Friday, June 19, 2009

Today, I met Amber (my great running partner) for a 6 mile run. It turned into an 8 mile run/walk - never mind - runner's code of silence. We had a great morning. We have missed our runs the past few weeks, so we had a lot of "life chatting" to do. Amber is going to add this one to the notes for the book she is going to write, so you can get the details then.

So, I get home from the run. Normally, I head to the shower. You see, when you run in South MS in the summer, it's basically like running in a sauna. Hot, humid and your clothes are soaking wet when you finish, especially if you are a heavy sweater, like me. Today, coffee was the first order of business. So I sit down with my coffee, check my email, and send out a Tweet, and the phone rings. It's a VIP, and VIP would like to come by and finalize an order that we have previously discussed (I am self-employed - I own and operate and embroidery business). If it's ok, VIP will arrive in about 30 minutes. "Yes, that will be good (screaming inside), come on over." Now - screaming out loud. Run across the yard to the shop, turn the a/c lower so it will be nice and comfy for VIP, run back across the yard, straighten the house in case VIP comes to the house, do a couple of things on the computer to prepare for VIP. OK - I am sweaty and nasty, yuck! Now - guess what? Only 10 minutes until VIP arrives - no time to wash nasty hair. Gross! (ok runners- don't act like this or something similar hasn't happened to you) (non runners - if you are reading this - I have just broken the runners code of silence - literally dirty little runner's secrets) Sometimes - to "get a run in" you will do "what you have to do" to get it done. (gross yes, necessary sometimes) Running is the priority. "It must be done."

So I take the fastest shower ever. Jump out of the shower, get dressed - must look somewhat professional for VIP. (VIP sometimes recommends books to read, such as Dress for Success, How to Succeed in Business, etc - can't look like a slouch today.) So what's a girl to do, throw on something presentable and blow dry the nasty, sweaty hair. Yes, I said it, no time to wash, just blow it dry and put it up in a barrett.

Good day - business has been REALLY slow. Finish meeting with VIP with an order, and good potential for future business. All in all, the VIP meeting was great. VIP is very nice, always has been. Hope VIP doesn't have time to read blogs. If so VIP would laugh, VIP has a good sense of humor.

Made it to South LA this evening to see my hubby, Chad. Oops - we had pizza. Now that's really not going to help with dropping the extra lbs. Life is short, and I can't live without pizza, don't intend to try. Maybe some extra running/walking on Sat?


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How funny that you didn't wash your hair! Sounds like you handled it well though!