Monday, June 29, 2009

Zone 3 Run (heart rate training)

Today I had an 8 easy run to start my second week of training. As mentioned previously, I have a tendency to run too fast on my easy days so this training cycle I am going to be sure to be in zone 3 (for me is under 145) for my easy days. I started today at 6:30. The temp in South Louisiana @ 6:00 am was 82 degrees with a reported heat index of 99 degrees. It didn't feel that hot to me, but maybe so. In keeping my heart rate under 145 my pace ended up being 10:30 pace. This included 2 walking water stops. When I finished with the 8 miles, I ran 7 X 11-12 seconds hard, then I did a little stretching. Good start this week.

Back in MS now. Working late tonight. It's 9:25 pm and I am blogging, doing some embroidery work, and lifting weights. I also do push-ups, core work, squats and lunges. Too much multi-tasking. (I am bad about doing that)

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