Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A 5 Year Slow!

After the Blueberry 5k this weekend, I was shocked at my time.  So Sat. afternoon I did some research to see how far I had to go back, to find a 5k time slower than Sat.'s results.  For some time, I have wanted to list all of my races in one place, so my shock with my race time prompted me to compile the data.  The answer to my question was 5 years ago.  25:47 - WHAT?

It's funny!  I did not go into Sat.'s race with any expectations of a fast 5k.  This is only my 4th week back to running and I have not had any speed work, except, I did do one hill workout - the grueling "billboard run."  I just wanted to race so I headed down to Poplarville, MS.    In addition to no speed work, the heat index has been over 100 each day for a while now, and Sat.'s high was no different.  So the race started with a steamy, humid temp. - 78 degrees, with the heat index at 93 degrees, at 8:00 am.   Over the last few years I have learned to run in the extreme heat and humidity of summer in the south, but I have not, to date, learned to race well in it.  My other continuing battle is to run well on hills.  Summer, fall, winter, spring - nope - I am not a hill runner, not yet.  So the 5k on Sat offered all of my biggest challenges in running - heat, humidity, and hills. 

My expectations were to finish in the high 24's and I knew it would be a challenge to do that, but I never even considered high 25s.  After the race, it's funny, I was not upset, just shocked.  Typically, high 25's would be jogging.  So Sat. as I was looking through my running history going back to 2000, my resolve to run better grew and grew.  (wish I would have documented my racing history going back to my first 10k in 1986)

Now I'm on a mission.  I am excited and ready for speed work.  I have NO, ZERO natural speed.  You guys know how I love to analyze the what, why, how, why not, when, etc.  So when I look back at "how can I run THAT slow?" it's really easy to figure out.
*For several years, I have basically run speed work year around, until Nov.
*Late Nov. hurt my hip.
*Desperate to make it to the starting line at Boston, I ran very conservatively with no speed work for Boston.
*After Boston I took a month off all together
*Almost 7 months of no speed.

So now I am running on "pure talent"  Bahhhhhh! LOL!  I have no talent for speed, I have to WORK for it - ALWAYS!

The rest of the data from the 5k
* same course in 2008 - 24:40
* 24 seconds per mile slower than my last 10k pace in March - again I say WHAT?
*2:25 slower than my last 5k in March
Wow!  Speed work does a body good! 

I am excited for the challenge ahead of me.  The good thing is,  I will quickly be able to see results, and that will be fun.  Today I did an introductory speed session.  I had to slow my times tremendously based on Sat.'s 5k time.  It was fun to get back to the speed work.

Update - no new, or good news on the job issue for my hubby.
Should have some great pictures to post on my next blog.


Erin C. said...

This is exactly the problem that I'm struggling with right now. I'm three weeks after my half-marathon, and "switching gears" from long mileage training to short mileage training has been difficult. Oh well, guess that means even more speedwork! Good luck with your training!

Liz said...

I know what you mean. I can gradually build distance, but I find it difficult to increase speed. I think your times are pretty good though! Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Not a speedy either! I give you kudos for working on it though, you seem like a woman on a mission and I am excited to hear more about it as you work it out! Cheers!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I was going to say reading your first paragraph wait a second didn't she just take a bunch of time off, so I'm glad you recognized that you are coming back to speed and not at a place where you were a few months prior. I agree that I"m learning out to run in the crazy ass heat, but running speed is a whole different thing in it. somedays are better than others for reasons I haven't yet figured out.

TRI-james said...

Come on - one word for you HEAT.

You know that is HUGE for your pace. I can't bring a fast 5K right now either. PR's are done in fall, winter and spring. Summer brings strength!

Tasha said...

I can imagine that you must feel frustrated by your time but you are Kenyan-fast to me! I hang out in the 9:00 mile club so you're my hero! (Praying for your husband's job situation).

Scott Keeps Running said...

Did you remember to take out the lead weights from your shoes?


Jill said...

The fact they run races in the south from April - October amazes me! I remember after I had my twins while living in AL in August, it was 3 months before it was humanly possible to get them outdoors in a stroller. Kudos for you for getting that race done in those conditions! You'll get your speed back, you know what it takes and you're determined to do it!!

Katie said...

Running in the heat is tough stuff. Besides no speed work, I'm sure that was a huge factor in your time. I'm glad you didn't beat yourself up too badly. I'm sure you'll get back your speed fast especially given your determination.

You also mentioned that you wished you had records of your past races. You may be able to find them on Athlinks. You can just search for your name and I bet a whole slew of races will pop up.