during the run that I wouldn't be racing on Sat.  During the run, based on how I felt,  I lowered the mileage to 6 miles, and I decided on Sat.,  I would just go and run to get the mileage, or if I felt ok, I would run the race as a tempo run, instead of "racing."  Later in the day, I canceled the plan to run at all on Sat.   Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues. - no running, just some easy walking.  I'm thankful that it was "just a cold".   Yesterday, I finally felt better (not 100%) but ready to go for a run.  I ran slow for 4 miles.   This evening, I will run 5-8 miles depending on how I feel.  

Yes, a little "set-back" in my training, BUT:
*I'm so thankful to be healthy, MOST of the time
*this week, as my head was pounding for several days, I said several prayers for people who deal with chronic pain. I'm thankful!
*this week, I'm once again, thankful for my love of running.  I missed 4 days of running, but it's a great reminder to be thankful each day, I CAN, go for a run
*if I'm going to be sick, the timing was actually "good timing" in the big picture.  I'm thankful!
*4 days doesn't have a major impact in my plan.  I'm thankful!

moving ahead now with extra motivation after a few days off
yes, I'm a lucky gal and I'm thankful

thanks Meggan for sharing the 5k plan with me


Petraruns said...

hey that's great news about a "free" race - well done! And you and your super impressive 5K running - keep at it.

As for backing off when you feel illness - now that is a WISE move. We all have to fail at that a few times before we realise it truly is the best thing to do. You are going to do fine even with missing a few days.

Teamarcia said...

You are most welcome! Enjoy the race. Tough, but very scenic too.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Treadmill setting the incline up high if you have access to one.

I know someone who likes to train with ankle weights on while running for hilly races.

Have fun!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Waddling up and down the mountains...haha! So funny! I am the worst at hills, so sadly I have no helpful advice for you. I'm sure you will train hard and race strong, like you always do!

Jill said...

Lots of hills I hear in that race, will be very interested to hear how "hilly" compared to the one you did last year (or Big Sur, which about killed me - ha). Have a blast there, very jealous! Definitely on my bucket list for some day.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Karen said...

Exciting! I saw a few people posting about that race. It seems so intimidating to me. You, however, are the awesome enough to conquer it! Have a great race :)

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

That sounds like a tough marathon. I did the Pikes Peak ascent last year. That's my toughest race to date.

From you banner, I see you were at the trials earlier in the month. I just did an interview with one of the runners on my blog.

Finally, speaking of my blog, I've added you to a Running Blog Database I'm working on. If you see its potiential, maybe you could put a link to it on you blog. Please check it out:

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

That marathon sounds like a fun challenge for 2012! And since it's in April, that's a lot of time for hill training.

Brigid said...

You have a great attitude about illness. I should emulate it the next time I get sick. I am LUCKY to not deal with illness on a regular basis!

I was reading through your marathon history and I am just so impressed with where you are now compared to where you started. It gives me hope!

HappyTrails said...

Sounds like fun for a road race!!! We know a hill or two that you could train on... :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Yay to the free race! You are so beyond my league with running! Wow! When I don't feel well, I slow down and take days off if I feel achy or just too run down.