Thursday, May 5, 2011

The ABC's of Me!

 I enjoyed reading these,  as it circled the blogosphere a while back.  I finally took the time....  Here ya go!  

About ME:

Age: 43
ed size: King- a must for a good night. 
hores I dislike:  cleaning windows, mowing the yard
ogs: one dog, love her,  but I’m more of a cat girl.
ssential start to your day: coffee & breakfast – gotta have it!
avorite color:   mostly earth colors and black, of course
old or silver:  White Gold
eight: 5’ 10
nstruments you play:  Zero
ob title:   self employed, owner of a small business = all titles apply to ME
ids:  ZERO – by plan
ive: Mississippi
om's name: Elinor
ickname:  None
vernight hospital stay:  with the hubby – THANKFULLY 0 for me :)
et peeves:  clothes taken out of the dryer, and put on top of the dryer
uote from a movie:   "I feel the need—the need for speed!" (I love track workouts)
ighty or lefty: righty
iblings: I'm the baby,  of 4
ime you wake up:  6:15 ish,  currently
nderwear:  it’s a secret!
egetables you don't like: green beans, cooked cabbage or cooked carrots
hat makes you run late:  Trying to get one more task accomplished
rays you had: teeth, wrist
ummy food you make:  upside down biscuits
oo animal favorites: lions, tigers, bears

Training this week:
This will be a step-back week in mileage.  
I've had 3 weeks at 40 miles (39, 40, 40),  and the half marathon, so it's a good time for a bit of a break in mileage.  No long run this wk.

Started the week out running easy - recovery days after the half on Sat.
Monday - 7 miles easy, weights, core work, burpees, squats, and lunges
Tues. - 3 miles easy with 6 X 10 second "pick ups"

Wed. - 5 miles - 
1 mile w/u 
3 X 400 with 1 min recovery,  @ 1:44 avg. pace (goal was 1:45)
2 X 800 with 2 min recovery,  @ 3:38 avg. (goal was 3:40)
3 X 400 with 1 min recovery,  @ 1:44 avg. pace (goal was 1:45)
1 mile c/d.
Thurs. - 7 miles on the bike.
missed my 2nd weight workout this wk, but hubby and I trimmed the tree limbs and weeds along the wood line of our property, so "trust me" when I say, I definitely had a workout.  
Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.
Enjoy It!



Teamarcia said...

Love your ABC's! Great training week especially post half. I swear I felt pretty dead still even on Wednesday.

Jennifer said...

Love your ABC's! I know your yard, so yes, when you say you got a workout I believe it!

lindsay said...

i don't know if this is too nosy... but when you say 'by plan' do you mean yours/hubs personal plan, or "God's plan"? i am just wondering... currently i am (still) in the "i don't want to have kids" mode. i have already been told that people will start to think something is "wrong" with me soon. (what the heck? why do people care so much?) i also feel like when you say you don't want to have kids people look at you like you said something wrong. ANYWAY. no matter your answer i was just curious and you don't have to answer if you don't want i promise :)

at least your clothes make it out of the dryer?

Raquelita said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself. I'm intrigued by upside down biscuits. I don't think I've ever heard of such things. I also have to have my coffee and breakfast!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Lindsay - my plan! My hubby knew about it while we were dating, but now many years later, I think he thought I would change my mind. NOPE! I think he's ok with it, but he would like to have kids on a small, noncommittal level. (like Mom can take care of them while I go and do what I want) NOPE! I never wanted children, even in high school. Yes, it is strange to people, but I'm ok with that. MANY people who have children should NOT have them. So I would never let anyone influence my decision and choice.

Always, ask anything. It's all good!

Raquelita - are you sure you want to know. They are BAD!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Is being the youngest of 4 part of your reason for not wanting kids? :) Just curious if this had anything to do with it. I'm way more stressed with 3 and way more short tempered with my third than I was with my first. I often wonder if he will be growing up thinking "Gosh, if this is what having kids is all about, I don't want them!" :)


I love your ABC's - I had no idea you were 5'10"! I wish I was a little taller :) And, I'd LOVE the upside down biscuit - sounds delicious.

Great job at your 1/2 marathon - you ran a great race! I'll have to visit my mom and MS when there is a local 5/10k so we can all run together!

S Elliewood said...

Great to know more about you! I just wrote about the childless thing today. I'd love to hear what y'all think.

Chris K said...

I didn't know that you were 5'10" Man, I am barely taller than you. Now I wonder how tall Jen is. I think she's shorter than you.

Shouldn't your husband be mowing the lawn.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Amanda - in our family the oldest swears the younger of us "got away with murder" while he, the oldest, was held to military standards. So, I'm thinking that is not the reasoning behind the no children thing in my case.

Mel - I'm looking forward to that visit and run if you are prepared to run with US, because we certainly can't keep up with you. Ha!

Chris - we are living in 2011, come on, seriously. Equal rights - yes, my hubby washes dishes. Seriously, he always mows the lawn when he is in, but he is out often, but he does help with the cleaning, etc. I have a great hubby.

Petraruns said...

That's a great week's workouts there - like how you've got your speedwork down pat there! And re your ABC's- now that I know those biscuits are BAD I really want the recipe..

Meg said...

LOVED the ABC's and your confidence and security with your choices. It's interesting that you just KNEW from high school that you didn't want to have kids. I TOTALLY respect that!
Sounds like your training is going well, enjoy!!