Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yasso's 800s and final 24 hour double run

It's so hard for me to believe that I'm 2 weeks away from my return to 26.2 after a 3.5 year break.  Yikes !    Actually, I'm excited !   I couldn't have asked for better training for my return.   I ended up doing much more than I thought I would for this marathon.  When I decided to raise money for St. Jude and return to the marathon in the early Spring, the only goal was to finish the race for St. Jude.  As mentioned before, as I got into the summer training, I felt great.  I felt so encouraged I added in the much tougher than originally planned, Yasso's 800s.  This past Tues. I did the full workout -       10 X 800 with equal recovery time.  As I've been working up to the 10X800 workout, I've realized that "muscle memory" is a real thing.  I've been happily surprised with the ease that I've returned to this "not for the weak" workout.  I should say, I haven't returned at near the same speed as before, but I'm faster than I expected to be after the extended hiatus.  As I've been working up to the full workout, the 800s have been around 4:00 or just under, with 4:00 minute recovery. 
So fortunate to have this nice track in St. Bernard, LA
Thankfully, for this final workout, the weather in South Louisiana is finally tolerable, even nice some days.  The final Yasso's workout was great !  I averaged 3:55 for the 10X800 workout.  This was 9.5 miles with 5 miles of speed work.   I think I may have already mentioned this, but if not.....I have NO plans to attempt a 3:55 marathon.  My peak mileage was 42 miles and that was only 1 week in the 40 MPW range.  Unless things have totally changed for me during my break, this mileage (FOR ME) doesn't equate to a sub 4:00 marathon.  Sub 4:00 is not my goal anyway.   This marathon is about giving the 26.2 mile distance a try again, and this one is about St. Jude. 

My husband and I raffled a guided fishing trip and we raised $4300.00 for St. Jude.  This is what this race is about for me.  Dufrene's Guide Service  - check it out if you like to fish. 

Yesterday, and today, I ran my final, 2 runs in 24 hours, 8 mile and long run combo.  This is a new experiment for me.  I enjoy trying different training plans, different ideas, different workouts, etc.  This time, starting with my 18 miler, then for my 20, 22, and now my final 16 mile run, I've ran 8 miles before the long run, in roughly a 24-26 hour period of time.  I'm thinking, and hoping,  this will add some strength, and maybe some strength in the final miles of the race.

Friday lunch time run - 76 degrees with a cold front on the way for my Sat. run.

Tunnel of Trees in St. Bernard, LA

For the 24 miles (8 miles Friday at lunch time and 16 Sat. am) in just under 24 hours, I averaged around 9:33 average.  A cold front arrived :) during the night, with a strong north wind.  I rode with Chad to the gym and ran the 16 miles back to our camp.  This way the wind was at my back.  I figured being 2 weeks out from the marathon, the wind aided run was a good idea.  That's what I told myself anyway......

Now it's taper time for me.  I ended this week with 38.5 miles.  This next week I will run 25-31 miles. 

All I need now is some COLD, no wind, no ice, no rain weather in Memphis, TN on Dec. 3rd.  I'm ready !  I'm excited ! 


Lisa said...

Sounds like a great reason to return to the 26.2! Wishing you perfect weather in TN for Dec 3 :) Have fun!!

Gracie said...

Yes, the weather this weekend was excellent long run weather - I was sick, but I wish I could be running in it! You sound ready to race and very strong.

lindsay said...

Wind to your back is always a good idea! Hope the run went well (since I'm so far behind in reading) :)