Saturday, December 3, 2011

I went for it !

Baton Rouge, LA marathon
Super race!  very well organized and beautiful course
Jen and Me - post race
 Congrats to Jen!  She blew her old PR away by 4.5 MINUTES.  She went into the race with no plans to PR, and walked away with a super race.  So proud of you Jen! 

Yes, I went for it......

but I ended up leaving Baton Rouge without a BQ, and without a PR.  I would be telling a lie, if I said I wasn't disappointed, who wouldn't be when you miss a marathon PR by 15seconds, but  this is the narrative of the rest of today's story.
3:49:31  2nd place age group, 20th out of 104 females

Around mile 15.5, I was still feeling really good, had already started picking up the pace and still feeling good, and I decided to go for a BQ, new standards, (3:45) which was a stretch for me on a good day.   Looking back , it was probably a dumb move because it was a little warm for a BQ (for me), but I "went for it"  Still need to look at Garmin, but think I held on to around 22-23 ish and, could not hold on.  I fell off the pace (bad), and then missed a PR by 15 seconds.  (needed 3:44:59 for BQ, and sub 3:49:17 for PR)  (missed a PR by 15 seconds)

Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome.  I left everything on the course.  My PR is at St. George (downhill course).  Baton Rouge is what I would call a "fair course" with some rollers, (some call it flat).  After my PR / BQ at St. George(2009), my goal became to BQ on a "fair" course.  Let me say, I do not discount the St. George, downhill course for a BQ, but this was just my next step, my next goal.   So today, I made that goal to BQ under the old standards - looking on the bright side.
Unfortunately, for me, the old standards mean nothing. 

The bright side from today - I'm totally convinced, had the weather been ideal for me, I would have a BQ and a PR.    NEXT TIME......keeping reading

So,  overall, it was a good day. 

Thanks for checking in and supporting me.  It means a lot to me.



HappyTrails said...

You rock! 15 seconds off of a PR???
You can basically call it a PR - and you were trying to decide whether or not to 'reschedule'! Bravo! And bravo to Jennifer, too! :-) We are smiling for you!

Jenn said...

Oh Ginny! What a race to be proud of! Great job. I can see where the 15 seconds would bite you in the butt (would me) but knowing you can come that close in much less than stellar conditions has to be a good feeling! 2nd in your AG-AWESOME!

The bright side!!! See, this is why you will continue to improve and continue to fight and continue to love running because you always believe in NEXT TIME!! The day I stop believing is the day I stop running. And YES, I will keep reading!!

Congrats Ginny! Proud of you for tackling it head on and taking the risk. Hope you're celebrating tonight:)

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!! That's a fantastic time and, given the weather conditions, a kick ass performance :)

I do get your disappointment though. Another reason to keep trying. I'll be right there with ya!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Ah, darn 15 secs...did you know your time during the last bit of the race?

Still, I completely agree with your decision to go for the BQ even though the temps were higher than you would have liked them to be. I race best in cool temps, too. BUt, I am confident that you can BQ again. You will! You train hard and take care of yourself and persevere. Now reward yourself and celebrate a great race!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Aw Ginny, can't believe I missed you! I was even looking for you!
I agree with you, fantastic race. I'll get a recap up in a bit but long story short - I got lost and ran 27.2 instead of just 26.2!
Way to place 2nd in your AG! I know you are disappointed to "just miss" a PR, but that course was not really easy (although I loved it!) - those mild rolling sections can get you since you don't really get the benefit of a long downhill to make up time lost uphill. I think your time was awesome! You should be proud! Congrats!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Way to go! You are amazing Ginny...great attitude and YES, you will get it! And 2nd in your AG...awesome! Love your header pic...gorgeous.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great race!!! I know the feeling of missing the PR by a few seconds - I know you're disappointed, but considering the conditions - you were amazing! Great job!!!

misszippy said...

Ginny--Great race! I love your very positive attitude. It's as it should be; you gave it your all in less than ideal conditions and still turned in a fantastic time. You're so right--you totally have that BQ/PR in you!

Now let me start talking you into coming up north for your next attempt and we'll get you some good weather!


Jennifer said...

You rock Ginny! And are the best traveling partner ever! I had a fun time and am happy that you feel really good about your experience. I love your attitude and it rubs off on me, keeping me always smiling about what I am doing even during the rough times!

Christine said...

Congrats!!! So close!!! Great post race picture!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wow 15 seconds...those are a little tough to swallow, but when you know you've given your all then it really doesn't matter! Great job on pushing through and adding another completed race to your growing list!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you missed your PR, but you are still an awesome example of perseverance! I wish I could run like you! Maybe one day!

lindsay said...

congratulations!!! i think it says a lot that you were only 15 seconds off a PR -- esp since your PR was net downhill. any marathon is tough, but i'd like to think the extra downhill helps a little ;)

i'm glad you went for it! i rarely feel like i left it all out there so enjoy that feeling. sub-3:45 is soo in reach.

Jess A @cajunrunnerjess said...

I still think you did great! I admire anyone for being able to complete a half or whole marathon since I have not done one yet! Keep up the hard work!

Katie said...

Nice race! It may not have been a PR, but it was still awesome!

Karen said...

15 seconds!!!! Awesome nonetheless and on a harder course. Be proud Ginny!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats! That is a great finishing time! The 15 seconds would bother me at first, too, but we can't do anything about the weather. Next time, you'll get it!

Thought about you and the marathon when I was in St. George recently. I'd be afraid that a downhill course would hurt my knees or toes.