Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Started!

Where to begin? I am married! I am a runner! I am self-employed - love that. I am a yogini. I also bike and walk for recovery from running days. I occasionally lift weights. I do lots of yard work. I have 800-900 day lilies - did I say I do lots of yard work. We have 3 acres that we "keep up." I am a city girl at heart, but I need my space, so we live in the country, but near a small city. I am sad to say that it will be like the city soon. We live in MS, but we also have a place in LA so we are back and forth between the 2 states. No children - never wanted any.

Hobbies - running is my biggest passion. I am consumed with it. I have been running off and on for 23 years, but for the past 4 years, I have kicked it up many notches - more miles, more quality including track workouts, tempo runs, hill repeats. I run everything from 2 mile races to 26.2, but currently I am focusing on the marathon. I have ran 13 marathons.

I am currently 41. Last year, I started with a goal to PR (set a personal time record) in the 5k, I achieved that goal early in 2008, March 8, 2008, 4 days after my birthday. Like many runners do, instead of really enjoying that, I quickly moved on to the next goal. I decided that I wanted to PR in all of my race distances, while I was 40. 2 miles, 5k, 10k,12k, half marathon, and full marathon all before March 4, 2009. I am so happy to say that I achieved that goal. As I type this blog, looking back on it now, I realize it was a HUGE achievement. I am also currently realizing that I really didn't celebrate the achievement appropriately. Not to worry, it's not too late. I will take care of that. I achieved the last goal in Feb.2009. Now, I am sad to say, since my last pr in the half marathon (1:49:58 in Pensacola) in Feb., it has been downhill fast as far as racing is concerned. More about this later.

I ran a half marathon on Sat., June 13th, 2009, in Ridgeland, MS. Again, I ran poorly, but it's ok, I finished, and sometimes that needs to be the goal. (2:03 - long course 13.4, but I was still 2:00 for the 13.1 which is still slow compared to my Feb. race.)

Now the focus becomes the St. George marathon, in Utah, Oct. 3, 2009. I have to sit down and get a firm schedule in place. I like a hard copy schedule, so I stay on track for the full training plan. More later, as soon as I finalize "The Plan"


s.davidson said...

Nice blog, Ginny. I like it!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it and look forward to more!