Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top of Utah 26.2 & Boston Registration-will I get in?

BIG week ahead for us.  Chad, Terri, and I will be traveling west to Logan, UT.  Sat. I will be "racing" the Top of Utah Marathon.   I'm seriously about to pop.  I'm hoping to reserve some of the excitement for Sat. when I will be running for a PR.  This one is all about the "finish time".  Some people find their passion in "just running" and enjoying the moment.  My passion is RACING, & out performing my previous time.  I'm happy that I can go to some races and "just run for fun", but Sat. is not about that.
 My FUN, is a new PR.  

Let me back up and do a little catching up.  Terri and I went to Tupelo, MS to run the quirky Tupelo Marathon & 14.2 mile race eat at Vanelli's Italian restaurant (yummy!) (last year we ran the  full marathon as a training run).  This year, it was again a training run for both of us, but each of us had a structured goal for the 14.2 mile race.  Terri was running it as a MRP (marathon race pace) run, and I was doing a fast finish run.  Terri ended the day  with a "spot-on" training run, and ended the day with an 8:30 avg. in  hot, humid, & hilly conditions.   My plan was 14 with the last 6-8 at MRP.  I ended with an 8:39 avg. over the last 8 miles.  The day before the race, and morning of, I had to do some talking to myself.  I have race fever!  I had to keep telling myself - "self - you are 2 wks from TOU 26.2.  Today is NOT the day to race, control yourself and stick with the plan.  Terri and I ran the first mile together,  and then she picked it up to her goal pace.  As she picked it up, I didn't go "with her", but I did pick up my pace.  Miles 2 and 3 were faster than planned  for my early miles (8:43 and 8:41).  I talked myself back into "my plan" and waited for the last 8 miles to run MRP.
....Pacing, Running Smart, and Sticking to the Plan - It's tough out there!   
 (especially when "race fever" hits you hard)
Terri & I left Tupelo behind with our goals for the day checked off,  and another great training run behind us.

You may have noticed the Boston Registration in the title of my post.  I had decided weeks ago, that although I qualified again, I would not return to Boston in 2013 (too expensive & low on travel funds).  My plan was to wait for Terri and Audrey to BQ,  and then return to Boston with friends.  Last weekend, I was helping our local running club with a  5k race.  Soccer Locker & City Runners is our local running store.  During the day, the owner was talking to our running club president (Audrey),  about sending 2 pacer members to Boston (male & female).  Audrey knew that I had BQ'ed and mentioned this to the owner.   They called me over, and just the "mention" of the possibility of a return trip to Boston, with paid flight and hotel, quickly sent me into an emotional state.  Chill bumps came over my legs, &  I was about to cry,  tears of joy, obviously.
emotions of the moment - humbled, amazed, honored, excited, cloud nine, could it really happen to me?

  Later in the wk, conversations back and forth, and it has been decided that our other friend, and pacer member/volunteer, Terry and I will be going to Boston.  Terry will be able to register on Monday,  and he will get in, no problem.  My story is a little different.  I have to wait until FRIDAY.  eeeeekkkkkk - the agony!    
will I get in, will I go to Boston 2013?, 
will I miss the opportunity for free hotel and flight to Boston?  
come on BAA, let me in!    
what do you think about the 2013 registration?  any opinions about the closing date? 

I'm truly honored that Soccer Locker & City Runners decided to pick me to go to Boston.  
If you are local, and reading this, please go by and support Soccer Locker as they support our community through donations to local races and sponsorships, and supporting other local businesses.
(Soccer Locker supports my local business - Always In Stitches Embroidery & Screen Printing) 

What an exciting week.  Friday, I will be in Logan, trying to get into the Boston Marathon for 2013, and Sat. I will be RACING TOU.  I'm so excited that Chad (hubby) and my friends, Terri and Kristie  will be at the race.  Terri will be running the 2nd half of the race with me - so excited that my friend and summer training partner will travel across country, and share this day with me.  Wow!  
(thank you Terri and Kristie)  this will be a SPECIAL day with hubby and friends.  I can't wait......  


HappyTrails said...

Woo-hoo! We SO hope you get in! Also, have a total blast and great race in Utah. Sounds like the perfect weekend - time in the mountains, time spent with hubby and friends, and a race!!! Have fun! :-)

Angle Monaluchas said...

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mfranks said...

Enjoy the weekend!

I replied to your post the other day but my phone wont let me comment anymore, I don't understand this technology!

Anyways, 6X 1 mile w/ 90 sec rest on a hilly road loop is about 10 seconds slower than I would average for this workout on the track. Ultimately I would like 5:40 pace to become my HM pace, but right now it is probably 10K pace. I guess I did that workout at 30 sec per mile slower than goal marathon pace. Hope that helps!

Katie said...

Good luck registering tomorrow! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jeff said...

I ran TOU Saturday. What an outstanding race, beautiful day and a PR for me... and a BQ!! finally.. I finished in 3:06:42..
Full race report at