Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Jenn, Ana Maria, and Meggan!

This morning I'm sending good thoughts and good vibes to Jenn and Ana Maria - 2 tough ladies who are without a doubt, giving it their all this morning.  Go Ladies Go!
On Sunday, Meggan will be running her first marathon @ the Manitoba Marathon - so excited for her.  Meggan is a super talented post collegiate runner.                                                                                       

Go Meggan!  
Strong Mind, Strong Heart!

*I came across this hill running demo today.  My fall racing will be filled with hilly marathons (Tupelo in Sept. - training run, and Mt. Desert, ME in Oct. - this one may be a "race" or another training run)  either way, coming up, my focus will be on hills.
(the video is on the home page, after scrolling through pictures)

* 2 weeks of low mileage, with one week being all easy running / recovery week (no hard workouts) -
why do I feel totally out of shape?    (silly, I know)
While I know this is just a mental thing, and I know I will come back quickly, and I know the REST is much needed and totally part of MY plan, I still wonder why we lose that mental edge so quickly?
recent weekly mileage -
week of May 16th - 50 miles,
May 23 - 24 miles - race,
May 30th - 30 miles,
June 6th - 16.5 miles - race,
June 13th - 16 miles - recovery week - no intensity - easy running

*I am excited!  This week I started using  Earlier this week, I stepped on the scale to see, what is for me, my "utter disgust number."  
I struggle!  
I am happy that I have this feeling because it always jolts me to make some changes.  I am also happy that this "disgust" number is a few lbs. lower than it once was, so I can quickly get back into reality earlier than I would have years ago.  To some, my disgust is puzzling.  Some, especially in the South, would think I have no worries. While I acknowledge, I am NOT FAT,  most of you know how I feel.   It's the uncomfortable feeling of being, or feeling slightly bloated and you know it's not a gassy bloat, it's a pudgy bloat.  Yuck!  
(a few of you do not have this struggle -the lucky ones -  I'm jealous!)  
So I have, once again, a renewed focus to  
" get right "
For me, I think the use of myfitnesspal will help me tremendously.  I need a program!  I need structure and like structure.  I prefer to be on a focused training plan MOST of the year, and that works for me.  So why haven't I been on a focused food plan?  Several years ago (maybe 2002-2003??), I counted calories and IT WORKED.  The problem came in, at the time,  not knowing I had not allowed enough calories for my active lifestyle.  In addition, the counting eventually became too much.    myfitnesspal makes this easy.  It calculates your calories, it gives credit for your workouts, and it offers a very extensive listing of foods.  I have been using it for a couple of days, and haven't had anything that I could not find in the listing of foods.  In addition, after using it for a few weeks, most of the foods that I routinely eat, will be on MY list, so it will be quick and easy.  I need this structure, and I think it may help me.  

I dream of getting to my goal weight and maintaining it!  
Maybe that will happen,
maybe it will not
  at least I have the "utter disgust feeling" to get me back in the right direction. 
Today, I'm thankful for THAT!

a few pics from this week in Mississippi

The Good Life!

Now, I'm out the door for a long walk along the bayou of South Louisiana!



Tricia said...

good luck to all those racing today. Enjoy your walk

Meg said...

I was just thinking that the easier weeks of mileage make me feel out of shape as well but I KNOW it's mental! Grr...
You WILL reach your goal weight, I know it! It's so much work but totally possible!!
Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I have no doubt that someone like you will reach your goal! You seems so driven and strong! Looks beautiful there...although I can feel the heat through the pictures. ha!
Go girls that are racing. Jenn is finished and ran a strong race just as I knew she would! Amazing women here!
Enjoy your day!!

Jennifer said...

I think as runners we are so tuned in to resting our bodies that we forget to rest out brains too.

Ha! I know all about "pudgy"!

Jill said...

You are one of the most determined chicas I know, you will get that weight where you want it...and will you help me get to mine? It's been a LONG time being injured....

Very pretty flower pictures!!! :)

Cory Reese said...

Great pictures! I feel the same way during recovery weeks. I have to keep reminding myself how important they are.

Chris K said...

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny, I am here to kick your rear end into gear. You asked for it. Kidding, I need to be careful cuz I'm on Ginny probation for my last comment about PR'ing.

Actually, it doesn't look like you need some butt kicking. Looks like mentally you got it together and have the right formula to get to where you want to be. Regarding your low milage weeks, I've always liked this comment, "So what, now what?".

Did I bring it?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Jennifer - such a smart comment - good advice - shut it off for a while. Ha

Chris - You are NEVER on probation from my blog. I responded becuz, I didn't want you thinking I was dumb enough to be running for a PR in 80 + degree weather with unGodly humidity.

HappyTrails said...

I think we lose our mental edge, in most cases, because not only is our body tired from the physical training but our mind is tired from constantly being focused on that training, goals, races, nutrition, etc. Sometimes you just need to relax, take a few easy weeks and enjoy life and just running with no specific goals other than to have fun.

I ALWAYS love your beautiful lush garden pics. Lovely! And Kitty certainly does have the life and seems to be relaxed in it! :-)

Running and living said...

Thank you so much for this, Ginny! V sweet of you:)
The weight ups and downs are so normal with racing. I gain in taper and post race rest, then it comes out when I drain high mileage and intensity. You are not pudgy!
PRs are hit and miss. You can't really count on them. No way in 80 degrees. You will have many PRs in your future, I know it!

Jenn said...

First of all, thankyou SO much for the shoutout!! You are a sweetheart!! Hmmm-I'm not the best person to talk about weight right now after a two week taper binge fest followed by so a two day recovery binge fest-ha! I'm a bit down and out sick today so it's finally stopped....I think I get where you're coming from here. I agree with AM-you are not in the least pudgy-ha! I have a hard time when I get into the peak of heavy training with being able to focus on more than one thing. My weight usually stays down with the mileage for the most part but I lose some of the mental will to work on other aspects of my fitness or make sure I really fill my body with only quality food....I have to be careful when I recover or lower the intensity because I'm so accustomed to eating so many calories and I can easily put weight on fast, as I found out with the hip...ramble ramble

I will have to look up Meggan!!! My dad and sister did the Manitoba half this weekend! Warm weather!

I SO TOTALLY understand about losing that mental edge and quickly. Yes, the rest is needed and Yes, it will come back quickly!!!!

Beautiful pics Ginny! OK-I'm getting dizzy here, time to assume my position on the couch once again....blech.

mfranks said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I ended up breaking 3-hours which was my ultimate goal! I appreciate the advice and the support, it was my first and I really learned from everyone else's mistakes.
About reaching your goal weight..I lost a great deal of weight after having Maddy with the help of "calorific". I don't like counting calories, and it basically lets you select portion sizes of each type and does an estimate..that ends up being fairly accurate. Good luck taking it a few days you will be well on your way, I am sure of it :)

mfranks said...

Sorry...that was a diet app I downloaded to my phone...and I HATE diet apps!!

Julie said...

Hi Ginny,
Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures of the flowers. Minnesota has not really had that great of weather for spring or summer for that matter. Yesterday was 57 degrees...did you know that it is the freaking end of June? Hoping for some nice days in July:)

Ginny you are gorgeous! I know that I sometimes feel the same way about my weight. Over the winter I ended up gaining because of lack of training and other stuff. I get it. I was sporting a little muffin top that I never had before:) I just happen to think that you look great! I hope the walk went well. Did you take more pictures?

Take care Ginny! Big hugs!