Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gasping For Air

Ahhhh!  After years and years of racing, it still amazes me how gasping for air for 23 minutes and 42 seconds can give you such a good feeling, when it's done, of course.  

Can I just say....

Seriously, is there any better way to start the weekend?  I think NOT!  Friday evening, 6:00 pm 5k, and I get to be lazy Sat am.  


4 weeks post 26.2 and I WANTED to give the 5k a test.  Obviously, if one is "training smart", 4 wks post marathon, one would be working on a base and getting ready for the next phase of training.  


 It's  "Happy Feet No Rules Running" or maybe I should say "No Rules Racing"

I haven't gone totally crazy.  I'm still somewhat cautious about hard days, followed by easy days, and I keep weekly mileage increases in-checkMy weeks will still be filled with quality runs, easy runs, and probably even some "junk miles."   With that being said, I'm continuing on with my recent found freedom, and love of racing - when, and as often, as  I  want.   

YES, I'm continuing to trade reaching my absolute BEST,  at any distance, for the freedom of racing at-will.  What does this mean for the next few months?

April 10th - half marathon in Pensacola, FL Gulf Coast Half Marathon

April 30th - half marathon in Ridgeland, MS
I will race any, and all,  5ks that interest me, and fit into my weekly travels between MS and LA.  My track workouts/hill workouts will be focused on shorter distances (5Ks) throughout the spring/early summer.  The 2 half marathons above, will be my last 2 distances races until the early fall.  After the 2 half marys in April, my long runs will be 8-12 miles, throughout the summer.   I will continue with yoga, and I will get back to consistent weight workouts. 

That's IT!  That's the spring/summer plan! 

Oh, the Fri. night 5k?  yes, I wanted to use this 5k as a test to see where I'm at prior to speed work starting on Monday (with The Running Artist), and maybe a few others.   For all of my friends up north, who currently have snow on the ground, I'm sorry, but it was 76 degrees when I left my car at 5:00 pm.  It was a nice evening for a race.  Yes, 76 is warm (for me), but the humidity was not too bad, so that helped.  (another advantage to evening racing, typically, the humidity is lower in the evening)  I decided prior to the race, and prior to warming up to "go for it from the first mile."  Most of my races are planned to "even pace" or "even split" the miles as much as possible.  For whatever reason,for this race, I decided I would go out fast, and try to hang on.  As I warmed up, and felt the warm sun, I did question this plan for a brief period, but decided I would stick with the goal.   

This plan is RARELY, NEVER good for me, but from time to time, I just feel the need to prove it to myself again.   Today was no exception! 

7:22 too fast, gasping for air - NOW HANG ON!
7:47 - dumb idea, gasping for air, you know you should have paced!
7:45 - FINISH IT, without dying, gasping for air 
  :46 - then, in oxygen debt for about 5 minutes post race.

23:42 minutes of gasping for air, but it made a

this is why I RUN!
this is why I RACE!
I'm happy with the results.  4 wks post marathon, and no speed work yet, I will take that as my starting point.  The trick going forward will be to get "this body" to cooperate with fast rising, heat and humidity.  I'm going to give it my best try.  

A few goals before 2011 is done. 
*go sub 23 in a 5k
* "kick up" into a hand stand 
*increase the number of burpees I can do with "good form".  
What's my current burpee number?  I can do 4-5 before I start with the "sway back" on the push up.  Don't laugh!  Burpees are HARD, and I'm new to "man" push-ups and Burpees.

Thanks for all of the nice comments and emails recently.  You guys offer super support, and for that, I'm thankful! 


Amanda@runninghood said...

I've often said that if we could bottle up the feeling and high we get from running hard or running at all then we could make billions selling it! :) Great place you are at with your running! Love it! Sounds like you really have a grip on the questions I asked in my last post about where I am at with my running and racing. Awesome! I am jumping in a 10k tomorrow just because I think it is fun and figure why not?! I know I'm in training for a marathon in June but why not have fun iwth this fitness level while I can and when it fits into a schedule "tempo run"! I'm so excited that I'm excited because racing has not always been a positive thing in my life. Good luck to you on all your upcoming races that are planned and the ones that might just pop up as you go. :) Your post makes me happy and feel your joy for life and running! Keep it up! Oh, and Burpees, yes, I did them once for a contest that was going on in the blogosphere for how many we could do in 2 minutes. :) fun stuff. :)

Jennifer said...

Just wait for Monday, I'll be gasping for air as you kick my butt on the track...

Donna said...

I love your love for running! You are such an encourager to EVERYONE who ties on their shoes and heads out for a run.
I do have to say, however, I've never know that joy of "gasping for air" for under 24 minutes. I believe in savoring the pain and usually stretch out my gasping for at least 36! LOL Hope to see you at the track Monday if my sidekick Levi doesn't insist on weight training at the Y.

Jenn said...

Your outlook on this racing just inspires me. Such common sense that the feeling after gasping for air in a race is THE MOST REWARDING FEELING but I can't always grasp that. I'm working on changing my thought process here. You're helping me:)

Great work on the 5K only 4 weeks out! I love your excitement for what lies ahead! It's really going to be fun to follow you through the spring/summer. Happy Sunday:)

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Great 5k! And great weather for it, sadly those 70's days are over for us for awhile I think :(

HappyTrails said...

I would barely catch my breath for the first time before a 5k is over... And yes, burpees are HARD! Great work on the 5k Ginny - race to your heart's content!!!


Awesome 5k - and yes, what a wonderful way to start the weekend! Good job. Good luck breaking 23 min - I know you can do it!!

Meg said...

Ah, Heaven!
I think a warm, Friday night race sounds great. Even a 5k...which isn't my favorite distance!
Your plans are very inspiring and I'm so excited for you! It makes me want to think way past this next marathon, thanks for that!!!

Joanne said...

Great feeling isn't it?! You just tell yourself it's such a short agonizing span of time then you'll feel great and you DO IT! Good job on the Fri. 5K.

Runblondie26 said...

I like 5k's the least of any distance. They are so darn painful! Way to get it done. Congrats on a great race! Sounds like it was the perfect Friday night out.

Chris K said...

I'm scared to do a 5K. Please don't tell anyone, I don't want to ruin my manly image. Nice to be all free-and-easy with your running Ginny.

Runwithme said...

I'm doing the river city bridge 5K in Moss Point this Saturday, and then I'll see you at the Renaissance Half (at 6 AM!)

bob said...

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Irene said...

Night time 5ks are fun!