Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and Indecisive!

The New Year's day 12K has been postponed until 12:00 today because of the weather so that gives me some time to think and blog this am.  Yep, you guessed it, it's warm, humid and raining.  It's race day!  maybe with the delay, the cool weather will arrive just in time.  A girl can hope and dream, right?
Goals 2011 - I can't decide!
I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking....

Should I have mileage goals?
Should I have PR goals?
Should I have cross training goals?
Should I have new training plans, & goals for that?
Should I go for another BQ race?  (YES!)
Should I focus on 5k's, or Marathons? (I CAN'T choose)
Should I focus on learning to "race" on hills?
Should I go for a running everyday for 100 days type of goal?
Seriously, I can't decide and that is NOT a good thing.
Part of my current indecisiveness comes in that I have basically already achieved my largest running goal of BQing, and running Boston.  I have run PRs for several years in all race distances,  and still strive for more, but I realize as my running/racing life ages, and my "age", ages, eventually, PRs will be behind me.  Now, hold on just a minute.  I am NOT ready to throw in the towel just yet.  I still believe I can PR, but I am also a realist.  With this "realization", I am searching for a new goals, something fresh and new.  One idea, the obvious one, would be to "step- up" to ultras.  This is the obvious path for most runners in my situation.  Part of me says yes, but another part isn't totally up for that next step.  Yes, I feel sure I will eventually run a 50k, but currently it's not a burning desire.  I am searching for "the burn."

Another avenue for many runners is the Triathlon avenue - me? far....NO, ZERO, nada desire.   Never say never, but I will say, with the cost of that sport, I am hoping I never get that bug.  My running shoes and marathon entry fees are enough for me.  

From 2005-2009 my life running goal was to "make it to Boston", period, that's it!  I loved the journey, and pursued it with passion.   So in 2010, I ran Boston.  Leading up to Boston 2010, I wondered if I would still enjoy my running at all after finally achieving my goal.  I am so HAPPY and RELIEVED to say yes, I STILL love it.  I have also felt a sense of relief in, well...., in just the..... ahhhhh, I DID IT!  I still have goals, but it's different.  The goals are not as strong and apparent as the Boston goal was.  I also have a whole list of marathons to run that will be challenging (hilly), but not PR opportunities for me.  I have already signed up for Mt. Desert, Bar Harbor, ME for Oct. 2011, and this begins my "after BQ" list of marathons.  

So yes, I still have passion, yes, I still love to run, and yes, I still love to race, but I guess currently, I am searching for the next "burning goal".  I'm searching for the next goal that I have a burning passion for.  Hmm! 
2010 Review and Comparison

                2008                        2009                       2010
Run          1273 miles                1436 miles                1660 miles
Walk         330 miles                  370                         300
Bike                  90  miles                           202                                       60
Totals      1613 total miles          2008 miles               2020 miles

2010 Good Things:
*Increased my running mileage (and I took a month off of running, after Boston, and 10 days off after Huntsville)
*Overall mileage increased
*uh, I think I mentioned I FINALLY made it to Boston (like a million times, yes I'm still proud of this one, and yes, I'm still happy, that I'm proud of the achievement, hope that never fades away, I WORKED REALLY HARD for it.)
*Achieved a new weekly high mileage of 75 miles
*Achieved a new monthly high mielage of 253 miles in Oct.
*After 7 months of no speed work, I ran my slowest 5k in 5 years, in June, 25:47 (bad), but came back in Nov., and ran my fastest 5k for 2010, 23:25 .  (this time is only 19 seconds off of my 5k pr, I was sick this wk, and I was training for a marathon - this makes me happy) 
*I know I CAN run a 5k PR, but I always get sidetracked with running/training for marathons.  (I always multi-task with my training.  I like the variety, but I also realize, I will never achieve my 100% total BEST with this multi-tasking approach to training.  Maybe one day, I will commit to 100%, 5k training (maybe a goal) but I LOVE training and running marathons. 
*I ran a PR in the half marathon this year.

I ran 22 races which included:
 5 - 2 mile races
10 - 5ks
 1 - 5 mile race
 1 - 10k
 2 - half marathons
 3 - full marathons

* yoga continues to be a VERY important part of my training.  I think it helps with injury prevention.

Things that Stink:
*well - I ran my worst 5k in 5 years, but.... it did motivate me, fo sure!
*It really stinks that the 5k PR weather, and the marathon weather happen at the same time each year.  It's a short window of opportunity in the South, and that just stinks! 
*It stinks that I run so much better in dry and cold weather, but I live in South MS, and it's mostly warm and humid.
*It stinks that I haven't learned to "race" on hills.....YET!  (maybe a goal??)
*I have given up on learning to "race well" in humidity... and that stinks!
*It stinks that I didn't get to train 100%, for Boston because of my first nagging injury, but I am so happy that I was able to do what I did, and I will go back to Boston one day. (maybe a goal)

 2011 - what I'm looking forward to.
Today, the 12k -  it will be a great tempo run.  Audrey and I plan to run the first few miles together, so that will be fun.
Next wk - I will run the First Light half marathon in Mobile, AL.
Mardi Gras - half marathon in New Orleans.
Snickers - full marathon in Albany, GA in March.  shortened marathon training plan, but looking forward to this one.  Flat and fast - my kind of race.
Oct. - Mt. Desert marathon and meeting Bethany and Ryan who will be newlyweds. 

So, as I continue to think about my 2011 goals, I look forward to reading and hearing about your goals, and if you have any ideas for me, please share your thoughts.


Jennifer said...

Wow, what a super year for you Ginny... so many races. I am honored to have been just a bit part of it all and hope we can do more in 2011! Have a great New Years! I'll be seeing you soon.

Jill said...

Happy 2011 to you, Ginny! You accomplished so much in 2010 and no matter which direction you go in 2011, I am certain it will be even more spectacular!!

Good luck with the race today, and enjoy your upcoming year!! :)

Katie V. said...

Sounds like a great year! Happy 2011! All the best today on your first race of the year.

TRI-james said...

Impressive (except for that biking part). You are correct - running is so much cheaper than triathlon. You could look into Masters Swimming.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

You had such an incredible year in 2010, even with that slow (for you) 5k! Your mileage totals are really inspiring! I'm sure that whatever direction you end up deciding to go in 2011, you will have an awesome year!

Christine said...

Boston - a dream come true!! Congrats!! You should be very proud! :) Maybe a idea for goal would be to race in each state? Good luck on finding your goals and more important enjoy running!!

Detroit Runner said...

Great miles this year and wow, 22 races! I shoot for one per month so 22 is awesome!

Meg said...

I really enjoyed your thoughtful questions at the beginning of your post, I always have those ideas floating around in my head!! I KNOW that this moves all of us forward, setting new goals and staying motivated to achieve them. It really is such a powerful feeling to work towards something and ENJOY the whole process. You just exude passion and enthusiasm for what you do, Ginny , I LOVE IT!!
If Boston does change it's qualifying times for women, that would be a new goal for you. I'd also encourage you to pursue that cross training goal. I wasn't ever, ever interested in doing a tri but once I started swimming(something totally NEW for me), it opened up a whole world of possibilities. Cross training enhances what we LOVE to do and it's also good for the body and brain.
That's what it's about, *the possibilities* !!
Happy New Year!

Running and living said...

Wow, you've had a great 2010! I completely agree with Meg. I am so happy I discovered swimming and biking. So fun and they really enhanced my running!

HappyTrails said...

You had an awesome 2010, regardless of the couple of setbacks. Sure, you had a slower 5k than you wanted but you rebounded and came back with one close to your PR. You've accomplished so much - you should feel proud! Your effervescent enthusiasm is contagious! Whatever you decide to "go for" in 2011 will be just building upon your already great accomplishments. Enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you! How about a TRAIL 50k???!!! ;-)

Terri said...

like you I have no desire to do triathlons. But a 50k sure sounds intriguing. What a great year you had Ginny and your 2011 plans look like some great choices.

Chris K said...

First, thank you SO MUCH for your comment today. Seriously, it lifted my spirits. Looks like you had an awesome 2010. Would be hard to top, eh? Oh, I know, you can run Badwater in 2011.

lindsay said...

yeah i am bad about picking out goals. at first i thought i'd have a hard time thinking of a new "BQ" type goal, but then i figured well, why not just keep trying to PR. so that's what i'm doing...

happy new year!

Julie said...

Oh boy, so much to think about! I am still working on my goals....last year I was a bit too enthusiastic. I set some pretty crazy goals:)

You got me thinking about the Mardi Gras half:) That would be a good one for me to run too!

Good luck to you Ginny! Maybe this will be the year for speed for the both of us....super fast 5K times:) Let's do it!

Johann said...

I did the speed (PR) thing up to a point and then turned to ultras. I've never looked back. So many ultra goals to achieve. I'm enjoying the ultras also because time does not matter.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I just found your blog - good read. Good luck in 2011!

Jenn said...

This is a really good post! I'm with you on the triathalons, at least for now! What a great year-the Boston milestone and fantastic mileage. I've never hit a 75 mile week:) Totally rooting for you to find that next "burning" goal!!

Hope the 12K went well!!

Robbie said...

Congratulations on a great 2010!!! I think you have a lot ahead of you...regardless of your age, ha!! Look at me! You're an inspiration to many and a great friend to me. You will figure out your plans and will succeed because you are steadfast and focused. Qualities everyone should have.