Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 12k and this wk!

So I haven't totally come up with my BIG 2011 goals, etc. but I have made some progress.  I started the year off "right" with the Steam Whistle 12k.  As previously mentioned, this was not a PR attempt, it was about getting a good tempo run in, being with good friends, selling some DryMax socks after the race, and just having some fun, BUT most of all, about starting 2011 off "RIGHT." I really can't think of a better way to begin the year.  Chad (hubby) helped with the race and it was great to have him there.

This race was fun because Audrey and I had a plan to start the race together and to run an 8:15 pace, for a least half of the race.  We both went into it not knowing what the day would bring.  She was unsure because of her lack of training.  She currently has a CRAZY busy life which is keeping her running to a minimum and she was sick on race day.   I was unsure because, at that point, I was only 3 wks out from racing the Huntsville marathon, I took a short break from running and since returning to running, it's just been easy mileage.   I was pleasantly surprised with the way I felt the entire race.  At the half way point, we were right on pace.  (8:14 avg.)  This is an out and back race, and "the back" has a slight downhill to it.  Yay, negative split.   I ended up running 1:00:37 with an overall avg for the day at 8:07.  
Earlier in the week I had looked up my PR for this race and I was surprised that it was 7:42 pace.  Yikes!  I would struggle at run a 5k at that pace currently.  This was actually a good thing, because knowing that a PR was totally out of the picture going into the race, allowed me to stay on track with the tempo run.  During this race, I chatted more than ever before.  I'm normally breathing so hard, that chatting is out of the question for me.
I ended up winning my age group.  Donna made the awards for this race and she did an excellent job.
Thank you Donna!  
Me post race and happy.
Me with my friend Nestor
Nestor and I go WAY back.  Years ago, I noticed that I would see this guy at many races.  I traveled to a race near Mobile, AL, The Turkey 10 miler, and there he was again.  Knowing he was from MS, and had traveled to the race, I went up to him and talked to him.  Since then we have been at MANY races together.  2 years ago he missed a BQ attempt in Pensacola by a few seconds.  (Pensacola is NOT an easy course).  For the past couple of years, Nestor has struggled to find his motivation for running.  Nestor has been known in our area as "the fastest Columbian in South MS"  We need to return him to that status soon.   This is where you guys come in.  I am hoping 2011 will mark Nestor's return to running and racing.  Maybe you guys can give him a "shout out" filled with motivation, or maybe we need to "guilt trip" him into returning to running.   It's just NOT the same when he's not running and racing around the south.

This wk, I am upping my mileage.  After the endorphin rush from the race on Sat. I started planning my wk.  After feeling so good, I took that as a green light to REALLY start training.  So I had planned hill repeats for Tues., increase in mileage, and run a half marathon this Sunday, Jan. 9th.  

I love to run and talk with people about running.  I love the blogging world too.   It amazes me how many times people say things that motivate me, or talk about something they may be doing in training that I want to try, or sometimes just a little "refocus."  This happened this past Sun.  I met a Steve and Dave to run a few recovery miles.  Before the run, Steve was asking me about the race, and I was telling him how I ran well, but....  you know there's always a but....  blah, blah, blah...but my PR is 7:42 and I can't even run a 5k at that pace right now.  Immediately, he says "NO, you are have not recovered from the marathon"   BAM - back to reality.  He is right, and in thinking about this more Sun. afternoon, and Monday, I decided to let the hill repeats wait for another day.  Yes, I have very basically started my training for Snickers, but I still need to be really cautious.  I read so many blogs about injuries, and I am trying to keep that from happening.  So this week, I will have 1 quality run which will be the half marathon in Mobile, and I will not jump up in mileage as much as I want to.  

My week so far:
Monday - ran 10 of Robbie and Frank's first 18 miler.  They're training for the Mardi Gras 26.2 in Feb.   Their training is going well, and I look forward to their adventure in Feb. 
Tues - went to yoga @ Spiers Fitness, for the first time in a few wks.  Man, I needed that!  Can't believe how quickly I can feel the difference when I miss my yoga classes.  1-2 times per wk is all I need to help.  Obviously, I would benefit by doing much more, but I do what i can.  After yoga, I ran 8 miles on rolling hills.  
Wed. - today - I went to The Yoga Room for another dose of yoga.  Wow!  I'm out of yoga shape!  It will come back fast, I just need to get back to regular weekly classes.  Later today I will get my running in.

Oh, back to the goals for 2011:
* I decided to join a local 100 day challenge.(Donna is in the challenge too)  Each person's challenge can be individualized.  The goal is to last the 100 days.  I have participated for several years, but my goal has always been 30 min. of movement each day.  This year, I will be starting the challenge with a running goal.  The goal is to run each day for 100 days.  BUT, I am going into this goal with "an out."  If the goal to run 100 days, starts to have a negative impact on my running, I will go back to the 30 min. of movement each day for the 100 days.  So, if I feel the 100 day challenge is making me dread running, or if I feel I really need a NON running day, I will take the day, and move forward.  The goal of the challenge is NOT intended to have a negative effect, and I will NOT allow that to happen.

*I want to drop a minimum of 7 lbs. prior to the Snickers 26.2 mile run in March.  There, I SAID IT OUT LOUD, and IN WRITING.  Now it MUST be done!

*would love to BQ again.  The Snickers 26.2 course should be a BQ course, and I will try my BEST to make that happen.  I do feel that it is a little soon after Huntsville, BUT, I am feeling good, and I feel like I have time to train, and train effectively, to run 3:50:59 so that is my goal for Snickers.  


Karen said...

Love the pinecone awards! I have heard really good things about the snickers race, hope it is a good one for you :)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Great start to the year and I'm planning on eating 7 pounds of Snickers too! (I did read that correctly, right?)

Jennifer said...

Ginny- 7 lbs is huge! But you'll do it, I know, if anyone can! But Maybe next time we go to Olive Garden we need not eat so many break-sticks! See you soon!

Terri said...

Love all the thoughts you posted about refocusing and looking ahead. I do think it is so wise to listen to your body and guard against injuries. I'm with you as you know on the weight loss goals. I'm down 1lb. this week already and hoping to keep pushing the training up while loosing. I love the pine cone award and think you should add lights to it at Christmas time, hey nothing wrong with a little recognition=) And here's a shout out to Nestor, We need ya running here in the South!

Running and living said...

OK, I bet you can run a 5K tomorrow at 7;42 pace, if you held 8:06 without breathing hard for 12K. Don't put limits on yourself:) About the 7 lbs, maybe say lose 3 first and then reassess? It sounds more doable to start with a low nr, less intimidating. I do think you look good, though:)

Christine said...

Good job on the race! I LOVE the award :)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Kovas - ha ha - the plan is to lose 7 lbs, run fast and then regain it at the end of the race by celebrating with Snickers bars - Yum!

Jennifer - shoot, then I can't go...I can't resist the bread.

Donna said...

Okay, don't know WHERE you'll lose 7 pounds from...but I really like the Snickers idea! Do I get to eat them as a run or at the end...or at the water stops? :)

Jill said...

Perfect way to start out the new year, Ginny! Nothing like an AG placement to start 'er off right!!! 2011 is going to be an excellent year for you - you have so much drive that it just can't be anything but good!! I'm with you on the 7, but gonna add another 7 to that...maybe even another 7 after that. Ha. Lack of running will do that to you, grr.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Best wishes on your training! Be great today!

Chris K said...

"Selling some DryMax socks" seems like a random statement to me. I didn't know that you were a salesperson. Haven they gotten any softer?

AG win! Sweet. I'm impressed.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Chris k. - DryMax socks are the BEST! ( ha ha, yes, I'm a sales person). I pick 2-3 local races per year & sell socks after the race. I also sell them throughout the year to my running buddies.

Meg said...

I love it when I'm with running peeps and people are just sharing about their training or running, I also learn something each and every time! Totally agree with you!
Go for those 7 lbs., it will be good for your head!! You can do it!! Although, you know, we all love you for your ENCOURAGEMENT and positive outlook!
How can we reach Nestor, did I miss something?? Duh-sorry if I did!!


Awesome race, you totally rocked it! I think you will be ready for Snickers marathon and can def BQ! I'm hoping to run a BQ this year, too!!

My mom has loved running with you and becoming your friend! Thanks for being a great friend to her and great motivator!! :-) Hope to meet you one day soon!

Jenn said...

Nice work on the 12K! Great pace for a tempo run!

I love talking about and reading about running as well. Thank God for the blog world as I am currently almost friendless in that area where I live!

I love your goals! Believe in yourself and no doubt you can BQ again at Snickers!

I am on a 5 pound mission myself here! Good luck with yours!