Saturday, November 24, 2012

PR Half Marathon

Fall arrives in South MS 
seems strange when I think about the leaves changing in  mid-Sept.,  at the Top of Utah marathon in Logan, but mid to late Nov. is our typical,  peak of fall color.
This morning,  I headed down with friends to run the Gulf Coast half marathon on the Stennis Space Center campus.  
It's become tradition for me,  and it's actually one of my favorite half or full marathon courses, 
IF the weather is right  (it can be HOT AND HUMID at this race)  
 Flat, fast, and cold,  my kind of race !
 I mean, feast on Thurs.,  and race on Sat. - seems smart to me. 
We were excited to be greeted with chilly race conditions.  

with the extra few lbs. of recent wks, I had low expectations, but always go into great weather races with HIGH hopes.   Apparently the humidity was LOW because I felt really good today.  
cold and low humidity = happy, happy me
I ended the day with a new half PR - 1:46:35
Today's time is 51 seconds faster than my 2010 half marathon PR race, on this same course.  Typically, I don't run a lot of half marathons, but that will change this winter.  
It was a PR kind of day and several of our friends left the Gulf Coast with new personal records.  
Gulf Coast Marathon Stennis 2012
8:05 avg

1.  8:09
2.  8:04
3.  8:03
4.  8:01
5.  8:05
 6.  8:18 
6- maybe one of the miles heading North,  into the wind
7.  8:10
 8.  7:58 
9.  8:06
10. 8:05
11. 8:05
12. 8:04
13. 8:02
.1   1:18 
it really doesn't matter how you get to the finish line, but 
I do enjoy running even splits.    
Good Things
PR - duh,
I won masters female
friends PR too, 
beautiful chilly race weather, 
feeling great on the run, 
EVEN Splits
gradually getting back on track with food & portions this wk
I saw a friend at the race who has dropped a few lbs.,  and looks SUPER - we discussed, and she inspired me !
Room for improvement or DUMB things
** 44 year old,  NOT warming up before the half, especially on a cold weather day  - classified under DUMB !
 at 1.75 miles my right hamstring felt strained - we were running on an angle.  it faded after a half mile-1 mile, but it was a reminder - no cutting corners -
the extra lbs - yes I ran a PR with the extra weight, BUT what can I run a few lbs lighter ?  - "room for improvement"


Amanda@runninghood said...

Congrats to you! Great splits...nice nice nice! Certainly a reason to be happy.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

AWESOME Ginny!!! Great run and congrats on the PR ... so cool!

Gracie said...

...And I WOULD skip the race the year the weather is perfect!
Congrats on your fabulous PR!

Lisa said...

Those ARE really good things!! And even splits are like a bonus medal, don't you think?

I would get classified under the "Dumb" things in that I am allergic to stretching (hee). I think it's showing itself right now in a slightly tight hamstring. I'll never learn....

Congrats on a great PR and clearly a terrific day all around!!

Terzah said...

Congratulations! You ran very smart. I can't wait to see how you do down the road.

HappyTrails said...

Woo-hoo for good things!!! Loving your new header photo, of course! :-)

lindsay said...

congrats on the masters win and PR!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! What an amazing way to finish racing in 2012!