Monday, October 31, 2011

Sloppy, Choppy, FUN!

I've been trying new routes to run.  Sometimes my fear of dogs limits my running to the same areas over and over.  I run the routes that I know are "mean dog free".   I guess because of  the high mileage of late, I'm kind of bored with the "same old same same old", which has sparked some courage to try to new routes.  Today, I ran in a small town near my home.  It was such a treat to run a new area, and I only covered a small area. 

My schedule for today called for 9 miles with 5 X 600 @ 5k race pace w/ jog 50%- 90% interval time between each rep.  Today, I ran these on the road, but I'm thinking I will head to the track next week.  I prefer the consistency of the track, and I like to monitor my pace for each 100.  

 This week begins my short, mesocycle 3 - "Race Preparation".  I haven't had any speed work on the schedule in a long time which means.....
it's awkward, it's sloppy, and it most definitely choppy....
it's FUN with a capital FUN!
No worries here!  Each week will become a little less sloppy and choppy.  It will never be very pretty, because MY running form is NOT that of a natural, or pretty runner, but that doesn't matter.  Each week it will become more natural, and I will feel like a "trackster", whether my running form or speed says so or not.   You guys know how I LOVE the speed work!  I've been anxiously awaiting this part of the program.  While I have missed my beloved "Yasso 800s" this training cycle, I'm really loving this "Advanced Marathoning" training plan.
(Advanced Marathoning Pete Pfitzinger * Scott Douglas 2nd Edition - I'm doing the 12 wk, 55-70 plan)  


Lisa said...

It's amazing what new routes can do for the psyche. I have some tried and true routes, but also try to mix them up to keep me from feeling hum-drum about them.

I love, love, love dogs, but don't trust them as far as I can throw them. Which is part of the reason I carry pepper spray. Whether bad dog or bad human, at least I've got a chance.

Love your opening/splash picture on your page.

Jennifer said...

I always run into the same mental stuff at the same point in marathon training. And since we are both going to the same race I know how you feel. I have that 21 miler this weekend and I am trying to get my head around some place interesting to run. Have fun with that speed-work, I know how much you love it!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

This is kind of a catch-22 for me - I love new routes, but I miss knowing where water stops are and how far I have left to go.

Jill said...

I love the Phitz plan, too...I think you'll like the change from what you are used to doing, I firmly believe you need a change in training every couple cycles so the body is challenged. It will all come together! Hope you're finding some great, new routes!

The header picture is gorgeous! Is that from your last race? Reminds me a little of when I ran Big Sur ... but on the opposite coast!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Jill - the header pic is in Nova Scotia @ Cape Breton - so beautiful there!

MDI - they do call this marathon the "Big Sur of the east, I believe for the beauty and the hills. Although I've been to Big Sure, I haven't run Big Sur marathon (YET!)I hope to make it there one year. (already full for 2012 - bummer)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Jill - Happy Running hopefully with HappyFeet!

oh YES, we do need to figure out a marathon to run together.
That would be FUN.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

truly i was able to change my running form a lot, but just focusing on little changes each week... i still however do not like track work :)