Monday, May 30, 2011

New Max Heart Rate

Friday night was the next 5k on my schedule.  It had been 3 wks since my last 5k, which translates to, 3 additional wks of quality training.   More importantly, 3 wks closer to summer in South MS/LA.    Not ideal for racing, but fun anyway (if you like near death experiences).  
The Scene -  Friday Night, New Orleans, 7:00 pm race time.    Let's review - my last race was 3 wks ago and I ran 7:43 avg.  Yes, I realize it's going to be HOT,  my mind thinks.....  even though it's hot, you have 3 more weeks of solid training in, and the temp will be dropping at 7:00.  Let's go for 7:35 pace.   I write 7:35 down in my "daytimer" because I'm modern and high tech like that.    (yes, I have previously mentioned the daytime, what can I say, I just like to write "stuff" down)

The official results haven't been posted, which is a good thing because this is a big, non-chip timed race.  (last year around 1500 runners)  It takes around 8 seconds before I arrived at the start line, so we will happily go with my Garmin time.   23:50 - 7:38 avg. 
Splits - 7:26 too fast(by 9 seconds), 
           7:54 too slow (by 19 seconds - near death).   
Shortly after the race, I look at my splits - the last mile irks me.   

I go into the Greek Festival area for just a few minutes.  I'm quickly uncomfortable with the crowds, and the lines are WAY too long so I bail.  I still have to drive another hour to South LA.   When I get back to the car, around 8:20, the temp is 84 degrees.  So at race time, I suspect the temp. was 85-86 degrees??, I feel better about my time.   

So in comparing my Garmin to Garmin time from my last 5k.  I ran 7 seconds faster and the temp was 5-6 degrees warmer this week.  Knowing the temp. has a big affect, I will call it success!

The 3rd mile was HARD - duh!!! It's a 5k, the 3rd mile is always hard.  This one was extra tough, with the extra heat.  Friday night, I pushed my poor heart to a new max. of 184.  (new Garmin, Dec. 2010)
               April 16th @ 65 degrees  May 7th @ 80 degrees  May 27th @ 85-86 degrees
Average Heart Rate 165                     168                                172
Max. Heart Rate      173                    176(the creep begins)    184

So I max.ed out my heart, and gave it ALL I HAD Friday night.    
7:35 goal for the day, 
7:38 reality with 85 ish temp. 
 a MAX'ed out heart 
7 seconds faster than last 5k
yeah, I'm OK with that!

2 more weeks of my 8 wk, 5k plan.  I am hoping to be a little more adjusted to the heat.  This race will add a new challenge.  The last 2 races have been evening races, 6pm, and 7PM.  The final race will be at 8:00 am.  The temp. will be cooler, but the humidity will be much higher in the morning.  The next 2 weeks will be filled with 8:00 am runs.  Most recently, I've been doing more, later in the day runs, to get ready for heat.   Now a little more race specific training (8:00 am) for the last 2 wks.  I've also decided to cut my mileage a little these last 2 wks.  I had planned to go back up to 50 miles this wk, but have decided, I will hang out around 35 miles instead.  Just feeling like that may be a good adjustment at this point.  

I was able to run with my honey on Sat. and Sun.  :)
It's Memorial Day - Chad had to work, but we will celebrate with crawfish tonight.   

I'm so thankful for all of our Veterans, our current military, and military families.  The sacrifices are appreciated!
God Bless the USA!

The training:
Ended the wk of May 16th with 50 miles

Week of May 23rd quality runs - Tues. - 12 X 200 @ :49 second avg with 30 second recovery.  Fri. - Greek Fest 5k
Ended this week with 24 miles.  (race wk - cut in mileage)

Things I wonder about??
Can it be, these 5ks are responsible for all of the gray hairs popping up on my head?  I wonder.....


Meg said...

Gray hairs popping out of your head=good, gray hairs on the chin=boo hoo.
I loved the details on the heart rates relating to the heat. I always think about stuff like that, it's so interesting.
Great job on the 5ks and your mileage and have fun with your crayfish tonight. I'm wondering what you serve with them and how they taste. Enjoy!

Raquelita said...

You rocked that 5k, especially considering the heat! I have difficulties with post-lunch easy runs so I am pretty much in awe of you! Enjoy the crawfish!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I like to write stuff down too! Great job! And running with your honey...the best! Don't know that I could run in the body wouldn't know what to do since it hasn't really gone above 55 here all year. ha! Okay, maybe we had a scorcher of 70 once a few weeks ago but it is cold here! Summer has not come for a visit yet. You kind of make me inspired to train for a 5k girl! Every visit to your blog makes me inspired to do something happy, train for a new race, listen to music while running...ha!

Chris K said...

Yeah, I call that pretty studly considering the heat and humidity. Brutal if you ask me. Amanda, Meg, and I don't have to experience that too often. Guess what? my new g.f. is from Monroe, LA and we may visit there and my houses in MS. If so, we are so going to meet up.

Jill said...

If gray hairs mean PRing these 5Ks, then I say bring on the gray (that's what hair color is for!! :)). I thought about you today on my little bike ride this morning and it was 30% humidity...a bit high for Colorado! I kept thinking I must stop complaining cuz some in the South have it much worse. That'd be you. But you are acclimating well, yay!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...
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Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Meg - crawfish are delicious! Tastes similar to shrimp. Yummo!

Amanda - 55 - you are killing me!

Chris- keep me up dated. Yes, we can go for a run and get some lunch or dinner. I'm sure Jen will join us too. Will be fun to see you sweat it out, Southern style!

Jill - not even close to a PR (23:06), but I have to look at the week to week improvements now. It's WAY too HOT for me to PR. 30% humidity - perfect!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Oh, it was hot out there! And the crowds at the fest were nuts, but they thinned quickly. I was so glad for that - we ended up having beer and pitas on the bayou and it was so peaceful. Great race and pace!

misszippy said...

All the gray hairs are worth it to race well! Great job in the heat/humidity. I hate the 3rd mile of a 5k, every time!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Faster on a hotter day - congrats! Yeah, knowing I've run in high temps makes me feel better when I get home from a tough run, too.

Christine said...

What an impressive time!!! The heat and humidity makes a huge difference, you should be very proud of your accomplishment!!

Jenn said...

Definitely a success! How in the H do you run in that period. Seriously 60 and humid about puts me over the edge. I just can't do it. You would probably fly in a Minnesota 5K-ha!

5K's might cause gray hair? Just another reason for me not to do them. Oh right, all my hair is already gray.....

I wish I was more organized at writing things down. I just think I will remember....Good luck this couple of weeks!!

lindsay said...

Or you were just slacking off before and not running your hardest ;)

This heat and humidity is rough! And it's only June 1st!!

Tri-James said...

I bet if you chart your average HR and the temp it will be linear.

HappyTrails said...

Bring on the gray hairs - just add a little color to them - they are still there, just disguised!
You are awesome - doing such a good time in that HEAT and humidity - I would literally melt on the sidewalk. Yes, I agree with Jill, our recent 30% humidity is a bit on the high side - I feel like I am smothering - bring us back into our normal teens! :-) And yep, I am with you, I like a pen and paper......

Petraruns said...

i am So impressed with your pacing particularly given the temps - well done. Love the idea of the fairly high mileage 5K plan - are you going to go back to a marathon?

Runwithme said...

You persuaded me to register for the 5K in Pascagoula. Last year it was an OVEN, so I hope we catch a break this Saturday.