Saturday, March 9, 2013

still running for numbers at 45

This week,  I turned 45 !     


No worries, no fears!  I still have big goals.   

Five years ago, when I turned the BIG 40, I made it my 40th year goal to run PRs (personal records) in all of my race distances.  I like to race, so my goal included the 2 mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon.  I was able to achieve that goal at 40 (2008) and since,  have continued to run PRs after my 40th year was long gone.  I'm blessed ! 

Being the "realist" that I am, I know running PRs at 50 will be unrealistic.  I've been training "hard" on this passion since 2005 (& running for many years prior to that).  I've read that "most people" have an 8-10 year window to max-out on your best running performance.   This assumes your training fairly hard during this window.  Well, train hard,  I HAVE.   I believe this estimate will hold true for me, give or take.  

WAIT !  I'm not finished yet !    While I know realistically, I will come to the end of my PR capability, I also KNOW, I'm not "there" yet.   So,  my 45th year goal ,  is to run PRs in all of the race distances again.  I'm in GREAT shape currently.  I have a motivated training partner who also has a big goal this year.  She is on her way to a BQ this year (at 32 or 33).  We both have BIG goals for 2013-2014 and we ARE GOING AFTER THEM WITH PASSION. 

TRAIN, we will !  Goals -  we will achieve!

I haven't updated in a while - so here's the bullet point update.

** Boston training is in HIGH gear.  I have an 11 mile run today and will end the wk with 72 miles, 1 yoga class, and 2 (maybe 3) days in the gym

**Dec. - Feb - I've been in the gym consistently 3-4 times per wk working on running specific weight workouts.  March & April will be more like 2-3 times per wk as my run mileage increases.

**I've continued with yoga - 1 x per wk, most wks.

**I've continued this winter/spring with a custom McMillan running plan.  2nd time to "pay" for a running plan - it's working for me.  I've been doing similar training for years (track, hills, tempo,  long, and step-back weeks), but the phases,  and the way the program is designed has proven to be an asset for me personally.  Well worth the $$s invested.  

**In Feb.,  3 friends and I rode the train from Hattiesburg to Birmingham for the Mercedes half marathon.  All four of us had GREAT races.  The weather was "race perfect" for me (29-ish at the start).  The course is a rolling hills course, but the downhills are sweet.  I ran a PR half - 1:43.   My previous half PR was 1:46, which was at the Stennis half,  in Nov. 2012.   However, Stennis is a FLAT, FLAT race,  and Mercedes has some hills.  (McMillan is working)

**this week I had a 21 mile long run on hills - ♥ (most of my running is on hills, with a few, flat run, recovery days)

**next week is a step-back week,  in mileage

** the following week (March 18th),  I will run 80 miles.  this will be a new high for me (previous high - 75 miles a couple of years ago).  this will be "peak week" before Boston.  I also have Yasso's this week.  ♥ Yasso's too ! 

That's it !  
I hope your spring is nice,  and all of your goals in running & life are achieved.     


HappyTrails said...

Happy Birthday, Ginny! Love your header photo. Just because you are 45 doesn't mean you can't chase after lofty goals - you can do it!
Sounds like your training is going well - as focused as you are, your hard work will pay off with great results. Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! May all your dreams and PR's come true!!

Robbie said...

Happy Birthday!! You really inspire me with your goals, how you set up to reach them and going for them. Though I thought during the NOLA Marathon that that might be "it" for me all I can think about since is the next one! So, maybe there are a couple more in store for me...even at MY AGE!!! Can't wait to see your great time in Boston because you WILL do great!!!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Happy, happy birthday! 80 miles? Obviously age is not causing you to run less! That's great!

lindsay said...

Happy super belated birthday!!