Friday, December 17, 2010


Oh yes!  Typically, I try to take 2 wks off from running after each marathon.  It's my way of saying thank you to my body and mind for getting me through another training season.  I like to let my body heal and give myself a break from the training.    During this time, I will do some other type of exercise for 30 minutes each day.  I can't seem to talk myself into biking in the cold, and I do not have a trainer for the bike, no access to a gym, so most of the time it ends up being a 30 walk.  This week has been nice because each day I have walked with my hubby.

The race was on Sat. and by Sun. night, I was already craving a run.  That's a nice feeling, especially so soon after the race.   Yesterday,(Thurs., after Sat. race), as my hubby and I were driving around completing "work errands", I mentioned my craving an I-POD run.  Yes, I missed my 4 hour session on marathon day, and it has left me craving a long run with my MUSIC.  

I can't help it, yes, apparently I'm addicted to more than running (duh).  

I'm suffering from music withdrawals too.

Christmas Day is supposed to be my next run, but I think Christmas may come early in my world.  

 Jennifer and I, just out the door of the hotel and ready to race.
early in the race - "serious racing" or was it serious misery (no music) ???
(it looks like I'm missing a tangent and bummed about it.  Looks like I can see the tangent, but can't "run it" in the group) 
Ha Ha!
(very happy to see my arm at roughly 90 degrees.  I have been working ALL SUMMER and FALL to lower my arms and keep my thumbs down - it's been tough!)
Notice the arms getting a little higher and yes, swinging across the body....fatigue urgh!
  Look at the positives....thumbs still down - yay!
I did it!  Yes!  I didn't let the "no I-POD thing"  "get me."  Immediately after this race, I felt REALLY, really BAD.   Typically, I go straight for the water, gatorade, then hit the food table...yes, stop running, and go eat.  On Sat.,  I felt BAD.  I had some water and gatorade,  and headed straight to the room.  My legs felt really bad, so I headed up to the room for an ice bath.  The first round, I didn't have enough ice, but after sitting in the cool water for 10 min., I immediately felt better.  I went back to the ice machine, reloaded, and went back in the ice for 10 more minutes with my coffee this time.  After I finished, I felt much better.  During this process, Jennifer called and gave me her excellent finishing news, and she was already at the massage tables.  That sounded like a GREAT plan, so I headed down for a quick massage. 
We celebrated that night with my favorite.... PIZZA!  It was so delicious!

READY to run, but trying to wait.......

Wishing all of bloggerland a very 
Merry Christmas!
Hope you get some cool new running gadgets!

My blogger gift has been mailed, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival from my secret blogger gift.  
(thanks Jill)

Up next - the year in review, and looking toward 2011


Emz said...

love all the photos!

I don't think I could enter a non-ipod run. you. rock.


Running and living said...

Love the photos. Why are thumbs up bad?

misszippy said...

You're tall! I do the same thing with swinging my arm across my body when I get fatigued.

Put your ipod on, lay down on the couch and visualize instead of doing the real thing!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

@ EMZ - never, I say never try's awful!

@ Running & Living - because Alberto Salazar doesn't like it! Ha Ha!
)it may be like coffee, one day it's good for you the next day it's bad, "just in case" it's bad, I try)

@Misszippy - love that idea. Maybe with the couch idea I can delay a few extra days....

Johann said...

Great photos! I never run with music. Don't even own an ipod. Don't know how you do the ice bath!

racing dawn said...

yeah - two rounds of an ice bath - that's tougher than the marathon! :)

i agree - no ipod=no fun

i'm going out for an easy slow run tomorrow - can't wait more than a week post race - i just miss it too much!

fun marathon pics - congrats on the awesome finish time!

Jenn said...

Did not know about the no no on the thumbs up! I usually touch my thumb to my middle finger I guess. See, I learn something new every day!

Great pics!! Congrats again on a great race! I just HATE recovery. I'm with Misszippy! Lay down and pretend your crossing the finish line!!

Matty B. said...

Very pretty running photos (usually they look like death (on me especially unless I remember to pose), so please take that as a compliment).

Congratulations on completing despite feeling really bad; though I hope you didn't hurt yourself!

Have a great weekend!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I have never ever ever run with an Ipod or any music but I'm wondering if it might help. I desperately just need someone to make a play list for me because I stink at this. Good job! Great pictures. Would love to know some music that your have on your playlist. Btw, your legs look great in those pics! especially the last one. Happy recovery!

LMC said...

Great pics! Two ice baths?! I'm impressed. I have tried those and I just can't stay in for more than 2 or 3 minutes and so, what's the point. I love misszippy's recommendation, grab the ipod, sit, and enjoy the music and mental scenes of your favorite running routes! Congrats again!!

Robbie said...

Great pics!! And there are so many! You look be iPodless. I always look terrible when I cross the line. May have to start wearing a cap; at least it will be consistent, ha! Love your post (as usual).

Detroit Runner said...

Congrats on the run without the ipod. Great pictures and great marathon time!

The Happy Runner said...

Nice job! And great pics.
I'm so bad about the thumbs. They are always up.

lindsay said...

love the race pics! typically i have to settle for a race pic where i'm not making a death-like face :)

i think it's OK to run sooner than 2 weeks *if* your body is feeling ok. and of course just for a couple really easy miles.

Meg said...

These are great race pictures, Ginny. You've got some legs, girl. I think I'm about as tall as Jenn so I have long leg envy!
Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

Meg said...

By the way, I do accept you MISFIT. Long legs and all!!

Chris K said...

So you wore the gloves, then held them, then ditched them? I do 100% of my training runs with an ipod and never when I race. Works for me.

Jill said...

I love the pictures, Ginny! It is so good to "see" you :). You take great pictures, which paint a wondeful, emotional story. Me, I just look like death would be a better alternative. Which is probably is. :)

I happen to know your gift was mailed out yesterday so keep checking your mailbox :).

I still feel bad about missing you in Boston, as you are one I would so love to meet. Hopefully in 2011 we can get our paths to cross live - I would love nothing better!!

Merry Christmas, Ginny. Oh, but I'll be checking your blog to see when the gift arrives. Can't wait!

Irene said...

Those are some great action photos!

Once you get used to sans-music it's not so bad. I started running without music when I run outdoors ever since some weirdo started attacking female runners a while back. I wanted to be more aware of my surroundings. I now use my iPod mostly at the gym to drown out the gym's music. :)

By the way, the socks fit perfect. I wear a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 in running shoes, depending on brand, so the mediums are great. I'll keep you posted on how I do in them when I start ramping up the running in the next couple of weeks.

Merry Christmas!

lindsay said...

yay i'm glad it made it ok! :) i hope the towels are useful/match your decor. i wanted to send a little bit of "SC". and making your ornament inspired me to make my own - for boston anyway, only 6 behind now! lol. yours turned out better than mine, for the record. mine looks more like a fat horse haha.

merry christmas!

lindsay said...

oh yeah, when you made that comment about the CD i was like "does she know i am for real her SS?" lol. sorry to disappoint...

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I just came across your blog via Jennifer's, and I will be following you! You are seriously inspirational!