Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another pair down!

Today I ran my last 5 mile run in these, another pair down.  Died at 475 miles.
My Aunt came for a visit last weekend and brought this beautiful mum.  So sweet!

So Tues. I had the short interval track workout.  Wow!  My legs were not ready for that.  Wed. am,  I am feeling those 200's and 400's.  This morning I decided to hold  my coffee hostage to "make" myself start my home yoga routine.  I go to 1-2 yoga classes a week, but have been blabbing on and on for years now about needing to start my home yoga.  If I can ever get it started so that it becomes routine, I think I will continue it, it's just to get it started so that it becomes a habit.  So Wed. with my coffee on the line, yoga was not a problem.  I started off with committing to 10 minutes of yoga and then I could have my coffee.  I did some sun salutations, and warmed-up a little and then worked on some 1/2 handstands and lifting one leg up vertically and bringing it to the floor and then alternating legs.  (hard to explain) but a tough pose for me.  After the short yoga session, I immediately noticed how invigorated I felt.  Also in that short session, my legs loosened up and felt better to be stretched out a little first thing in the morning.    The yoga did more than the coffee does, but I still enjoyed my coffee just after my 10 min. was up.  Later in the day, I  worked on some "man" push-ups" and some core work in between working in the shop.  Wed. evening I met a friend and we walked 5 miles.  She hates to walk, I thought it was great.

This morning I did just a few sun salutations, just to try to continue establishing a routine at home, but I knew I would be going to yoga class @ Spiers Fitness and Yoga, so I didn't do much this am, at home.  This evening I went for a 5 mile run.  I think I am still feeling the track workout a little, but mostly I think my shoes are done.  To the grave yard they go.

So I am in a dilemma about which 5k to go to this weekend.   One option has a nice course, that will have great competition (although I am not super competitive), BUT I know the course is short. (2.99 in 2007)  I hate a short course.  There is another one on the rails to trails that will be flat and fast, but there are too many races on this part of the trail and I am bored with it, but it will be fast and I think is a sorority 5k which may    (or may not) have good door prizes, and age group awards, and hopefully they will use the correct turn around, so it should be accurate.  The 3rd one would be a new 5k for me, but I am not sure if it's an accurate course or not.   It is supposed to be flat too.  Hmmm, what to do????

My warm, humid, but breezy run this evening.  (5 miles - 9:25 pace)


HappyTrails said...

WOW! You got 475 miles out of your shoes??? What a sad day, indeed, when you need to retire your faithful friends! :-) Pick the 5k that will be the most scenic and fun!!!!!!!! It's all about FUN . . .

RunToTheFinish said...

I always hate to say good bye to my shoes. I mean really we have just gotten in to a groove when they die.

I say do the new course, spice things up

Meg Runs said...

Wow, your old faithful friends still look clean. It's a good thing you don't rely on the "look" of the shoe as to when to toss them! My shoes always turn brown after the first time I run...trail dust I guess!
I say try the new one, just for fun!

shellyrm said...

Three 5ks to choose from??? Ugh! to where I live. I have to travel this weekend almost an hour if I want a race and it will only be a 5k. Grrrr!

Stay strong. Which ever race you do!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

That's a lot of miles! Mine usually only last about 400.

I'd pick the new race for fun. Good luck! I hope you get a PR!

kristen said...

Do the new one! I need a quick yoga routine that I will actually do at home.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Yes, I was lucky to get that many miles. Typically, I am lucky to get 400. I was rotating 3 pairs of shoes this time. I have read that this extends the life of the shoes because they have time to "bounce back." Not sure, but may be worth further experimenting to see. I do hate rotating 3 pairs, too much to keep track of, but if I see that I can consistently get more miles, I may continue with 3.