Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Now?

When I started my 5k training 8 weeks ago, today was planned as my "goal race."  Even with the hot June temps, I had "plans" of running a good race, not a great race, not a PR race, but just a good solid race.  "Life" had other plans and I ran a SLOOOWWW race today.  whatever!    It's official, June is my absolute worst month for racing.  I proved it last year, and again today.  I'm going to look on the bright side...... last year, June 12, 2010, I ran my worst 5k in 5 years (25:47).    Today, still slow, but better than last year.  (24:46)

      April 16th  65 degrees  May 7th 80 degrees  May 27th 85-86 degrees    June 11th  74 degrees/RF - 83
165                          168                        172                             169        86 % humidity
MHR 173                          176                         184                            178
        23:31                         23:51                     23:50                         24:46 (seriously??) (burnt or tired?  not sure yet)

The race today was a new race, a first time race for the director, etc.  I was aware of this, and it's always a risk, but it's still maddening.  Prior to the race, I heard some pre-race questioning of the accuracy of the course.  I suspected it may end up incorrect.  As I made the final turn to the finish, I looked at my Garmin and realized the course would be REALLY short.  What did I do?    I crossed the finish and kept going.  At the finish, I was at 2.8.  HELLO, I did not get up early to run a 2.8 mile race.  I have nothing to compare a 2.8 mile race to.  I kept running! (this was the first time I have done this)  Yes, everyone looked at me like I was CRAZY.  Who cares?    Ha Ha!  (Yes, at 2.8, I had a PR for a 5k - woo hoo - finally sub 23)  When I returned to the finish line, after completing MY 5K, I heard everyone talking about how they had a PR today.  
Hello, the course was WAY short.  Seriously, will you count that as a PR?  too funny!
(even without a Garmin, I would KNOW, without a doubt, this was a short course.  I have NEVER finished a 5k,  sub 23 in ideal weather, and definitely not in the heat of June)

This past week and a half, I have been out of my normal "life" routine.  My Mom has been in the hospital, so I spent most of the time at the hospital with interrupted sleep.  Let me just say, I NEED MY SLEEP to function properly.  I also had a 5 hour drive to, and from FL during this 10 day period.    My Mom recently found out through a colonoscopy that she had colon cancer.  She endured a colectomy.  The doc reports that the cancer was at T1, which is a an early stage.  He also told us they were able to get all of the cancer, and she does not have to go through chemo or radiation.  "She is cancer free!"  We are happy and BLESSED!  
(doc also says all of her children over 40 should have a colonoscopy - eek!  that's expensive and we have a LARGE deductible - yikes!)

Originally, I had planned to take a break after the 5k today, but now I'm considering another 5k.  I'm back home, and on my regular routine.  I know I can run faster than the results today, even in the heat.  So now I'm debating.  Part of the debate is that I know I need a break soon.   The other side wants to go for another race because I feel I have left something on the table.    Part of me thinks....I'm DONE, but the other part thinks I still have some left?????
Go ahead and take my break, or go for another 5k????  Tonight, I can't decide.   I suppose, I will go by feel the next couple of weeks.  

I'm curious, which online weather site do your rely on for your frantic pre-race weather search? 

In other very exciting news..... my hubby had a redfish tournament today in Panama City, FL.  He and his partner, Jay won the tourney, 1st place.  Sweet!  They won a boat!  They will sell the boat for cashola because, my friends, cash is KING, and we already have 2 boats.    (IFA Redfish Tour)



HappyTrails said...

OK - the race stuff is tolerable. But 2.8 - for real??? Ever heard of an odometer... Oh well.

Now - that is a huge RELIEF with your mom - woohoo! And no nasty follow up stuff is fantastic - wish her speedy recovery for us :))

Congrats to Chad - score on the prize boat ;-)

Petraruns said...

I can't believe the course was THAT much short? That's a bit rubbish.

As for your mom - glad she's getting better but that stuff takes its toll. And as for you - PLEASE get the procedure. Yes it costs but honey it beats getting cancer?

Congrats to Chad - nice win!

Tri-James said...

If you think you need a break then you probably do - stress + heat + life - tough for PR's.

Raquelita said...

I'm so glad to read that your mom is getting better and that she has been declared cancer-free. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer in the fall, and has undergone chemo, radiation, and surgery. It's looking very positive, but it has been a difficult few months. She is my hero for the way she has handled it all. Please get checked out!

mfranks said...

Great to hear about your Mom. Wouldn't worry about the "slow race" 1st time courses are usually bad courses, and like you discovered...long or short. Maybe you need a few more weeks to get things going again. Find something flat and fast in a few weeks.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Great to hear how things turned out for your mom and winning a boat? Fun! I would have run through my last short race like you did if I wouldn't have had to run people over to get it done. I'd rather have a long course than a short course.

Samantha said...

Congrats on your fake PR! And even happier for your mom. Your hubby won a boat? Sounds like you guys hit the jackpot!

Meg said...

Hey, I'd take the PR any way you can...a sub 23 is a sub 23! Just consider the lack of sleep and the worry and you KNOW you deserve that little pr nudge!
I think you SHOULD try the 5k out again! I know, I'm the chick who hated 5ks last year but, hey, life is full of changes. GO for it! No regrets!

Cory Reese said...

I usually check and during my neurotic pre-race weather checking.

Jennifer said...

What's next? Lunch at Newks! Tell C.D. I said congrats!

misszippy said...

Ginny--So glad your mom came through the surgery with a good report. It sounds like a great prognosis. I hate cancer!

FWIW: As to summer racing--I've learned that the older I get, the worse I do in the heat, for whatever reason. So my plan going forward is to concentrate on races in spring/fall and use the summer mostly for training.

lindsay said...

UMM i think it's time for a blog giveaway!!! :)

glad your mom is ok!!! get checked out girl. can't put a price on your health. (and i have a large deductible too... can't wait to get my ER bill)

as for the running... blame it on the humidity?

lindsay said...

oh and i use nothing fancy.

if you're not going to giveaway the boat, you could get hubs to giveaway a groupon ;) hey just suggesting.

Jill said...

Woohooo for your mom, that is fantastic news.

Congrats to your husband, that is so cool. And yeah, cashola is much more fun!! :)

Chris K said...

A boat? Hold crap. That is amazing.

Um, maybe don't go for PR's in the summer.

Sorry about your Mom, but so great that she'll be okay.

Chris K said...

Ignore 2nd line of last comment :-)

MrsQ318 said...

Just found your blog and I am now a follower! :)
Happy to find another Southern girl! (I'm from Georgia, lol)

mfranks said...

Thanks so much for the comment, it is exactly what I needed! I appreciate it sooo much. Really, I am hoping just to finish because a lot can go wrong in 26.2 miles....but I plan to be SMART. Thank you again! Getting nervous now!