Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Love me some 200's!"

Ahhhhh, first quality run since SGM.  Last night I was like a kid on Christmas eve.  "I'm going to the track on Tues."  My plan was to run 4 X 200, 4 X 400, and 4 X 200.  It's been so long since I have run any short speed work, I had to go to the Mcmillan Running Calculator
http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm  to get my paces. (this is a great tool to give you an educated guess on what you might run in other distances and it gives you paces for repeats, intervals, tempos, etc.   I based my input on a 5k that I ran 6 weeks ago.  (23:27)  So it said my 200s should be around :45 and my 400s @ 1:41-1:45.  Really didn't think a lot about, just planned to run around :45 seconds, and around 1:41.  Well, if I would have really thought about it I would have realized that was not totally realistic, but I try.  So I warmed up for 1.5 miles, ran a few strides, and then Vicki, Charles and I start our first 200.  1st thought - Wow!  That went by fast! 2nd thought - Wow!  I am very slow :52, normally I go out too fast on my first interval.  Not to worry, I will get on pace the next one.  It felt like we really picked up the pace, finish the 2nd 200 @ :55  WHAT!  Can't deny it, Charles's watch says the same, 55 seconds.  3rd was :51 and 4th was :49 - yay - under 50 seconds.  The 400s went like this 1:46, 1:47, 1:47, and 1:47 - well consistent anyway.  Last set of 200's - 52, 51, 52, and 51.  No 45 seconds 200's in my picture today.    That's ok - first short speed workout and really, I am only 3.5 weeks out from SGM, what do you expect?  (the funny thing, I really expected to go out and run 45s and 1:43 - ha ha)

The good news.  HOW FUN!  I love the short speed work.  Also, I have a starting point and I have a goal.  Work on the speed, and get the 200s down to 45's.   I LOVE a goal and a plan. 

The week is starting off grand.  5 miles on Monday and finally a little home yoga, Tues. - am, yoga @ Kelly's and pm - track workout above.  6.75 miles. 


Jennifer said...

I wish I could love the speed-work like you! Sounds like it was just what you needed! Cheers!

Meg Runs said...

I loved the comment..."Well if I had thought about it I would have realized that it was not totally realistic but I try..." That's the story of my life and it always works out! Keep trying!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

I like the short speedwork, too, since it means the rests come around more often!

kristen said...

I too love me a goal and a plan!! I love it. Those are GREAT distances!

lindsay said...

Nice speedwork! I've had a hard time lately with the # of intervals on my schedule but you handled these!