Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pain in the bootay - it's a NAG!

In my constant effort to ....
I'm finding some freedom in my training. 

I'm working on my fall marathon training plan.  Later this fall, I have a decision to make concerning how I will race, or, IF I will race MDI (Mt. Desert Island, ME).  This is NOT a PR opportunity for me.  I am NOT a strong hill racer.  So the decision will come down to 2 options:
1. go out and race the course as fast as I can, on the given hills, OR 
2. go out and run it reserved, use it more as a training run, and save myself to "RACE", in Dec., on a course that I am better at racing (flat and fast).
Currently, I'm taking a week off from running in hopes that this "pain in my booty" quickly heals.
Feel free to vote and give your opinion on the matter. 
I will decide later, as the training unfolds.

 In April,  I went to run the TuxachanieTrails with Jennifer.
NOT being a trail runner, and NOT picking up my feet, leads me to a
near miss, fall.  In attempting to stay on my feet, my left legs goes back, and up in the air.  In fighting for my balance, I fight a little too hard with that leg and almost pulled my glute.  Since that day I have noticed it off and on.  Sometimes it goes away for several days and even weeks,  and at other times,  it rears it's ugly head.  Fast forward to June 7th - 16 X 200s on the road in Eastpoint, FL. 

 Eastpoint, FL
No issues on this day, but the next morning, I head out on an easy run to loosen the legs and when I take the first few steps my hamstring and booty screams at me.   I bail on the run, and walk to loosen up the legs.  Since this time, I reduced the mileage and intensity.  June 21st, I attempted to run some 400s to test the waters.  I ran them MUCH slower than my recent workouts.  It didn't hurt, but I still feel something in the glute.  I can easily run through the dull pain, but will it remain dull?   I bailed on this workout at 6 repeats.   It's a mild pain in the bootay, but I DO NOT want it to become anything more.  After the Tues. workout, I decided to take a week off of running. 
In addition, I realized this week that I have missed 4 weeks of yoga.  It also occurred to me this week that each time I've missed more than 2 wks of yoga, something starts nagging me.  I must do yoga to "stay in the game" like I want to be.  I made my favorite Wed. class.  It felt like the healing was happening as I stretched in class.  I can't explain it, but for ME, 
yoga MUST be in the mix. 
I'm hoping this week will be a HEALING week, and I will be ready to ramp up for fall distance racing.  On Fri. I went to the chiropractor, to make sure my hips are not out of whack.  I tried to get a massage, but my "good hands man" was booked up, so that will have to wait until Mon. or Tues.

Yesterday, I went for an extended walk.  It was really nice and therapeutic for me.  It gave me a sense of peace.  While walking, it took me back to the beginning of my marathon journey. 
 My walk along Bayou Lafourche, South LA

(I walked my first marathon, except I ran the first 4 miles, and ran a few downhills.  It was my 5th marathon before I ran the whole way.  I would do it exactly the same again, and in fact, one day, I can see myself going back to my origin in marathons, and walk them just for fun)

Sat.,  I walked for 40-45 minutes, had some breakfast, and then walked back home.  (can't do that on a run - the bright side)   I love a LONG walk.  It's not the same as running, in the challenge part, but I enjoy it too.  When I'm training for a marathon, (most of the year)  I rarely have time to fit in any walking of any distance.  
There's just something about walking or running beside the water!
It's a "Salt Life" that I LOVE!
I'm on day 5 of my "no run week".  It's totally normal for me to get SUPER excited in July for the upcoming distance training for the fall racing.  With this week of NO running, the desire has hit early.  I have even come to terms with the summer training in the South.  Yes, it's HOT, yes I'm slower than normal, but there's just something about summer running that I love.  It's hard to believe, just a few years ago, I drastically reduced my mileage in the summer to avoid the heat.  Then I finally "made up my MIND" that I would NOT let the heat stop me from summer training.  I would get up at insane hours to get it done before daylight.  Now, a couple more years along, I'm lazy, so many times, I CHOOSE, to run in insane heat to avoid insane hours of running.   I'm typically up early, but just no longer like to get out the door, super early, to be finished at daylight.   

It's funny how things change!   It makes me wonder how many other wonderful things I may be missing out on because of a closed mind.  Maybe there's still hope for me and that bike.  Not a fan yet, but maybe one day I will be....


Michael said...

Hope the pain in the booty goes away soon. I have issues with my back/hip alignment, and when they do get out of whack it always tightens up my hamstring. Not sure why, I guess it just literally pulls on the muscle. As soon as I'm back in alignment the tightness goes away.

I think there's lots of hope for that bike. Biking, while still scary is still quickly becoming my favorite activity.

Jennifer said...

Terrible! I feel responsible, but it WAS a bad day for spills! I think a week off is good. I am sure you have found a stretch specific to the area. Rest up! I think the bike is a great idea too.

Britt said...

I always have issues when I omit yoga from my routine as well. A pain in the rear is never fun to deal with. Keep yogaing, if that is even a word.

Chris K said...

Sorry about the injury Ginny. Rest, yoga, and stretching will get you back, I'm sure.

As far as the race, my approach would probably be to run it, not race it and go for a PR in December.

And here I thought I was the only runner on the planet that has an aversion to biking. Maybe we can have a stubborn contest on the topic.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I hope this week is a full of healing and rejuvenation for you Ginny! This reminds me that I need to take more time for yoga too...I wish I had more time in my day to run, do yoga and be a mom and wife. For the race, I would go out with reservation and then let your body tell you what to do.

Lisa said...

New follower here! I wanted to run MDI this year, but had a conflict with that date. I wish you well there. It's gorgeous scenery and yes, challenging hilly terrain for sure. Hope your training goes well.

lindsay said...

i am the same! i used to hate summer running, but now i love it. well... most of the time :)

jenny winstead said...

i've been dealing with this SAME pain for the past 6-8 months! it's like my leg wont extend properly because i am compensating for the pain. i have tried resting, icing, stretching, but not yoga, i will try that next! thanks for the advice on what you do for yours.

Jill said...

Uck, sorry about the glute pain, no fun at all! Fingers crossed it goes away soon.

I am surprised I like biking as much as I do, but I do have a love/hate relationship with it and have far too many scares on my knees. But I do like it and I think there's hope for you, too! :)

misszippy said...

Boo to the bootay! you are being smart, though, so it should clear up in no time.

I say go do MDI as a scenic training run and then race in December. Perfect combo

Tricia said...

hope the yoga and massage help the booty

HappyTrails said...

Can I vote for a combo of the two? Keep Dec as your target race but why not push steady for a good finish at MDI??? Does your bootay bother you on your 'regular' runs as opposed to your track workouts? If not, why not just leave the track stuff for a bit and do some fast pick-ups during your regular runs??? Hope it starts to clear up soon - it gets discouraging when you feel like you have limitations. The week of walking will probably do your body and mind good!

mfranks said...

I feel you for the "pain in the booty" i have dumped a life savings on chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture, and new P.T. has finally helped me finds some relief!

I used to run a lot of hard hilly races but I try not to do too many any more...would rather run fast than challenging...maybe hat makes me a wimp.
Q- Does your but bother you after track workouts? Is it piriformis? S.I? Good luck with the M training...I am planniny out some formal M training myself :)

Running and living said...

I've had the pain in the butt, never to intense, just like you, a bit of a nagging. I dg myself with piriformis. I massaged the heck out of it with a tennis ball (the foam roller did not work), iced a lot, and it went away. I did not have to change my training around, bc it never hurt during the run, always after. Hope yours goes away quickly.

I am not good on hills either, but am trying to change that. I am now doing lots of hill running to get stronger, even though my fall marathon is flat (well, New England flat, ha!). So, maybe start training on hills for that first race, you will get stronger. Stronger = durable, and that is at least for me, a #1!