Friday, August 12, 2011

August Running Scenes

19 miles of MS beauty
Audrey's babies

The summer breeze today, reminded me of fall

IP Biloxi

at the pool @ IP Biloxi
It's been a good week.  Jen and I met on Tues. for our 3rd and final week of mile repeats.  For the past 3 wks we ran the same workout.  2 mile w/u, 2 X 1 mile, and 2 mile c/d .  Jen signed up for a blogger 1 mile challenge.

Week 1 - 7:37 & 7:23,  
Week 2-  7:28 & 7:34 (extreme humidity)
Week 3 - 7:14 & 6:54  this may be my mile PR ?? not sure because I don't have a mile time written down, (that I can find).  Either way, it's a great time for me, for August.  This should mean good things this fall.  Jen had a super day too.  This was her first time running mile repeats.  She met, and exceeded her goal.  I'm sure she will be reporting on it soon. 

I also completed 19 miles @ 9:46 avg.  I had 18 planned.  walked 2 more after the run.
I will end the wk with 46-50 miles of running - finally getting my mileage back up :-)
This week Chad and I went for an overnight to Biloxi.  A quick getaway, but it was so nice to get away together and unplug from work, computers, & cell phones, etc.  

And now, I must close this.  Blogger is acting CRAZY (as you can see with the formatting).  I have been sitting WAY too long after the long run this am.   Time for a little stretching! 


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Our running schedule is similar: I ran 20 yesterday, 50 this week. After the Maine marathon, I'd like to hike on Mt. Desert Island. Hope you get the chance to explore there, too!

Lisa said...

Great pictures and great mileage!

Jennifer said...

Not many folks plan for 18 and then do MORE! HA! Not surprised. Thanks for doing the mile repeats with me, it made all the difference to have a friend with me, especially someone with more experience and faster legs!

Jill said...

Glad you got away for a little RNR with the hubby :). Nice job on the mile, too! I used to do mile repeats when I worked with that trainer a couple years ago. I got down to 6:28. I'm certain if I attempted one now, it'd be 10:28. Bleh!!

Beautiful August pictures! :)