Monday, November 7, 2016

Time is zooming - 3 weeks !

I can't seem to keep up.  The training weeks are flying by.  My last blog was about my 20 miler and the 9 X 800 workout.  I seemed to recover really well from that.  My 22 miler was planned for 10 days later,  so I ran it this past Friday.  I had been running a balance of hills and flat, but it ended up with my 18 and 20 mile runs were on flat roads.  The 18 was flat because I wanted to run the race in Mandeville, LA.  The 20 miler ended up being in South LA just because that's the way my schedule ended up.  I was in LA when I needed to run the 20, so it was flat, flat, except one bridge.   I was determined that my next long would be on hills.  It was, and it was challenging !  I suppose most 22 mile runs are challenging no matter what the terrain.  I also wanted it to be challenging because I know Memphis is going to be hilly.  I'm not sure "how hilly", but I know it's rolling hills for most of the race, from what I'm told.

I'm continuing my trial of running 8 miles before my long run, so I ran 8 miles on Thursday.  Thankfully, I was able to recruit my friend Kelly to run the 8 miles with me.  So Friday, before the time change, I waited for daylight, and headed out for my run.  I don't like running in the dark anymore, and thankfully, my schedule is flexible and I can do it.  I had to wait until 7AM for daylight to arrive.  By waiting for daylight, I knew the last hour, or more, would be warm.  It was !

This pic and the one to the right lower, are in the same area
.  One the way out !
One the way back !  The fall colors didn't show up like I wanted. 
This is a flat area at the middle miles of my run.  I love my country road running!   This pic has many of my favorite "country" scenes - dirt road, green cow pastures, hay barn, farm house, fence posts, and barbed wire.  Just need the cat, dog, and cows to show up and it would have been perfect. 

Audrey's horse poses for a pic.  He wanted to run !

Audrey's dogs cheering me on .....Go Ginny Go ! 
 I ended this week with 34 miles (I peaked last week at 42 miles).   Friday when I finished the run, I didn't have much time.  I had to pack the car and drive 2 hours to South LA.  Getting in a car after a hilly 22 mile run was not on my wish list.   I felt beat up the rest of the day, but that was to be expected with the distance, the hills, and the warmth at the end.   I ended up running the 22 miles with a 9:57 average.  I've been working REALLY hard on NOT slowing down at the end of my quality runs.  This run was the first one that I totally failed, but the last 2 miles are up hill and fairly intense, so I'm choosing to look on the bright side.  The bright side is this.....  As mentioned my 20 miler was flat.   My average pace was 9:55 for the 20.  This 22 mile run was hilly and my average pace was 9:57.  So even though I slowed down a LOT in the last 2,  up hill miles, I'm focusing on the terrain and factoring in the temps. and calling it a great run.

For this marathon training, I'm doing some things that are similar, but I'm trying several new things.  One being the 8 mile runs the day before my long runs.  I'm also trying my longest run being 4 weeks out instead of my typical 3 weeks before the marathon.  Today, I also decided that this week is going to be a step back week which will be different than my typical 3 week taper.  This week,  I'm going to cut my weekly mileage back (probably 20-25 miles) and my long run will be 8-10 miles.  Then next week (2 weeks before the marathon), I will do a 16-18 mile run, and the Yasso's full 10X800 workout, and increase my weekly mileage again.    I will do the long run early in the week, so it will be more like 2.5 weeks out.  Then I will do a shorter taper after next week.

I have no idea how all of this will work out as far as racing, but it doesn't matter......
I'm enjoying the training.  I'm adjusting it as I feel it's needed.  I decided on the "step back" week today, after running a 5 mile run and knowing that I'm NOT recovered from the 22 miles on Friday.  It just feels right to "step back" this week, get some full recovery, and then pick it back up again next week.

Another good reason for a step back week is that Wed., my Mom, sister, and I will leave for a quick trip to Dallas, TX.  From what I've read, it sounds like a run around White Rock Lake will be on the list, but I'm still researching the area.   Happy Running ! 


Gracie said...

So are you doing a 10-day training cycle?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Not exactly - earlier, I was doing a long run every other week. Late September/early Oct., after feeling better than expected after my long break, I decided I wanted to add a 22 mile run. To do that, I adjusted the 18, 20, & 22 to be 10 days apart. I also wanted the 22 to be 4 weeks out instead of the typical 3 weeks.
I did do a planned 10-day self created program in 2009. My long, hills, speed or tempo all rotated around every 9 days. This was my 1st BQ race, & PR at that time so it worked well for me. I also think now, at 48, it will be a smart plan if I decided to increase my mileage for a future marathon (after St. Jude, Dec. 2016)

lindsay said...

So glad to see you back at it! And WELL at it, at that! 22 miles, sheesh. That's a beautiful road for running!