Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Potions, My Week

PLEASE use these or others!

Like many of you, I've been tuned into the Olympics 2012.  We've only had 2 days of coverage and I've already heard 2 stories about athletes having malignant skin cancers.  Several years ago, I started using sunblock sporadically.  This year, I've been much better, and rarely miss applying before heading out for a run.   One of the athletes was a biker, and the other a beach volleyball player.  Like them, training for a marathon requires a lot of time out in the sun.  Well, I should say, if you have become lazy, like me, and no longer do the bulk of your running predawn, you are in the sun for hours each wk.  It's funny the phases we go through as runners.  Several years ago, I trained so much in the early hour darkness, that I REALLY did not like running when the sun came up. To run a 5k at 8:00 am was painful, like,  I was becoming a vampire.   Today, I prefer NEVER starting a run before the sun is up, although occasionally that may happen.  I'm lazy,  and I'm totally ok with battling the heat, vs. getting out the door in the dark.    

This summer I've been trying different brands of sunblock with the hopes of finding a non-greasy option.   The picture shows some of my current favorites.  For my face, I love the Garnier.  In truth, I think I purchased it  because of  the claim on the package -  "reverses the signs of age", like age spots.  Yep, out of the blue, age spots popping up overnight (in addition to the freckles, that are already in abundance).  Really!  I'm too young for age spots.  WHATEVER!   To date, I'm not seeing the age spots disappearing, but I do like the feel of this one on my face.   
Please make a recommendation if you've found a reasonably priced, age-spot remover.     
My most recent purchase is the Banana Boat Sport 50.  I love this one so far.   Finally, truly,  a non-greasy feel.  I've tried several that claim non-greasy, only to be quickly disappointed.  I also like the Jergens.  It has the advantage of having a toner (which I'm sure causes cancer itself) and a sunblock all in one - nice! 
(note:  I purchased these products - the review above is not based on free products, for a review)

7 weeks until Top of Utah.  The excitement is building quickly.  Each week, Terri and I are building our endurance and speed, and getting in some excellent training together. 
Last week was a recovery week for Terri and me.  I'm thinking it was smart and perfect because we both came back this week ready to train.  THAT,  WE DID!

Monday - 8 miles easy - 9:47 avg. solo run in South LA

Tues. - w/ Terri and Kily at the track -  10 miles with Yasso's 800s (10 X 800 with 800 recovery) 
800s @ 3:43 avg.,  in the July heat - BAM! 

Wed - walk 5 miles with Missy and yoga class

Thurs - w/ Terri - 8.5 miles with w/u,  8 X steep hill repeats (avg. - 53 second hill) (if you are local - the last "billboard hill"- the evil one- not long, but steep),  then we had 8 X 30 seconds on flat,  fast, then c/d.

Fri - w/ Traci and Kelly - 6 miles on rolling hills 9:18 avg pace

Sat - 19.5 miles - we had a gang of runners meet to run various distances and various paces at Clyde Depot.  I arrived early, and knocked out 1.5 miles before everyone else arrived. I was somewhat worried when I finished the 1.5 miles, and I'm literally already dripping sweat (fun times in the South).  After the 1.5 miles,  Terri, Kily, and I had 18.  It was 75 degrees with crazy high humidity,  at my 5:40 am start.  I ended the day with a 9:30 avg pace.  With the exception of the recovery week, (10:08 avg for 10 miles), most of our recent long runs have ended around 9:20 avg.   My last long run, before the recovery wk. was 16 miles.  With the extra mileage on Sat,  (from 16,  up to19.5 miles) and the extra heat/humidity, ginny was HAPPY to end with the 9:30 avg.   Terri and Kily picked it up at the end, and ended with a little quicker avg. for the day.  Overall, I think everyone had a solid day, despite the heat.   I do love a summer group run.   

Sun -5 miles - recovery run with Vicki and Kelly - 9:59 avg pace and Yin Yoga tonight (90 min class, holding poses for 5 min.)
57 miles running, 5 miles walking, 2 yoga classes, plyometics X 1 mile, various, sporadic weights, push-ups, etc.

5  tough weeks of training ahead - the happiest time of the year,
 with a little Boot Camp added in.  
details to come......
                                    if I survive to tell about it......

now I lay me down to sleep, 
cuz I have a tempo run on the schedule to keep.



HappyTrails said...

We, like you, are religious about using sun screen. First and foremost, we don't want skin cancer. But secondly, I want to do what I can to preserve my skin (ie: so I don't end up with leather skin in a few years). As much time as we are outside, that aspect may be a losing battle! Don't know of any age spot removers but I did try a sample of Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream for the circles under my eyes (made worse as a result of the Graves) and the circles went away after a few days! It's good stuff but obscenely expensive so I haven't bought any to replace my sample, yet. You can get it at

I'm sure you are in your Happy Place with all of the great training and big race coming up! Keep up the great work! :-)

lindsay said...

i just use vanicream sunscreen. it claims to be friendlier for sensitive skin, no claims of making you younger ;) but, we definitely must all remember to put it on!