Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mt. Desert Island - 1 week away

This week has been a step-back week in mileage in preparing for MDI 26.2.   I finished this week's running mileage this morning with a 10 mile easy run @ 9:21 avg pace.
This wk - 41 miles running,  6 days of Supreme90 day, 1 yoga class, 2 mile walk, and Sunday will be a nice bike ride - 10-12 miles??  

MDI will be another training run, so the week of the marathon I will have high mileage.  The goal is 70 miles, with 26.2 miles being at MDI.  The plan is to run 15 on Monday, 8 on Tues., 11 on Wed. and 10 on Thurs.  Fri and Sat will be easy walking, and then Sunday, 26.2,  running on hills and spectating the fall foliage around Bar Harbor, ME.  I'm very excited to make the trip with my Mom and sister (Linde), and tour Nova Scotia with them.  Fun times ahead! 
2010 pic (Pg Berger's Photos)
This is what I'm excited to see!

This is what makes me say,  Oh My!

On Monday, I will officially finish the Supreme 90 day workouts. Woo Hoo!  I did it!  I made it to the finish! It has taken me 118 days to complete the 90 day program.  This week my results were confirmed when I took a follow-up DEXA FAT test.    Let me explain.  In May of this year,  I completed my 10th year of exercising everyday, yes, even when sick.  Thankfully, I haven't been too sick to at least get out and stroll for 30 min.  I should say,  10 years of "30 minutes of movement", every day.  There have been many days, when the "movement" wouldn't actually qualify as exercise, in my opinion, but I did complete the movement, each and every day.  I continue the streak, and will continue it until something forces me to stop.  So how does one celebrate????  This year I decided a treadmill vo2 max test,  with a FAT test would be something fun and interesting to do.  You see, I have entertained the thought of heart rate training, and even half  "knowingly"(meaning -  halfway or less - knowing what I was doing) attempted heart rate training a couple of years ago.  I enjoyed the attempt, but at some point into this endeavor, my Garmin heart rate monitor failed me, and I didn't replace it until last Dec. 2010, when I purchased a new Garmin 305 (my 2nd heart, hubby is my 1st heart, joke).   So, May 31st,  I went to have the VO2 max testing done @ USM, primarily to get the LT (lactate threshold) information for specific heart rate training.  As mentioned, I also had the FAT test done which was TOTALLY, 100% DEPRESSING, but VERY MOTIVATING!  Let me just say, the image from the DEXA scan of "those hips", and the "fat %age",  shocked me into reality.  

2 weeks later,  I started using My Fitness Pal (MFP) to monitor calories.  The following wk, I started the Supreme 90 day (S90D) workouts (similar to p90x).   On Thurs. of this wk, I was tested again for vo2 max and the FAT test.  Chris, the testing coordinator, wanted me to redo the vo2 max test because I'm somewhat claustrophobic, and we decided I stopped the test prematurely because I may, or may not have "almost freaked-out" with the mask obstructing my breathing.   This week worked out to be a great time to redo the test because I took the first test prior to starting the MFP, and S90D, and this week I'm at the end of the S90D program.  

For several wks, the results of my efforts have been physically visible to me, but I was TOTALLY STOKED to get the results on paper, in numbers,  and to have it reinforce my hard efforts this summer.  The final results - I'm down 14 lbs. and I've dropped 7.5% of FAT.  I mentioned on my last blog that I'm at a point where I no longer feel I need to drop any weight.  My current fat %age backed up my "happy weight feeling", EXACTLY.  So by thought and by fat %age (hard core fact), currently I'm at a good place.  
Obviously, both MFP and S90D  get a "thumbs up" from me.  I like and need the structure of the tracking calories.  This is true for my running, and my calories - I like and need a program.  The S90D has a lot to offer a runner's training.  It has some cardio, a lot of dumbbell exercises, some plyometrics, some short interval training,  and even some short, consistent stretching (which most runners hate).  I think it's an excellent compliment to a runner's training plan.  The best part, MFP is totally FREE, and S90D is only $20.00 at Target, WalMart, Bed Bath, & Beyond.  In addition the the cheap price, I like the fact that the S90D workouts are roughly 40 min., which includes 5 minutes w/u and c/d.  

(Note:  I paid for my S90D program, it was not given to me, and I have had NO contact with S90D, other than the occasional "tweet".  I was not asked to do a review of the product.  This is just something that has worked for me this summer/fall, and I wanted to share the results) 

So, by the numbers so far, MFP and S90D are both proven winners, but the real test will be in Dec. @ the Baton Rouge 26.2 mile RACE.  I'm hoping the weight loss, and gain in strength will result in another set of good numbers.  As always, too be continued.....

a couple of pics from  today's beautiful fall run, 
my favorite time of the year

One last note:  I'm NOT ignoring you guys.  Since my return to blog land last week, I have checked in with many blogs.  I have tried multiple times to comment on many blogs.  Some post and some do not.  After repeated tries to post a comment, I give up in frustration.  Not sure what's going on, but it's driving me nuts.  Is it just me?  Just know that I'm thinking of you guys whether my posts go through or not. 


Lisa said...

I hope you have a great MDI!!! That was going to be my Fall race, but had a conflict. I'll get there eventually - its so beautiful up there.

Congrats on your 10 years!!

Jenn said...

14 pounds-7.5%!!! Holy crap-you must feel awesome!! I'm so impressed by how dedicated you were to this whole program! Inspiring. I'm starting a strength/conditioning program on Monday for just 30 days in which for the first time in a LONG time, I'm making running secondary and this primary. Likely a month of no Garmin which will be a change for my pace addicted mind.

MDI has been on my marathon wish list! It looks so beautiful. Not the place for a PR but a beautiful run. How fun to do that for a training run! So excited for Baton Rouge for you! You're on track for a great race! See you Boston 2013 maybe!!

Have a great race next weekend!!

..:danielle:.. said...

im so excited to see this post, i somehow missed that you were running MDI! i hope you have a great race... looks like we will have some beautiful fall maine weather. aaaand congrats!!

HappyTrails said...

Looks like you have a great couple of weeks coming up. Your training plan looks solid, culminating not only with a race, ahem, I mean a 26.2 training run, but a fabulous visit with your family which equals an extraordinary, FUN time!!! Your accomplishment in regard to your weight and fat loss is awesome. That should be good fuel to keep it up - you are a lean, mean, strong, fit machine! We will expect a TON of beautiful pics when you return! Savor the time and memories on your trip! :-)

misszippy said...

So great that you are doing MDI...that's one of my bucket list races. Congrats on 10 years of motion!

Funny, I just posted on why I switched to WP from blogger, and you just touched on one of those reasons!

Jess A @cajunrunnerjess said...

I have been having issues with the blog posting/commenting etc. Not sure what is up with that. Great job on your 30mins a day!!!!!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I'm thinking about changing from Blogger to something else for that reason. I use Google Chrome and I don't seem to have comment problems anymore like I did in Internet Explorer.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

MDI at this time of year must be beautiful! And it will put you in a great place for a PR at BR.

I am so impressed with your discipline here with eating. I am so excited to see how well you are going to run those marathons right now. Strength+lower weight+ hard training=BQ

Now you need to post before and after pics:)

Jill said...

Look at you girl, down 14 lbs and 7.5% bf, that is so incredible!! I think you need to go run a little marathon this weekend to celebrate your accomplishment!

Have a super fantastic time in Maine - so jealous! I bet the leaves will be amazing.

I think about you often and so glad to hear things are going so well! One of these days - this is a must - we must coordinate a race together somewhere! Well, aside from that one in Boston last year, but like a race we plan to do together :).


lindsay said...

Wow!!! 10 years of movement!! Girl I am impressed. Especially since most of those days were way more than 30min of walking or the like. You're amazing!

mfranks said...

Was MDI always the plan!?? OMG, why so hilly? GOOD LUCK! To be honest... sometimes I like the hilly stuff...adds some variety. Your recent weight loss/fat loss is amazing. Nice work.