Monday, July 4, 2011

Cross Training and Liking It.....Really?

*So I ended up taking 9 days off from running

* I went to the Chiropractor 2 Xs - just to make sure hips are aligned properly
* I had a therapeutic massage which was partially painful but overall
totally awesome! 
(not painful in the glute, but where he found knots in my calves- ouchee!)

*I FINALLY bought a foam roller and like most of you, I'm finding it very valuable.

*Cross training included - Supreme 90 Day 
($15.00 with coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond)
(I'm too cheap to purchase P90X, not knowing if I would like it or use it) 
 (I'm enjoying the Supreme 90 day, I may eventually buy the P90X - I want the yoga dvd - 
(if you have the P90X set,  and want to sell it - message me 
or if you just want to sell the P90X yoga dvd)

*other cross training included walking and biking.  I even enjoyed the bike this week - SHOCK!  I'm hoping I will do more biking as I return to running.

This week looked like this:
Mon. - am - 30 min walk and Supreme 90 day dvd
pm - 6 miles on the bike

Tues - am -30 min walk, Supreme90
pm - walk 45 min on the track

Wed. - am - yoga class @ The Yoga Room, Supreme90
pm - 5 miles on the bike

Thurs. - pm - 10 miles on the bike followed by 2 mile run with Audrey.  Woo Hoo!  1st run in 8 days.  Feeling FINE!  Oh Happy Day!

Fri. - am - bike 10 miles, yoga dvd- Jillian Michaels
pm - 2.4 miles with Michaela in South LA

Sat. - am - run 2 miles, Supreme90
pm - 3 miles pm with Michaela and Mindy  (training to run their 1st half marathon - very exciting)

Sun. - am - 5.6 mile run to even out the 2.4 mile run from Fri - because that bugs me at the end of the week - ha ha) 
yoga with Neesha - - great online classes- one free class offered each wk
mid day - 12 miles bike
pm - 2 mile run pm

Totals - 
walk - 7.5 miles, Run 12 miles, Bike- 43 (may be my highest weekly bike mileage ever?? ha ha) 5 Supreme90, 3 yoga sessions

So as you can see, I had a busy week of training.  I'm excited to have introduced some additional cross training this week. I'm hoping I will keep some of it in the plan as I begin to pick up my running mileage for my fall marathons.  I KNOW the cross training is super valuable, but I LOVE to run.  I love to run high mileage, and as the mileage picks up - other things seem to fade away.  Maybe this fall will be different!  
(yoga WILL stay in the plan no matter what)

4th of July - I will go for a bike ride today,  and do Supreme90 (10th day) arms and shoulders (I like the fast pace workouts and getting in some weights at the same time)

Happy 4th Y'all!
                                     Red      White    Blue - I love you!


Scarlett Elliewood said...

Happy 4th and great job on your cross training!

Tri-James said...

Cross training = good. Pick up the swim and join the dark side. (then you can pay $70 for a race instead of $20)...

Jennifer said...

Good for you Ginny! Glad your butt is feeling better! Ha ha always wanted to say that... Cheers!

Jill said...

Yay, Ginny!! Pain-free runs (or even semi pain-free :)) are the BEST! SO happy for you!

I agree with you on the P90X thing; I know so many people who have bought it but never one have I met who made it to 90 days on it. Even my friend who I used to run with was adamant he'd do it, but it was interferring with his running (he was too sore) so he was modifying it left and right. Sounds like the Supreme90 is doing the trick! Another I use from time to time in the Spartacus workout. Google it, it is really awesome and you can do it with just a set of hand weights.

Very happy things are picking back up for you :). btw, what fall marathons are you doing?

Happy 4th!

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is some great cross training! I have the P90x cds that I borrowed from a friend but have not used them. Tried the yoga one actually but only lasted 20 minutes before I was distracted from my kids. Seems like a lot of commitment that I don't have to give to a home program...too much going on around here. Leaving for a run or bike ride is easier than trying to workout when I have my kids at my feet. :)

Keep up the healing and cross training!

Chris K said...

So cool Ginny. That is awesome you are embracing cross training. got to run again. The world is round.

Meg said...

I just can't believe you were so close to us in Julian, it's not far from our house! It was a fun run, you would have loved it!
The cross training sounds great, we are really taking it seriously here... out PT is not letting us get away with just running and stretching...I can't wait to follow your new adventures with P90X!